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  1. Princess & Club are showing availability right now. Queens still sold out.
  2. You’re right. I never managed to get it. The day I boarded a 7day Med (which was to take me over 100 nights as I wanted to book a TA to South America for later that year) was the same day they introduced all the changes! 19 July 2015!
  3. When did MSC ever do the right thing? As for appreciating loyalty, see my comment below. I’ve never looked into the status match scheme as it still makes my blood boil, along with the disappearance of the Black 10% discount and any worthwhile benefits. Maybe you need to re-apply for status match next time you sail with them.
  4. I had the same thought when I read that they were on the “essentials” list!
  5. I’m not surprised to hear this. One of the “gentleman” dancers on my Cunard Panama cruise injured his ankle. They debarked him at the next stop (Guatemala) & left him to find his own way home. The cruise lines mantra seems to be if you’re not earning (i.e. for us), we’re not caring.
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