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  1. Oh well, booked Ventura cruise for October 2020 to the Canaries so guess I'll just have to get used to the curtain!! I can see me getting very entwined at various points throughout the cruise. 😂
  2. Thanks for all the replies folks, especially the humorous ones! The idea of weighing the curtain down with the pegs may be enough for me to go ahead and book. The wife doesn't see it as a problem but I tend to need a lot more elbow room in the shower than her. Pity about the fixed shower head though as it is always nice to have a detachable spray to get the soap off those hard to reach bits.
  3. Great reply, I love it!! 🤣 I'm sure some are designed with human attracting glue. Nothing worse than fighting with the curtain when trying to spruce yourself up. Got to the point where I would just keep the curtain open and flood the bathroom as the curtain never contained the water within the bar that formed the bottom of the shower area anyway.
  4. We are thinking to book a Canaries cruise for October next year on Ventura but have since found out that the showers have curtains rather than glass doors. This is a bit of a problem as every ship we have been on has had glass doors including Britannia. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of these curtains as on the ferries that we use regularly the shower cubicle is so small that the curtain practically wraps around you when showering. I am not sure I can endure this hardship for a 12 day cruise which equates to minimum of 24 showers. Look forward to any feedback regarding any problems with shower curtains. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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