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  1. I've been on the Gem about 4 times, inside room every time, worked out just fine. I would say (not that you asked) avoid the front of the ship, probably the worst room we had ever been assigned, but other than that, and inside room inspires you to get out and explore the ship!
  2. The NCL towels will be in your room on the first day when you arrive; after use at the pool or excursion, you can exchange them at a towel station near the pool on the ship. These towels are for use at the pool, hot tub, excursion, wherever you prefer and again they can always be exchanged for fresh towels. I am not sure the room steward would exchange them for you, I would check with them. As for the airport shuttle post cruise, we did use the NCL shuttle and it worked out fine. We had a small bus, and we did wait maybe 10 mins for the bus to fill up, but it wasn't long. I figure more than half the ship is looking to get to the airport. The NCL shuttle worked out fine for us. There are also plenty of private shuttle options available curbside, as well as plenty of taxi's. As previously stated, it is a short trip to the airport. Enjoy.
  3. I have been successful in changing my Sail Away assigned room to within the same category on 2 occasions, one other time I tried, I was unsuccessful. I book Guarantee rooms all the time (15+ cruises) and am generally happy with the assignments. It doesn't hurt to reach out to whomever you booked the cruise with, and maybe they can assist. Doesn't hurt or cost you anything to ask.
  4. Ok 138; since there were so few responses I figured I would offer my 2 cents from a few years back. Thx.
  5. Did this about 2-3 years ago, somewhat convenient. Go to terminal first to drop off the bags, then swing around to the multi-level parking garage. It's a one block walk from garage to terminal; easy when you return. It worked out ok from my experience.
  6. "For environmental reasons" yet for the soda package they are no longer offering the reusable thermal cups, instead using the (smaller) plastic cups each time you order a drink, which I am sure are more environmentally friendly than reusable cups. "sure" I am scheduled on an NCL cruise in the coming months, and suspect this may be my last; the whole industry in changing in a direction I am not fond of.
  7. I got up and left from Rock of Ages not because of all the things they warn you about, but because it was loud, obnoxious, and I've seen High School drama clubs with better shows and talent than what I saw on this ship.
  8. I stayed in a similar room/location on the Gem (the two ships are similar), good enough location, you will be fine. As for bidding, about 60 - 80 days before your trip you will be notified when the bidding process opens. You do not get to select the room, but I do believe you are not obligated to take the room. (I've never had one of my bids accepted, I always bid the lowest). I am the type, as long as you are on the ship, you are good; in 20 years of mostly booking Guarantee rooms, there was only once I was less than thrilled. Good luck!
  9. Most likely yes. As many of us know, they usually have the Sail Away parties, poolside, but given the weather and temperatures in February when you are sailing, most likely the sail away party will be held in the Spinnaker Lounge just after the Muster drills.
  10. Tumblew467, one never knows, it's all dependent on weather/sea conditions; also if they need to practice emergency drills, which lifeboats need to be run through the paces... it varies visit to visit, nothing consistent.
  11. My experience was that it did not show up till we disembarked, maybe a day later... but it was very soon after the voyage.
  12. Address: 711 12th Avenue NYC It is easiest if coming from the east side to go down 55th street to 12th Avenue, make a left, and the entrance to the pier parking and drop off is right there.
  13. I think an 11am flight would be cutting it close. Between traffic and Newark TSA, I wouldn't take the chance. My opinion would be to say no flight before 1pm to be on the safe side.
  14. The Manhattan Cruise Terminal is set up very similar to that of an airport; If you are capable, it is easiest to park your vehicle first, then take the elevator down to the 2nd level where the porters will be to collect your luggage, then simply walk in the pier to go through security and check in. The reason I say to park first is if you dropped your luggage and passengers off first, you would then need to circle around and re-enter to go to the parking area. Not the end of the world, but as I mentioned if you are able enough and can roll your luggage from the parking to the porters, it would shave off about 10-15 mins of the process.
  15. At the Manhattan cruise terminal; all self parking.
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