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  1. Good way to describe the road block for RCG not being in CA on a more regular basis. Welcome to our *wonderful* state filled with legislation, tons of taxes (higher than any other state in the Union) and bureaucracy.
  2. YES - this is DEFINITELY wrong. You can use it any time you want and it is never locked.
  3. Two things: 1. The balconies are DEFINITELY not closed off to your use at any time, even in high winds. 2. The cabin sizes are actually bigger (not smaller) than the others in the same category, IME.
  4. It's a picture that I found online somewhere. Can't even remember where so I can give the credit to them. It's definitely accurate. We've had L-107 (fantastic) and M-108 (even more fantastic) and absolutely love them. Surprisingly, the ship movement that far forward has never seemed bad at all to us.
  5. There is none! They just consider the metal partition one.
  6. I agree - I seriously doubt our January cruise will be sailing and now I'm starting to worry about our April cruises. I sure hope cruising starts up by the second quarter of 2021.
  7. Yes, I do think they'll extend CWC. I have serious doubts that cruises in January (including ours) will be sailing. I do think it'll be more like the second quarter of 2021 (like the article in the post on page 1 says).
  8. I don't know either but that makes sense to me. I don't think they'd be picking up crew members to start up cruising again unfortunately. Perhaps it'll be closer so they can receive shipments (parts, supplies, food, etc.) quicker or it's a better place to have the ships get minor 'surgery' done while waiting it out?
  9. Just did our latest one last week. Took less than 50 minutes.
  10. We had this cabin in January and it would be pretty tight IMO. You might be able to squeeze around the bed to get to the bathroom but it won't be easy. BTW, it's our favorite cabin on the ship. Have had it on this class of ship many times and absolutely love it.
  11. Keeping my fingers crossed but I really doubt it will be sailing until there is widespread access to a vaccine.
  12. I agree. When it starts back up, I believe these cruises will be the first to go. I just don't think it'll be November. I just don't know how they can do it safely. I wish we'd get information on it soon but I realize it's hard for them to even figure it all out.
  13. We've done many cruises in Cat. JSs and GSs. Count me as another who will not go back to the JS. You're really talking apples and oranges. The GSs are full suites and with that, you get the perks. The lounge is the best part of that IMO. The constant, free drinks in the evenings, the great food and best of all, the quiet place to relax and the terrific service are what make it so special. Unlike the Diamond Lounge, it is (at least IME) never crowded and there's a separate outside deck too if you prefer to be outside. If you just want more square footage, go with the JSs. They're beautifully done and very spacious. If you want that plus luxury, go with the GS.
  14. I'd never book CC for the perks. To us, they aren't worth it but for the cabin and the balcony, it's definitely worth it. You just have to know what's important to you. 😉
  15. I agree. We've done really well on our own although our advisor calls periodically to check up on us. I never ask his stock advice because the stocks we invest in aren't on his radar and most FAs know very little about them. If you can do well on your own, do it that way.
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