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  1. They do have Sprite Zero. It's the only thing I drink, having cut out caffeine a couple years ago. It comes in the can and you can trade your Elite bar set-up for them.
  2. Totally agree, greenie. Sometimes they're good but when you have a cabin you're completely satisfied with, why change?
  3. Just FYI in case anyone is wondering what current offers are out there - we were offered an upsell from a Club Class Mini-Suite to a full suite for $1598. We didn't take it because we weren't willing to give up our primo massive balcony (M-107) for a regular suite balcony. Breakfast in Sabatini's is no enticement for us either but I'm sure there will be some that it will appeal to in other categories.
  4. Your comparison sounds very similar to our experience with Azamara. Really top-notch food and service. We've been considering booking Oceania's Tahiti itinerary so I was really happy to see your comparison. Thanks for taking the time to do it!
  5. I noticed a big improvement over our May cruise on the Royal. I signed into Medallion Net on my phone and computer very easily and often times, it worked faster on my phone. I didn't try ordering anything from it though and I understand that's where a lot of people are experiencing problems. Maybe it'll get better with time as they work out the problems.
  6. I've gotten mine wet while washing my hands and haven't had a problem but I don't know about submerging it in the pool. I'm guessing it'd be okay or they'd warn you about it. IME, they have tapped or waved over my Medallion when delivering stuff.
  7. Wow! That is really early for a free upgrade! Congrats!
  8. Count yourself lucky if you get that notice. It's pretty inconsistent but maybe they are improving.
  9. They rarely ever tell you or the TA when the transfer has been made. Once in a blue moon, the TA will get the booking sent to them but usually, you have to call in to find out. Try after 3 days.
  10. I just saved $46.20 total on a shore excursion I had booked thru Celebrity. Definitely on sale today. It was $40 higher than what I paid last week and now it's down quite a bit. Definitely worth looking today.
  11. Also, when we were in Croatia and Montenegro last year, they said the heavy winds usually start the week after we were there, so by the first week in October. I guess they are really pretty regular. That can bar you from docking at a few locations in the Adriatic area. We missed Split due to the wind and the worst of it wasn't even hitting that area yet.
  12. It's based on availability. When we were in a JS on the HOTS, we waited until toward the end of the cruise and were able to get in on the nights we wanted at the times we wanted without a problem.
  13. Venice often deals with Acqua Alta at that time of year - high water that can flood the city. It was really, really bad last year. We missed it by about 10 days. The wind can also be a big issue in October. Those are the two main concerns. When we were in the Med. during the first week of October, that's what we had a problem with - high wind and big waves. It's just that time of year. Who knows though? You could have warm days with flat seas.
  14. Our tour price went UP $20 per person.
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