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  1. I thought it was the crew movements that generated the sewerage
  2. Based on your profile, I assume you live in Chicago. Unfortunately there is only one Airline (Air New Zealand) that flies directly between Chicago and Auckland - so the laws of supply and demand keep prices high. Air NZ do have a web-site that offers special deals on a limited number of seats for various date ranges. https://www.grabaseat.co.nz Although there are typically more seats available for Economy tickets - there are often some good deals on Business and Premium Economy fares as well. If you see a good deal, jump on it quickly as any great deals are snapped up very quickly
  3. Today we received a brochure from Oceania that highlighted the Oceania Club benefits. For silver members, it highlights "VIP shore excursion check-in" as being a benefit. A Google search brings up the following page which also mentions this benefit.... https://www.cruisecritic.com.au/articles.cfm?ID=2483 However I can't find out what this actually means.... Does it mean that silver members and above have a seperate check-in desk in the lounge - hence a shorter queue for a tour ticket? (If so, this doesn't seem much of a benefit when the queues are often very short or non-existent) Or does it mean silver + up members are given preferential access to the tour buses that leave earlier? (reducing wait time) Thoughts?
  4. It's a pity that "Boaty McBoatFace" was already taken ... https://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/22/world/europe/boaty-mcboatface-what-you-get-when-you-let-the-internet-decide.html
  5. Thanks everyone for the useful responses. PS: Good hint around the maths. We ran some calculation to see the hypothetical difference if we took an excursion at every port (11 in total) - and were surprised to find that the "unlimited" fixed price option was slightly more expensive than the 25% option! At this stage we are looking to do a combination of private and ship excursions
  6. A related question... * We are looking at an upcoming cruise where there is a 25% YWC ("Your World Collection") discount for selecting 6 or more excursions * We are also considering whether to take the OLife option of 4 complementary excursions (vs on taking board credit) To quality for the YWC discount - doe we simply need to take 6 or more excursions including the 4 x OLIfe excursions - or do we need to take 6 on top of the OLife excursions (ie 10 excursions in total)?
  7. With all due respect, I suggest the environmental impact of not washing a towel is dwarfed by the other environmental impacts associated with the cruising industry. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesellsmoor/2019/04/26/cruise-ship-pollution-is-causing-serious-health-and-environmental-problems/#4f0a86ec37dbI
  8. Of course not...... But then again, at home, I also have to make my own bed, cook my own meals, do my own dishes, pour my own drinks arrange my own entertainment - and all the myriad of other activities that the wonderful Oceania staff do for me when I’m holiday. By the way, I’m a bit bemused that this thread is dominated by sentiments related to looking generous the wonderful stewardesses. However, the actual work is performed by the faceless team working in the laundry.
  9. Apologies, I’m clearly not a true left coast/tree hugging, green leaning environments, as I like having the fresh towels replaced each evening as well as the chocolates. However, despite the above failings, I’m a bit horrified by the amount of waste paper that must generated each day. Inevitably there is the currents, the port overview, the 4 page newspaper summary, the multi-page inserts promoting future cruises and various cards indicating that the deck is being washed, the clocks being moved back or forward. This is further exacerbated if you receive the full sized newspaper printouts that can be upwards of 50 pages (complimentary in the upper cabins) where you receive all the advertising inserts related to property/cars etc as well as the core newspaper. I hate to think how much paper is wasted each day. Sure the majority of this information can be provided electronically......
  10. Many thanks for the prompt response
  11. We have a nice bottle of wine that we want to take to an onboard restaurant to share with friends. We would fully expect to pay for the corkage. However, as it is a magnum (1.5 litres) we are wondering whether the cost would be $25 or $50? Has anyone had a previous experience of taking a larger bottle to the restaurants?
  12. I understand from one of our previous butlers that have their own database where they can keep notes about passenger preferences. I was also told that they are required to memorise the names of their guests before they board, and as part of this “research” they may consult the system to get a high level overview of your history with Oceania (eg Oceania club status).
  13. I’m intrigued by the assumption that missed ports are driven by a desire to reduce costs - by eliminating port fees. I would have thought that missing ports would end up costing the cruise line extra costs. eg: * The cost of fuel * No doubt most ports charge the shipping fee a no-show/cancellation fee * Loss of deposits for onshore excursion companies * Loss of revenue from excursions * Increased back office admin costs associated with the change of plans * Increaded food costs - with more passengers aboard for lunch.
  14. Are you serious? Do you really expect the captain to send out a survey to guests, asking them if they prefer to skip a port or visit it and risk injury to guests? Sorry - but I would rather put my trust in the captain (and his support team in Miami) who have the data, skills and experience to interrupt the information and make the most appropriate decision. Although in general I disagree with your assertion that Oceania treats guests as idiots - in this particular scenario I am glad that they do. The day that Oceania consults my fellow passengers about how to navigate the ship in inclement weather is the day that I stop sailing with Oceania.
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