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  1. The entertainment sounds outstanding. We will not be bored
  2. Thanks for the reply ! No, I have a "dumb phone" ...a landline...so I cannot get the apps. I could attempt it on the desk top I suppose. The Bravo video sounded amazing, so I hope to see the live show myself.
  3. I'll be on the Regal in April and hope that Bravo will still be playing. Does anyone know of what shows are scheduled on what ships ?
  4. terrible, just terrible ☠️ no food except for Spartan gruel, but on a couple of nights we were given some stale bread . There were no sodas on-board so we had to drink this salty tasting tap water. Instead of wine we were offered vinegar to drink. The rooms were simply converted closets . I even had bring my own bedding ! As far as the staff, NONE could speak English with the exception of a few curse words. No no ! !! I am kidding. ☺️ I've been on the Crown 3 times and each time...food was delicious, the room nice, and the service impeccable. I am being factious in order to point out that online reviews can be a bit overboard with complaining. I've been on 25 cruises and every one of them have been a wonderful experience, with the Crown being a typical ship.
  5. As a solo cruiser, I can relate :( I sure don't wish to dine by myself on vacation. What usually happens is I move to that table with all the great fun.
  6. oh no ! :( I do know British history such as the 6 wives of Henry VIII...Harry Potter = not so much.
  7. trivia in the pub as well ? That's what I've heard. If so I might just need to sleep in there so I can get the trivia + karaoke :D
  8. Count me in on the karaoke ;p I'm on the 9 September crossing...my first Cunard vacation.
  9. so the in-door water park is now closed ?
  10. We were warned then given ample opportunity to leave the theater if we chose.We agreed not to discuss the matter after that. :rolleyes: What goes on inside after they close the doors STAYS on the ship.
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