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  1. Ok, 3 Disney Fantasy & 4 RCL Oasis class cruises. We took our granddaughters on all. The first Disney Fantasy they were 3 & 5. Note: the First 3 cruises were Disney and the last 4 RCL. Our Granddaughters are now 9 & 11. I asked them just the other day what would they like to go on if and when the C is over. To my surprise they asked they us if we could book one more Disney Fantasy cruise. With that said, I agree the Princess theme is awesome for young ones. I will add that Disney has clubs for all , children of all ages up to and including us medicare team. LOL. The Disney product is in my opinion superior to RCL. The dining room experience is as good or better than most all cruise lines we have been on. The entertainment is top notch. No they do not have that wonderful high dive show. Disney truly does it right. The Oasis class ships seem to use out children around 10 PM. Disney keeps the ship open to children thru 11 and more. The Disney crew is outstanding, RCL has great staff too. We think Disney does that a bit better.OK, my opinion, Disney is best this side of Viking. (My favorite adult only cruise line). Imagine walking down your hall around 10 PM. Waking back to her cabin is Cinderella (her cabin was down the hall lol). She stops, kneels down and spends several minutes talking to our girls. That young lady was tired you could see. Yet she took the time out to give my husband and I a life time memory. As I write this I was thinking if you have 12 year olds, that are 12 years old, then add Disney to the list. Yes you could skip the Princess's, the rest of the experience is solid! Again, my opinion and 6 bucks gets me a Starbucks. LOL. Safe travels ALL! Lets get this C thing gone!
  2. Yes,, IF NCL can garner 1 Billion USD in funding from another party. Love NCL..
  3. Not the Caribbean,, Maybe Japan, Australia but not the Caribbean.
  4. Hmmm This was Quoted from the Company itself. For once this is real. They have an agreement to receive 400 Million USD IF they can garner another 1 BILLION in funding. This is to sustain them thru. If that funding is not a go then this is a reality for NCL. I am not bad mouthing NCL. I like them. However,,,
  5. Your Country, City, State? These are citizens of our Country, City, State. You are sounding like the drama. China allowed Ten's of thousands to travel for months to the rest of the world. They did not do anything of importance to stop the spread. Do not give them credit. Time to gather and make peace. this is not the end of the world. Calm and wash your hands.
  6. Let me reflect upon the logic of this. The crew and passengers were in PR not but last week. They had plenty of opportunity to spread then. Now, The PR residents on this ship will Fly back home next week. They will possibly infect the mainland residents who come in contact. The flight crews as well. Who on occasion overnight in PR. Oh and the PR airport staff who come in contact. Oh and the people who take them home. Yes their friends and family as well. So, what the heck id the logic here? Zip.
  7. Thank You! Hope they are paid as well. Looking at it strictly from a business sense. it may be cheaper to keep the crew on-board than to fly them home. The cost to do so may be prohibitive. Especially if they get the go-ahead to commence operations sooner. I love SOONER. Time to say Sooner! 🙂
  8. I wonder only why NCL had a 2 day drop dead date for those with just 2 days to go. The rest I am totally pleased with NCL coming forward with a solution that works for our family. 5 cabins worth. I'm wondering if NCL did not realize those with just 2 days to go when the announcement was made were out of the running. Anyway, NCL seems to be coming to the correct path. I'm ok with Future Cruise Credit. They get to keep my cash and I get another time to take a trip. I do not want NCL, or RCL, or Viking, or Carnival or any cruise line going out of business. We enjoy cruise ship travel. Bankruptcy is not an option. For me at least. No I do not work for a cruise line.
  9. Hey,,, slow down. Take the credit. In a few weeks the drama falls off. Why? he billions some company will make due to a cure they create. Then the next flu will? Its all good. If you have issues now cool. wait and dive back in later. Crusing is such a wonderful experience.
  10. On the surface you are correct. Why should they care. However, and as an example. Yesterday we received a notice from Viking Cruise Line. We can cancel and or reschedule now. I personally will not forget a company that puts its corporate police above the people who utilize that service. No matter what or who. Hey not a diss on any company. Just the facts for us. Peace and safe travel.
  11. Random PM ? Now Venice is off limits? Reading another operators instructions. If you are coming through the Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto, you are off limits to their ships. SO effects on many Viking summer Mediterranean cruises travel to from or through Venice. Ouch if true...
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