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  1. At last check, all theater shows were 7pm & 9pm.
  2. If the ship is due to arrive at 7am, you could be off the ship as early as 8am or 8:30am if you do self assist walk off with your luggage. There is NO place to store your luggage, the last folks are usually off the ship by 10am or 10:30am, and it takes roughly 45mins - 1 hour to get to LGA from midtown NYC depending on traffic of course.
  3. I'd swear the bottled water they give you is poured from the taps on the ship and bottled on board... it's actually embarrassing for them I feel.
  4. I was on the Jade prior to the TA voyage, got towel animals every night. Some pretty creative ones too!
  5. I was on the cruise after the Bon Jovi charter; yes it did feel as if there were 700 children on board. This was mentioned by a few crew members on the ship as far as the total kid count went. By the end of the trip the kids were getting a little stir crazy and slightly raucous, but nothing too out of hand. The ship felt busy throughout the voyage.
  6. There is also a Dinner Reservation location to the far left of Guest Services; this is usually manned 8am - 5pm I think, and here you can make reservations for any of the restaurants on board.
  7. Off the Jade last week; towel anaimal every night without asking for it. Very nice, and some very creative ones too! Thanks Rendra!
  8. If the Mother/Daughter happen to read this who did the $50 Dolphin encounter Thursday, the photo's I shot came out pretty good! Please reach out to me I still have not received your email. I feel bad as their was another family doing the full dolphin encounter and I have a few beautiful shots of their young daughter's one on one with the dolphin, I was going to reach out to them afterwards to let them know I had these photo's but I lost track of them and missed them after the encounter and could not offer to send them the pictures... bummed. Safe travels all!
  9. Was on this trip with you, and have pretty much the same thoughts. We felt the Ass't cruise director Fabi was doing a better job than the cruise director. When you have the Newlywed show, and the contestant gives an answer and the cruise director consistently said "I don't know what to say to that" tells me they are not ready for their job. Most seasoned cruise directors have humorous quips or responses that keep the show moving. We felt the nightly music was ok, particularly Dave the guitarist. The theater shows were enjoyable. Was not impressed at all with the Shore Excursion team. I had to cancel a tour because I was not feeling well, and their response was, "you sure you don't want to wait till the day of the tour to cancel?" Thanks for putting my health over profits. I told them, "how 'bout we cancel now, and if I am feeling better I will rebook" He shot me a dirty look and cancelled my tour. Same with photo department; I selected 6 photos; without saying a word to me or asking me any questions he just comes out and says, "you know you would be better off with the 10 photo package" I asked him "why would you think that? I told him I was perfectly fine with the 6 and saved myself $60 from their 10 photo package that I didn't want anyway. All about the Benjamin's with NCL... But getting back on track, nice steady trip, no WOW factor's any more on NCL trips. Crew were great (except for the salesman), food ok, ship in good shape. Enjoyable trip... (Sorry about the rant) Safe travels everyone!
  10. I've been on the Gem about 4 times, inside room every time, worked out just fine. I would say (not that you asked) avoid the front of the ship, probably the worst room we had ever been assigned, but other than that, and inside room inspires you to get out and explore the ship!
  11. The NCL towels will be in your room on the first day when you arrive; after use at the pool or excursion, you can exchange them at a towel station near the pool on the ship. These towels are for use at the pool, hot tub, excursion, wherever you prefer and again they can always be exchanged for fresh towels. I am not sure the room steward would exchange them for you, I would check with them. As for the airport shuttle post cruise, we did use the NCL shuttle and it worked out fine. We had a small bus, and we did wait maybe 10 mins for the bus to fill up, but it wasn't long. I figure more than half the ship is looking to get to the airport. The NCL shuttle worked out fine for us. There are also plenty of private shuttle options available curbside, as well as plenty of taxi's. As previously stated, it is a short trip to the airport. Enjoy.
  12. I have been successful in changing my Sail Away assigned room to within the same category on 2 occasions, one other time I tried, I was unsuccessful. I book Guarantee rooms all the time (15+ cruises) and am generally happy with the assignments. It doesn't hurt to reach out to whomever you booked the cruise with, and maybe they can assist. Doesn't hurt or cost you anything to ask.
  13. Ok 138; since there were so few responses I figured I would offer my 2 cents from a few years back. Thx.
  14. Did this about 2-3 years ago, somewhat convenient. Go to terminal first to drop off the bags, then swing around to the multi-level parking garage. It's a one block walk from garage to terminal; easy when you return. It worked out ok from my experience.
  15. "For environmental reasons" yet for the soda package they are no longer offering the reusable thermal cups, instead using the (smaller) plastic cups each time you order a drink, which I am sure are more environmentally friendly than reusable cups. "sure" I am scheduled on an NCL cruise in the coming months, and suspect this may be my last; the whole industry in changing in a direction I am not fond of.
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