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  1. If you're at the Diamond Level with RCI, then you're at the Elite Level with Celebrity. They won't allow anything higher unfortunately.
  2. I checked last month 3 days before sailing and it wasn't there for us but it was once onboard.
  3. That is very true. AK attracts more newbies than most other itineraries for some reason.
  4. It was called that for years. Just 4 months ago, it was still called the Concierge Lounge when we were in it. Guess you can't teach an old dog a new trick. Let me correct it to "Suite Lounge".
  5. I was just on the Sky Princess and it had no library. I've learned that the libraries rarely have what I want to read anyway. Ripped through 5 books on my 1-week cruise and got a good half way into the 6th. That's the only reason I like the e-readers! I can 'carry' a ton of books with me all the time in a small space.
  6. Can I add to your post? Which ships don't have a Concierge Lounge?
  7. There isn't norovirus "in the Caribbean". It doesn't just linger out there on all the islands or in the air. It's usually in a resort or a ship. That said, it can happen just about anywhere at anytime. In 50 cruises, we've never experienced it. Definitely bring cold medication with you. The prices in the medical center are outrageous for cold meds. I'm amazed that everyone doesn't travel with it but I saw many people buying it in the med. center last month. I seriously doubt they'd stop her from cruising unless she's coughing, sneezing and/or blowing her nose or has an obvious temperature (looks flushed, etc.). As far as I know, Princess isn't taking people's temperatures yet with that non-touch scanner.
  8. Only Princess guests can use the transfer. I agree with Mike. Great transfer. Bus driver offered a narrative along the drive and even made a photo stop. We saw so many eagles, it was incredible. This is one place the cruise line transfers are a good thing.
  9. Totally agree! They are really ridiculous! Princess only charges $59 for a week. Celebrity's pricing is out of this world!
  10. While you're in Rome, you should definitely do a RollingRome Tour! Rolling Rome Golf Cart Tour It was by far the BEST tour we have ever done in all of Italy! We had a golf cart all to ourselves (had planned to share with another couple from our roll call but they cancelled the whole trip at the last minute) and our very knowledgeable guide tailored the 3 hr. tour to OUR desires. We told her we had been in Rome before and what we had seen and she totally altered the tour to fit us. We squeezed down narrow alleys that cars can't get through, we stopped whenever we wanted and walked to some of the lesser known sites. She gave us so much background on what we were seeing that it made it so very interesting. She recommended places to eat and the best place to walk around at night when the tour was over. It was just fabulous from start to finish!
  11. Your TA should call, not email, if you're interested. They go quickly IF the price is right (and sometimes it isn't). It can take 24 hrs. to get a call back.
  12. One thing I'd recommend though - bring your printed out boarding pass. Couldn't believe it, but they actually wanted to see that before going through the security scanners in FLL despite having our Medallions visible and ready to use. I was lucky I printed them out. Once past that point, they used the Medallions. I didn't experience this at other ports at all.
  13. And always good to add to your booking at time of deposit. If the gratuities charge goes up before the cruise, you're covered at the lower cost. I always add them when I book a cruise because I usually book 18-22 months in advance and know the gratuities charge will go up by the time I sail.
  14. Our sons had their GCs applied at the Purser's Desk in a matter of 10 seconds.
  15. Ugh. Wish they wouldn't go bigger but I guess it's all about the bottom line. More passengers at once=more money.
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