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  1. After all of this information. We have 2 passengers who test positive. We have them off the ship now. Departed in Aruba or St Martin? They are in isolation someplace. They will be released upon a negative test. RCL policy seems to say your removed from the ship at the next port and placed in a medical facility. What my definition of a medical facility is and RCL's may be slightly different. Who decides what is a medical facility anyway? RCL, Me ? If say you are a family of 4, children say ages 11 & 13. One of us tests positive, were isolated and dropped off. Yes? Close proximity I'm think
  2. Indeed. I see the one coach received the J&J shot. NYT article. The efficiency of the J&J shot is ,what, under 65%. Math says it’s possible. Oh it also does not say how they are doing. We all hope the best and the shot will help. As for I. It is time to live folks. If you are feeling I’ll wear a mask. Wash your hands. Be mindful. But living for death does not work. We are on the planet way to short a time. Peace and yes to the common sense new rules.
  3. Bubble? Really? This is not science. This is control.
  4. Have have not been on a mega ship? Oasis Class comes to mind. Many areas onboard are crowded , just because. If you then say oh only 50%, then the ship would be cost prohibitive to us and or the cruise line. Just saying, not doing a cruise with a mask. That is not a vacation.
  5. While I enjoy the cruise experience. I have my shots ,,,CDC says 95% have to have it, yet treat us like ???? Sorry but if this rule holds till our December cruise, we cancel.
  6. Aug 10 - 21? We called this AM. It seemed to take an act of the all Mighty to make the change. 🙂. All good now.
  7. Maybe, just maybe, this is a financial issue. As in you owe me, and pay up?
  8. Random Friday evening thought. Delta from Pensacola to ATL round trip is under 200. Come up that AM or night before. OK, you can do the drive in , what, 7 hours. However,, Ask them,, maybe they can accommodate?
  9. Agree, yet the cat is already out of the bag so to speak. We are part of those 38 million already vaccinated (2 doses) crowd. We get a white little card with pretty blue and or black ink. Date of course and scribble. Who do we go to to get it digitized. Now that said, I'm in agreement that the world will, or at least hopefully, require proof of vaccination. What is it? Passport stamp?
  10. Question concerning O-Life flights. Lets say you wanted to fly in to a location several days earlier than the cruise. Is that drama, or Pay me a few bucks and its all good. Same Q for return. Ok,, In to Singapore and out of Istanbul. Both locations need additional look see.
  11. Have completed 2 around the cape rides. Celebrity both times. Did not do the cruise to the Antarctic and cannot comment. However. 1 BA is a fabulous city. Think NYC for eyes always wide open and prepared. Get a tour of the River delta. DO go to Iguazu Falls, spend 1 night. Unbelievable experience. When in BA, do get a tour of the clubs. The Tango clubs. Bottom line, BA is well worth a couple few nights alone. The Falls is a MUST go. 2. We cruised in Mid January, and Mid March (Repo back to USA). The March trip was Sunshine all the way. In fact when rounding the cape it was so calm the captain
  12. OMG,, Where? LOL.. More like $107 for Mobile 1 around here. Ok, all kidding aside. 1. Ships in going now into cold (Luke warm) storage tells me they have no clue when re-start is. Not accusing them. Business decisions are made. My opinion here (and 6 bucks gets me a Starbucks so ), 2021 Q2 is re-start on a limited basis. Peace.
  13. For the record. Pull NY, NJ out of the picture and USA is , well. No different, if not better. I am not accusing NY or NJ. Except NY March 25, 2020 introduced a rule which killed thousands. The Elderly of NY became the victims. So if you want numbers, well Google them. Please. On a lighter note. Given the China/Corona/Covid worldwide convo. You fly to a location. You go to the port. You find out you now are testing positive. You and your travel mates are refused boarding. Oh, now you do what? Get on a plane to head home while sick? Head to a hotel while sick? Hmmm,, Oh yea. It is time to rethi
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