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  1. Hi, I'm looking for info / advice on booking a trip from Montego Bay to Negril (beach for sure, then open after that) . We'll be 2 adults and 2 kids (3 and 6) Has anyone done this? Did you use a tour operator or did you just hire a taxi and DIY it? Approx costs of each? Anything you'd recommend or avoid? I'm thinking of Ricks bar but i know the kids won't be able to jump in - is the food good? Can they swim in the pool? Are there better options in Negril? Maybe Rick's is too touristy? Where did you stop in Negril - good beach or lunch spots? Love any and all information ! Thank you !
  2. Specifically on the Vista Kaleidoslide - Do you go faster or slower on this one the more you weigh - I read weight limit is 265. for someone at that weight, would they be faster than someone at 140 pounds for instance? I've searched youtube videos but all those show pretty slender people going down it and it doesn't look too fast so if bigger = slower on this one, has anyone gotten stuck? Has anyone ridden it at over 265 pounds? Looks like there were no weight limits on carnival slides initially (from earlier searches) but now there are. thanks
  3. We're staying pre-cruise at the sheraton four points. I realize it may not be free, that's fine. just wondering if they offer a shuttle. I'm googling around and finding conflicting information thanks
  4. we have littles (3 and 6) and we're planning on beaching it.. going to Doctor's Cave beach.
  5. My POV - In most jobs the employee pays at least partially for any type of uniform and no company I've heard of here in the US pays my airfare home to visit my family. So, to me, these are also indirect benefits to the employee.
  6. i would guess it's like a bread pudding ..i make a baked french toast, it soaks in the fridge overnight and then baked in AM and served.
  7. i read that you control the speed of the coaster so it can be "fast" or leisurely as you like.. however i doubt it will be super fast thrill ride. .more of a novelty.
  8. would also like to see the new menu. Going in february, can't wait!
  9. we did mr sanchos 2 years ago with 2 kids.. ages 4 and almost 2. They had a blast! Note for older kids mr sanchos also has the inflatable water stuff $18pp
  10. We loved the 'cozumel breeze' drink. It's not frozen so it's not really all that filling.
  11. From what I understand, you don't need to pre purchase admission. You just show up and pay at the entrance.
  12. Thanks. I couldn't book because it was enforcing a 2 night minimum.. (it allowed me to book if I put 2 nights, but if I put in 1 night, it said sold out). I ended up booking the Sheraton which I think is also near pleasure pier.
  13. Thanks, we definitely plan to go it on our own and not do an excursion. With so many ships in port do you think that at the height of the day it'd be too crowded? y daughter (age 6) really wants to do the inflatables but I think I'd be worried if there were too many people on them..
  14. I know Nachi and Mr Sanchos only sell a certain number of tickets to avoid over crowding. Is Playa Mia the same or do they let it get super crowded? I ask because there are 432526 ships in port that day (well , not quite but there are a LOT - 29,000 pax) Thank you! Passengers: 29787 (Carnival dream, MSC armonia, Costa Deliziosa, NCL getaway, Regal Princess, Carnival Vista, Harmony of the seas, empress of the seas, nieuw statendam)
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