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  1. Exactly. I've only been investing for about 3 years and I'm self-taught. One thing I've learned is that buying stock should only be done if you can live without that money. If I'm not prepared to lose it, I don't invest. If I make a profit on it, then it's awesome! It's worked well for me so far.
  2. Just bought more shares (886) at $10.87. Of course, it went down about $2 a share right after that. Ugh... We plan on keeping it for the long term though, so hopefully it'll go up quite a bit in 5 years or so.
  3. It's been on all the local news here in San Diego. The ship will take two days to reload supplies and disembark 1500 passengers according to what the news is saying. They have all been cleared as asymptomatic for Covid-19. They also said the Wonder may stay in port for a long time.
  4. Exactly! You cannot trust information that comes out of China. It's skewed.
  5. Yeah, thanks. I just hope all this is over as soon as possible. I'm having the no-cruise blues! 😭
  6. My point is that the numbers are skewed. They're only reporting some of them, not ALL of them. There are many people out there that have it that have been told to self-quarantine and have never been tested or counted in those totals.
  7. Yeah, already cancelled our 4/24 flights too. What a bummer. But your thread has made me laugh. Obviously those itinerary change notices are sent out automatically. Just seems a bit cruel to send them out from a cruiser's standpoint.
  8. I really, really question where they get their numbers from. I know they are WAY, WAY under-reporting in Southern California. I know someone who most likely has it but according to the online nurse, because he's healthy and young, he just has to stay home for 14 days. No testing (which I can understand since there are a limited number of them) and no reporting at all. Just seems irresponsible when we're trying to keep track of the accurate numbers.
  9. The ships have to go somewhere and if you can make $XXX,XXX doing Caribbean itineraries vs. $0 sitting waiting for the AK season to open up, it makes sense they'd send them to the Caribbean, the West Coast or the East Coast.
  10. Thanks for answering my questions! Appreciate it.
  11. Is RCI stock combinable with most RCI fares now? When I had it about 5 yrs. ago, it seemed it wasn't combinable with anything so I sold it. Looking to buy it again now. What about Celebrity? Is it usually combinable with their fares? I read that if you chose perks, the shareholder OBC isn't combinable. Is that true? Thanks for the help!
  12. YMMV but we didn't like the Harmony of the Seas. We like the smaller M-Class Celebrity ships so that's probably why. It just wasn't our cup of tea. The amount of kids on HOTS was so overwhelming. It was basically like a floating theme park. The HOTS buffet was probably the worst we've ever seen in 50 cruises. I'm sure it appeals to some but for us it was too big and too impersonal.
  13. Celebrity's lack of communication has been really disappointing.
  14. There's a sign posted by the taxi queue about the bag charges. We were definitely charged the time before last that we were in FLL.
  15. Uber and Lyft are so easy to take from Terminal 2. You walk out the main doors and there's the pick up spot! It's perfect. The best part is that Lyft often has new customer coupons. We did walk off and our Lyft got us to FLL by 8:30 and it only cost $13 including the tip! Taxis are horrible in FLL IMO. They add on charges per bag and love to try to gouge you. With Lyft, you know exactly how much it's gonna cost you.
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