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  1. Anybody considering international travel should definitely get vaccinated well before any possible trips even if where they're going does not currently have a requirement for vaccination. Even if there aren't explicit vaccination requirements when you travel, there will likely be fewer restrictions like quarantines and possibly less strict testing regimes. And remember that the Moderna vaccine takes 6 weeks from first shot to "fully vaccinated", so advance planning is necessary. Most places still do not have enough supply of all three US-authorized vaccines for people to pick and c
  2. Oof! Sorry to hear that! Are they saying you’ll get a refund or did they push for future credit as your “only” option?
  3. I have gotten notifications set up correctly now, so I saw your post immediately! Yay! As far as another line coming into the market... that would be excellent news. Aranui had announced a new ship which they expected to launch in mid-2022, but I don't know how covid has affected that. My wife and I are very worried that we will be priced out of the PG once Ponant is done with the renovations to it. We loved the PG and were excited to return to it in 2020. We shall see what the future holds, I suppose! We aren't planning any trips yet anyway. Want to see how the vacci
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I thought I had my cruise critic board account set up to send emails when people responded, but they never came, and I forgot to check regularly! Funny timing on me deciding to check the board this morning... I just got an email from my credit card saying there's a pending credit to my account from PG Cruises! Here's the full timeline for anybody interested: February 25, 2020: Booked cruise and made deposit (can't remember the %, but it looks like 20-25% of total; no airfare was included). This was for the Nov11 Society Islands and Tuamotus departure (sorry, c
  5. I'm starting a new thread, although I suppose this could probably be added to one of the existing ones... We booked our cruise in February 2020 for a November 2020 sailing. We made deposits of 20%--thankfully not much compared to what some people had already paid before cancellation. We eventually decided to cancel on August 3, given the challenges of getting into FP and the potential for a cruise having to stop mid-trip because of a positive test from anyone on board. We will be out the $100/person administrative/cancellation fee, but that's fine. We were initially told by our TA
  6. There are some posts from a passenger on that cruise in the roll call thread for PG Cruises.
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