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  1. Only 12 days this time!! Got 2 refunds today- Carnival cruises for Aug & Sept. that were cancelled June 22 & I asked for refund online same day. Whats wrong with Princess???
  2. Saw, in the Royal Caribbean blog, that the Odyssey had 2 fires recently, while under construction-one in May & one in June.
  3. Thanks! what dates & ships for Miami, Port Canaveral, & Tampa
  4. what months were the elites offered? we get it on Thurs. any offer details would be appreciated.
  5. Still waiting for our Princess refund for cruise June 27, canceled April 20. Taking the longest! Our Royal refunds have only taken 11-20 days, & our Carnivals 30-45 days. We go on quite a few with the casino deals. Only had one Princess for now thank goodness.
  6. You should just wait till they cancel, & get your total refund back. But I bet they will try to keep Christmas & New Years sailings, as those are the most expensive & profitable ones of the year for them. We have 3 in Nov & 3 in Dec, inc. a New Years Eve Symphony, which was a holiday free balcony offer for us! Never had one free during a holiday before. But saw there are so many empty cabins on it-many probably canceled already, esp those that have to fly from outside the USA.
  7. what is a HOT STREAK offer?? never heard of it.
  8. So the elites can start booking on June 30? We also got the offer starting on July 2 balcony & $300 FP. If they start on June 30, cabins may be gone by July 2!! Many noncasino regular cruisers are moving their cancelled cruises to future dates with that $600 onboard credit, so there may be not many cabins open for us elites. Just curious what months these elites will be in. Probably wont be on our ultra & premier sailings.
  9. We also had June 27 (caribbean princess-a casino deal). Still waiting for our refund -asked for it Ap20=right after it was canceled!!
  10. We have 2 more Royals in August-we just go for the refund of the taxes & insurance. Already had 4 cancelled-but only 10-20 days to get the refund. Our Carnival cancelled ones took longer 30-45 days. But the worst is Princess-still waiting for(only 1 thank goodness)
  11. They had said the refunds would be processed in the order of the cruise date. Our cruise date was June 27, but even though it was canceled in early April, & I asked for the refund then-probably will be waiting a long time.
  12. By the way, our refunds to our Visa hasnt been bad. Royal has been 11-21 days, Carnival is longer 30-45 days. But longest & still waiting is Princess (they said they go in order of cruise date, not when you asked for the refund. I asked early Apr, for the cancelled June 27. (We go on a lot as my husband gets casino deals & we live in S. FL.). Saving so much just by being home LOL.
  13. I've heard that many are now getting invites to pay for an upgraded cabin for sailings in August. Dont think Carnival would do that deliberately if they knew they wouldnt be sailing. Our cruises in Aug & Sep are still showing, but our Hawaii Miracle from San Diego in Oct isnt .
  14. Someone just reposted that CEO video. It is actually from May'20.
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