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  1. Great idea! Anything to help get them up and running when it’s safe to cruise again. For those waiting for your refund...I hope it comes soon. I have a refunded deposit waiting for me to book my next cruise 🙂 can’t wait!
  2. Yes you can but be careful. When we got to the port my husband had my pic. I messed up. They took his pic at the port and fixed it.
  3. I agree with the above post... it is emailed out to you about two weeks prior to sailing. The email will list all production shows along with MUTS. They will also play the movies on your cabin tv numerous times and at all times of the day and night.
  4. I agree...we get the packaged bottled water delivered. If there are a lot of ports it’s hard to drink your money’s worth on port days, other days not so much. Therefore the drink package might not be cost effective. I have filled my water bottle onboard. I didn’t think the water was so bad but the bottled water is nice to take on excursions.
  5. I think the usefulness depends on how many are going through customs. Our friends didn’t have it and got through customs before we did. If there were more people in the regular line I would use it again but it didn’t work that great for us.
  6. We have twice on the Ruby and twice on the Crown. I loved seeing the same wait staff in the International Cafe. Also the ship is familiar and easy to get around. I would do it again.
  7. The chocolate donuts were my husbands favorite. They don’t always have them in the case but they have them in back. Dennis worked every morning in the IC. He greeted me every morning and remembered the chocolate donut. Two cruises on the Crown and he was on them both. Loved the service!
  8. 8:45and we were at the airport by 10... very quick...had to check my prior cruise documents....sorry I didn’t have the exact TIME on my past post.
  9. We used the transfer to MIA a few years ago. The bus filled quite quickly and we were on the road in minutes. Arrived at the airport and we grabbed our luggage and were in the airport very fast. All total I would say an hour or less from start to finish. Good luck and enjoy.
  10. Faxed the shareholder stmt and form this morning. Credit was there this afternoon for the Feb. 2020 & Sept. 2020 cruise. Now that Is service!
  11. Thanks for the update. While it sounds interesting we will most likely pass.
  12. I agree about the safety of the restrictions...I just am concerned about my valuables...do you leave everything on the ship? I am not looking for Disney or riding horses...I would stay in Montana for that.
  13. We are traveling to Mazatlan in February. We would like to do the Pacifico Beer plant tour. I just read all the restrictions and now I am not sure. Pants,shoes,no bags, no jewelry....where do you keep your personal belongings? Is it worth taking the tour?
  14. We also had the package. We got a USB and the original pics. They also showed me the pics were on the USB when they transferred them. I think you are out of luck. Sorry, do you still have the pics?
  15. WE have sailed on her the past two years. We really like her and would go again.
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