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  1. I've never done it per day for a cruise. Sometimes I do it for a particular type of cabin. Like how much more per day would I pay to move up to category X.
  2. Especially with the FCCs from all the cancelled cruises, I can't imagine there are going to be many paid or free upgrades. Add to that, cruises will sail less than full capacity and the odds are very small.
  3. Movie theaters have reopened in some areas and based upon sales aren't doing well, even with new releases. I expect cruises to be the same. It's easy to say I'll go when Princess says they will sail, but actually getting on the ship is different. I'm curious to see how many cancel when the first cruises begin.
  4. I doubt they can make up the 4 month delay and follow safety measures. Probably 22 before it is ready. I'm scheduled for New Year on Discovery, but I'm not hopeful.
  5. Except for grabbing some oatmeal or a yogurt before my morning workout, I tend to avoid the buffet. I like the seat down service and some passengers have horrible manners at the buffet.
  6. For the short term to resume cruising, I'd have no problem with ship only excursions. I use a combo of ship and private excursions in the past. I will add except for one British Isles cruise, I tend to do Caribbean, so it may be easy for me to say this than someone who will be traveling to somewhere for the first time or maybe their only time.
  7. Anything that gets us closer to safe crusing sounds good.
  8. You are closer than most to cruising.
  9. It sounds like a good alternative. I did the same for a New Years cruise. I'm unsure the Discovery will be ready in time, so I also booked the Sky. I realize it is more money tied up, but I really want the New Years cruise to happen. Early congrats on the anniversary.
  10. I had one cancelled in March and one for December. I used my FCCs for a May cruise and a New Years cruise. I'm optimistic for December, but not sure about May.
  11. Balancing safety with economic growth is a tough one to figure out.
  12. I could see a modified version. Maybe people don't see the galley and kitchen areas.
  13. I have May and December cruise planned. I put May at 50% and December at 75% from the standpoint of Princess sailing.
  14. Some people are still wondering about late December. I also have a May booked. I doubt we will know anything from Princess before end of February.
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