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  1. What is the date and itinerary for this cruise? I have a friend who will be joining Freedom as a performer. He said he would be flying to Spain a week before she sails after dry dock but he didn't know what the itinerary was other than crossing the Atlantic to San Juan.
  2. We had an Aqua Theater Suite on Deck 11 on Symphony. You could hear the show in the living room but not the bedroom. Unfortunately the week we were on the ship they were changing over to new cast members of the show and were constantly rehearsing through each day. No movies were played on our sailing.
  3. We were a combination of offended and shocked when our waiter said that. He was fine, the restaurant wasn't busy, food good.
  4. We had dinner one night last week at Hooked on Symphony. The gratuity was included but our waiter said we were welcome to add an additional gratuity if we wanted. Really? We didn't.
  5. I read a review of the Symphony that the app was not always correct on some things. Is there anyone here recently on Symphony that can share their experience with the app during their cruise?
  6. So who here has ordered something off the menu lunch or dinner?? This may vary by ship but we'll be on the Symphony.
  7. And you would think they would change that message to say only moderators can send PM's instead of saying try again later. Oh well, not the end of the earth!
  8. I discovered that yesterday. You would think instead of the pop up saying "You are only allowed to post 0 messages per day. Please try again later", it would say something like "Private messages can only be sent by moderators only".
  9. Does anyone know if you can order Eggs Benedict for lunch at CK? What about a simple turkey club sandwich?
  10. Interesting. Every other forum I have used allows that, but if you can't here then you can't.
  11. Been searching for a tasty spot for lunch while in St Martin for the day. Le Sous Marin sounds like a good option. I simply cannot enjoy a meal in the heat and was wondering if anyone here knows if the restaurant is air conditioned? Can't find many photos of the place but from what I see it looks like it may be open air.
  12. I don't recall ever sending a message to someone on CC, but today I tried sending a fellow CC member on our roll call a message. I get "you are only allowed to send 0 messages a day". Is there a reason I'm not able to do this?
  13. Do Sky class passengers get these perks as well or is it Star and above?
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