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  1. Thanks for correcting me on the size. My error. I should've said the Solstice feels a lot bigger and more crowded IME. And the nightlife is much more happening at night compared to the cruises I've done on the Ruby. Celebrity does the Silent Disco too and that is hilarious. The officers mingle and interact with the passengers way, way more than they do on Princess. The perks are not as good for repeat passengers with Celebrity though and yes, there is definitely more of a "class system" on their ships. You really just need to think about what's important to you and where you'll fit in best. I've enjoyed my cruises on both ships but always feel more at home with Princess.
  2. I've been on both ships. I love the Ruby but if you're looking for a trendy ship with a lot of nightlife, go with the Solstice. Although the Ruby is pretty and intimate, the Solstice is impressive and awe-inspiring. It carries more people though and doesn't go to Glacier Bay and that is the BIG attraction in Alaska. If this is your first time to AK, go to Glacier Bay.
  3. Oh! I forgot about the passenger photos. I love looking at those (including my friends' pic)! I walk all the passenger deck halls and look at them - good way to get exercise without the promenade!
  4. I love the Royal! The buffet is awesome, the forward corner mini-suites are massive with 2 rooms in them and the staff has been great. What's not to love?!
  5. We always fly First domestically and book through EZ Air. For international flights, we've found the prices to be better for our particular So. Cal. departures if we book through the airline with our Chase British Airways Visa. You get 10% off your total flight price. For example, your flight for 2 is $8500, you get an automatic $850 discount using the promo code CHASE10. With that discount, the price is lower than anything I've found on EZ Air or anywhere else.
  6. You will LOVE the British Isles! I've done it twice (once in May) and it's my favorite out of all our cruises. Make sure you do as many private tours as possible as that really makes ALL the difference! Enjoy and maybe we'll meet up again sometime.
  7. That's where we tendered in 2010 when we were anchored in Sorrento. Such a pretty port area and so picturesque. Looks like you had more weather than we did in Capri where it cleared up as we arrived about 10:15ish. You're lucky you weren't on that ferry ride there. It was a barf-boat! I have never ever seen so many seasick people in my life. The guy behind us, the lady next to me (throwing up ON me) - EVERY row of 4 people had between 1-4 people tossing their cookies on that 50 min. ferry ride. The barf bags were handed out like candy. It was definitely something I will never forget. People warned us it could be rough but I thought, "Rough? How rough could it possibly be? We've been on 48 cruises and numerous small boats in rough water." Wow is all I can say! I'm glad we got to see Capri, but I think you definitely had a less harrowing trip! Fantastic shots and a great review, Kitty! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Really a great job on the review, Kitty! Thanks so much for the names of so many of the sites we saw because we've forgotten! It's helping me with my photo book!
  9. Hope Kitty doesn't mind but I'll answer because I asked Val that same question! My guess was right - seat pads! They still do a lot of concerts in this venue and sitting on marble for hours can be rather uncomfortable. 😎
  10. I agree about the bus - what a chaotic mess! So glad we opted for a taxi on the way back. It was bliss - cool, quiet and fast! I definitely won't do a bus like that again. So impressed you guys did the walk to Oia!
  11. Just booked one for 2 years and 3 months from now and next month, I'll be booking another cruise that will be 2 yrs. in advance. TG for refundable fares in case things change.
  12. Yes, I'd do it! In fact, I have and I will be doing the same ship twice in one year on different itineraries. It's all about the itineraries for me; I don't care what ship is doing them.
  13. What about New Orleans and Galveston for fall, 2021? Which ships look like they'll be heading there?
  14. If it makes you feel any better, our late April 2021 cruises have had all suites sold out for months now. TG we booked as soon as we did or we'd be out of luck. In fact, the entire ship on both cruises is almost sold out. Actually, I'm afraid what happened to you will happen to us too and we aren't able to be very flexible with dates. From what I've heard, the compensation is pretty bad (like $100 OBC). I hope I'm wrong about that. Anyone know?
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