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  1. We used the transfer to MIA a few years ago. The bus filled quite quickly and we were on the road in minutes. Arrived at the airport and we grabbed our luggage and were in the airport very fast. All total I would say an hour or less from start to finish. Good luck and enjoy.
  2. Faxed the shareholder stmt and form this morning. Credit was there this afternoon for the Feb. 2020 & Sept. 2020 cruise. Now that Is service!
  3. Thanks for the update. While it sounds interesting we will most likely pass.
  4. I agree about the safety of the restrictions...I just am concerned about my valuables...do you leave everything on the ship? I am not looking for Disney or riding horses...I would stay in Montana for that.
  5. We are traveling to Mazatlan in February. We would like to do the Pacifico Beer plant tour. I just read all the restrictions and now I am not sure. Pants,shoes,no bags, no jewelry....where do you keep your personal belongings? Is it worth taking the tour?
  6. We also had the package. We got a USB and the original pics. They also showed me the pics were on the USB when they transferred them. I think you are out of luck. Sorry, do you still have the pics?
  7. WE have sailed on her the past two years. We really like her and would go again.
  8. Thanks all! I think I will just book. It’s a decent price already and the ship is filling up. I should have booked under the free beverage pkg as the price only went down $300. I can easily drink that, Lol. We live 200 miles from the nearest airport so waiting until the last minute is not cost effective for us. The last time I booked 3 months out it doubled the airfare to FLL.
  9. Any info on when the next promo will come out. I want to book soon but don’t want to miss a deal. Lol! Looking at a cruise for Feb. 2020. 3 for free? Not sure if it’s next or not.
  10. We loved the aft Riviera deck 14 on the Crown. We were just down the hall from the door going out to the aft pool and bar. Great place to spend the day. Did I mention adult only pool!
  11. The aft pool is also adult only. It is a very popular place.
  12. We have preordered the bucket of beer...they tell you to call room service to order. We could never get through. Bummer, I wanted to suprise my husband with beer. I wouldn’t depend on room service the first day. Run up to the buffet. They have lots of snack items like cheese, shrimp and cocktail sauce etc.
  13. We had the package a couple cruises ago. It was the $99 special. We loved it and it came with the digital usb files. Next cruise I forgot to take my USB to add digital files to. They sold me one for an extra $10 and allowed me all my purchased pics and put the ones my friend purchased on mine too. They are usually very good to work with. We have them put our pics in an envelope in the back and on the second to last day go choose the ones we want. They usually shoot us a deal!
  14. On the Crown in February I asked. Our waiter said there was a shortage and they had replaced it on the menu with oysters Rockefeller. Hopefully it will return.
  15. We were on the Crown last year and I agree...the menu was very limited on the first day....I remember like 4 entrees and desert......salmon was one of the entrees.
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