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  1. I'm very happy about the HEPA system. Every O cruise I've been on has taken me to the infirmary where I've needed help breathing. I swore things went through the a/c system and right into my lungs.
  2. cat shepard is right. We need smiles because in another day or two, they'll be hard to find. Thank you so very much for the blog. I enjoyed reading it and seeing your wonderful photos.
  3. Also the newest track is coming in around the spacecoast and going up the coast, much like Matthew. This is not good. Our dunes were compromised and haven't secured themselves yet.
  4. OIA is closing down at 4 PM on Tuesday. They suggest you check with your airlines. Good luck.
  5. My poor grandson spent a good part of yesterday moving all pool furniture and decor into my house and plants into the garage, as well as working on the storm shutters and closing off most windows and doors. It looks like he might be coming back sooner than planned. But I've lived here long enough to know to cool my heels and be prepared for anything.
  6. I'm on the beachside north of Daytona, so my evacuation plans have been made. However, now it looks to be headed in the West Palm area. However, all of Florida is going to be affected, but not as much as we originally thought. However, it can change. Just keep aware and good luck to you and your family.
  7. Sansterre, you might want to re-think coming home. Every county in Florida is being considered as a state of emergency.
  8. I have 15 tiles of various colors and designs from over the years and I don't know what to do with them. Somehow I remember reading what some of you have done, and I'd love to have you share your ideas. Thanks in advance!!
  9. If you hsve minute, go into the Pinnacle and look at the ceiling. I couldn't stop taking photos. Love your posts.
  10. I am a waterfall fool and love the photos you posted!!!! How I wish I were there also. Thank you so much!!!!!
  11. I've noticed only about 2 or 3 solo events over the past few weeks. I wonder if this is because there aren't many single people on board or are they cutting it out? I will be sailing as a solo in April and look forward to meeting others, so I hope this won't be the case. Love your posts and photos.
  12. Thank you. 3 of my bucket list items will be taken care of on this cruise: Monet's gardens, tulips in Holland and of course, Belgium chocolates and not necessarily in that order. LOL
  13. From a lady with not wonderful feet and not wonderful balance: I pr Sketchers (closed toe) 2 pr. Clarks sandals -- one white, one black. 1 pr. black closed shoes (NO HEELS) for evening.
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