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  1. From what I saw when I went to buy the package, they do add a service charge at the end (it comes to $46.02), but you can actually choose what day they deliver it to the cabin. It can be first day or later. Hope that helps. Also, the water on the ship is ocean water desalinated but some salt still remains. While it tastes great, I have a tendency to swell in my ankles, but I am also of "senior" age. It doesn't mean it will happen to you.
  2. Yes I am. Really?? I did not know that. Thank you.. I was feeling stupid about asking this question, but see, you never know what information you gain. So say, if we go to the diamond lounge and then before 8p we stop at a bar and ask for 3 waters each? That would work?
  3. Ah, ok... Thank you. That gives me something to go on.:D
  4. Yes, thanks Bob, that's what I was looking at.. Then I saw the $7 plus service charge on top of it.. So because I wasn't sure how many I would actually drink I wondered if it was better to buy them individually (if available and cost) or buy the package.
  5. It has been my past experience that you can only find the 1 liter bottles of water once in awhile. I don't know whether to buy the water package or not as I drink a lot of water and can drink those little bottles in nothing flat. Yes, the ship's water tastes great but I swell up too much so I try and limit the amount I drink of it. Are the 1 liter bottles of water readily available and if so how much are they on board..
  6. Thank you so much! I could not find anywhere on their site about a shuttle. That’s great!! And thank you for the foodie tips!!!
  7. Do they have a shuttle to ship? We are staying there next Wed and Thurs night. Any suggestions for not real expensive restaurants in the area? We like fresh seafood, cuban would be good and breakfast options. Thank you
  8. I did not realize you could bring water and soda onboard. I thought that was a no-no?
  9. I bring drinks into dinner all the time. The key I guess for wine would be to save a glass from one of the venues and refill it. The glasses are different in the cabins. (Or at least they used to be) How would they know then if the wine came from the room or you bought it?
  10. I am totally on the fence because we are Diamond. With access to alcohol from 4:30 - 8p, I just don't know. We usually have a few cocktails before dinner and then grab one to go or bring a glass of wine with us to dinner. Then maybe have an after dinner drink that we pay for. I really can't drink that much and what we found is my dh drank way more just to get his "money's worth". I will have to buy water though. I'm thinking of the water bundle so I can get the liter bottles.
  11. How did you like it? Considering this tour in 2 weeks. Looking for shade and snorkeling at the top of the list. Also wondering if RCI's tour includes chairs?
  12. I love this!! When we have been in Germany, we load up on all the wonderful chocolate and snacks that you have and bring them back. I also love shopping at Aldi because I can get all the wonderful products made in Germany. 😄
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