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  1. I would resubmit. You can indicate that your first attempt may have gone through without all the necessary information.
  2. Nice to see a review for a little distraction. Glad you were able to enjoy your cruise for the most part. I imagine passengers will have similar feelings when cruising starts back up.
  3. The only thing I wonder about the new ships is the motion one might feel in the forward cabin WS. I liked the aft suites which were not WS. Hopefully I will to book one again in the near future.
  4. Those passengers should get double. Stay safe.
  5. I enjoyed a WS on the Caribbean Princess twice. With doors on both ends of this small WS area, there was not a lot of traffic beyond the 8 or so WS cabins. I was planning on enjoying the Sky Princess WS this week, but plans changed. All three times I got a price at or slightly lower than CC mini and I had all the suite perks. I don't miss the balcony.
  6. No. Just like I have faith in my Disney stock. Parks will reopen, ships will sail again.
  7. Looking forward to sailing again myself.
  8. In a word delayed. Probably not on the minds of any cruise line right now. Tough call do you release not knowing if you will be able to deliver.
  9. Option 1. It may not be May, but I'm optimistic that sometime during the summer ships will be sailing again. I'm planning on a December cruise.
  10. Everything is a work in progress. Princess is doing what they can with current information. We all have to be ready for more adjustments.
  11. Yes. I plan on sticking with Princess. We will get back to normal at some point.
  12. Yes, I'll book again. I plan on booking several. I think they have been more than fair.
  13. You get the bragging rights. Tell her next time ti listen to you and get the FCD.
  14. If you have a FCD that will cover your deposit. You shouldn't have to add to it.
  15. With all the cancellations I can't see Princess adding it to accounts until on board.
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