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  1. Thank you for this lovely Christmas greeting Shanola and invoking the good Captain's memory at this time of year for all of us who knew and loved him. I say again the finest captain we have ever sailed with, and one of the best and most decent men my wife Mrs Brittany 12 and I have ever known. Seeing the tree and decorated staircase outside of the MDR on Deck Four invokes so many memories of the ships at Holiday time and being with Captain Bjarne. RIP our Captain. Shanola - I am just figuring out who you must be. So terribly sorry for your loss.
  2. Free internet on luxury Iines seems to be the practice or trend. SB I am sure will catch up soon.
  3. From all the comments I have heard over the years since Encore introduced this concept, and from reading these pages, it sounds like it's vastly underutilized, a giant disappointment to most of the users and not churning a lot of revenue - for all the obvious reasons. The comments above in this thread some of the most damning. Seabourn is apparently nevertheless sticking with it.
  4. Extremely slow in their laying out the rest of their 2021 regular schedule. Except the Ventures complete. Lovely to get a bit of 2022 too. Competitors way ahead of them. Hard to understand.
  5. Seabourn Sojourn is doing a Papeete embarkation for a segment of its 2021 World Cruise. Anyone out there have any experience on the availability of mileage business seats on any of the mighty few airlines that fly from US to Papeete?
  6. John was our first Seabourn CD a number of years and SB cruises ago. He was the best and most likable we had ever experienced on any of our forty cruises across five different lines.. Handre is right up there in rankings with him.
  7. The SB carefully designed No Tipping policy makes perfect sense and by and large we have always respected it. We pay tips for the crew up front with our higher fares. The crew's pay scale on a non tipping ship like SB is designed higher with this being taken into account. What we sometimes do is slip a $10 or $20 to some DR managers or matter d's who have gone out of his or her way to make our cruise dining experiences especially more enjoyable. Or to our MDR main servers and wine pourers, if the job they have done is exceptional.. They take it with great thanks, appreciation and humility. An extra tip of a $20 for excellent stateroom service from a housekeeper who goes above and beyond is also something we do. Crew Fund and non cash gifts do nothing for us.
  8. The ring story certainly stretches the imagination to accept the fact that in all that murky water identified as deep, and bottom sediment, they were able with pinpoint precision to locate the ring, unless the nearby divers just happened to be treasure divers with the right equipment in the habit of looking for things like this. Happy ending. But today I am just looking for normal service standards from Seabourn like the good old days and thrilled when we experience that.
  9. Correction of my earlier. On disembarkation days, we have seen the MDR open for breakfast most of the time but not for lunch, since that will be some new passengers' embarkation day..
  10. The A is nice, historic, small and yes a boutique hotel feel on a relatively quiet side street. Yes old, and all the renovations in the world cannot change that. Rooms pretty small and baths. The worst thing about this is the location, Just off off Times Sq and the huge crowds. All times of the day and night. I say avoid this hotel at all costs in order to catch the subway, and unless one is going to lots of Broadway shows, where the crowds are unavoidable, if you can book the EH. I stay at the EH about 6 times a year and have been doing so for decades. All the rooms and public areas have been renovated. Much larger than A. Different size rooms and exposures. Lovely location facing Central Park on CPS . No crowds as Times SQ pretty far away. Restaurant OK and nice bar. The Marquis also in the midst of Times Sq. Really unbearable to stay there for one's sanity. The St Regis in location and luxury is great if one can afford it in points or price.
  11. We have sailed on over a dozen SB cruises over close to a decade. All itineraries except the Caribbean, which may be different because of its daily ports. Last cruise was the summer of '18 in the Med. Hundreds of days to enjoy and observe the dining experience in all the venues. Here is my take on this discussion about the MDR, based upon our multiple cruise actual experience. All the ships. First, I start with, of course, the SB MDR on all ships should be open for breakfast and lunch as must as possible on every cruise because that's what a luxury cruise line is all about. Alternatives - to a casual burger in the outdoor heat at the Patio or the crowded breakfast and lunch buffet at the Colonade. On Embarkation days, we have never seen the MDR open for lunch, even for continuing passengers. Must be logistics. Colonade on these days is just fine. On Disembarkation days, most of the time we have seen it open. For lunch, it has almost always been open on a daily basis on all our cruises. There are some days when it is closed, but very rare in our experience. Having said all of this, the MDR does very little business at either breakfast or lunch. Most passengers prefer what we do not, or room service. Great for us, who enjoy no crowds, and quiet and relaxation, but there are only a dozen or two tables taken during the limited hours they remain open, and only a handful of waiters, usually on only one side of the the dining room.. We have wondered how long SB, much to its credit and a mark of luxury, will continue keeping it and its associated kitchen open as an alternative dining venue, but so far SB has decided, at least through the summer of '18 in the Med, that this is something they must do, and we applaud them for this.
  12. To judge the SB or SS to Regent comparison properly, one cannot use the Navibrator, Regent's oldest and worst ship by far, and compare it to the newish SB Encore or one of the somewhat older but smaller Triplet class, such as the Sojourn or the new SS ships. Use the newish Regent Explorer perhaps in the comparison. R's frequently complained of issue with its included overcrowded tours is going to be pretty much the same throughout its fleet, I would imagine.
  13. Turnover, turnover, turnover - all the ships in the Seabourn fleet go through this. That's the issue. Any review is only as good as that particular time frame. I am always dubious when I hear or experience "they have it back together" on a particular ship. Rhythm always changing. Training is the key. There is always going to be periodic chaos at worst and mild disturbance at best in the fleet. It might be more than one ship, or all, and no ship is ever the same a year or even six months later with all the constant personnel changes. More than 10 cruises on SB can attest to that. Some crew leave because their contract has ended and they are not coming back, or taking jobs on Viking, SS or someone else. Some are transferred between ships in the SB fleet, and new inexperienced crew joining, after some training. SB has had a training officer on board each ship for a few years. Competition for good crew is fierce in the ever increasing world of the ocean and river cruise business. Management team changes too in front of and behind the walls, with some leaving for new posts on other SB ships and some just leaving SB, and some new ones coming on board. And the quality of the replacing crew and management is oftentimes the issue. Training can go only so far.
  14. Am I the only one who on several occasions has gotten the benefit of SB price drops along the road to the final booking payment? I can think of several cruises when the original booked and usually high price drops, my TA always has gotten me the better price, and without ship board credits making up the difference. Some cruises several times. I assume it was a general practice with SB. Airline pricing today with the way seats are sold is not the proper comparison.
  15. Another aspect nobody is considering. Big blocks of unsold SB cruises that the TA buys and then blasts out shortly before departure as big discounts to his special clients prevents the rest of unknowing ones from getting big discount offers direct from SB, as the time for the cruise approaches. We all know SB does this as the time for the cruise gets nearer - but if they have no inventory left to sell because they have dumped all with the Discount TA, we are all out of luck.
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