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  1. Let the majority rule, 95% says go, go. There are always going to be new illnesses. I may not be planning a trip to China right now, but that won't stop me from traveling. Not really different than going to WDW or other destinations that have a diverse clientele
  2. Great review. Love the photos. The dessert sampler at Sabatini's looks great. I can never decide, but I don;t have room for more than one. But small portions of four, I would attempt.
  3. I don't care about the amount as long as it is refundable. It cost me the same either way.
  4. I would do the overnight. Dublin was my overnight city two years and it was fun to see the city at night. You can also do a longer excursion day 1 without the worry of being left behind.
  5. You may be overthinking it. When I know the night before I let the wait staff know. I don't worry about it for last minute changes.
  6. I guess is only if you have insurance.
  7. I think you have to try it. Limiting your ships limits where you can go. There are pros and cons to all ships.
  8. Thanks for the review. I'll be on the Sky later this year.
  9. Dress shorts for men are iffy. Some have reported men getting in for dinner, others have mentioned men asked to change. Depends on who is guarding the door.
  10. The newest ships also have Window suites. The Sky has two. They are forward on a high deck. I believe 16, but don't quote me on that. I assume the Enchanted will have the same layout. The photos look amazing.
  11. Yes, I have one booked on the Sky. There are only 2 though. I believe the Enchanted will have the same as the Sky. They are located forward on a high deck.
  12. I currently have a WS.
  13. I received an upsell offer from Princess today to snag one of those great looking Sky Suites. They look awesome but 2500 per person additional for a 7 night cruise is a little much for me. I'm sure someone will take it.
  14. I dont wear the pin all the time. I have a couple of ties that I use the pin as more of a tie clip type device. Otherwise, I don't wear it.
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