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  1. Wait, I thought the discount for Voom for Prime members is 30 percent off. Which usually ends up as the same price as the sale price on the cruise planner.
  2. Wow a bunch of Grand Suites, what level are you in the Casino?
  3. Everything's a mystery to me now. Guess I'll give up trying to crack the Club Royale "free cruise " code.
  4. Ok that's extremely wierd. That shows you're playing level is similar to mine. Do you have any current (non casino related) cruises booked with Royal on your own in the next year?
  5. Go to www.clubroyaleoffers.com type in your last name and crown & anchor number and see if anything comes up. Also did you reach Prime over the course of just 1 or 2 cruises or did you reach it because you go on tons of cruises per year anyways and play just a few hundred per cruise which added up. That does seem to make a difference.
  6. Just checked my clubroyaleoffers and theres two new offers listed. First there's a June Summer Sizzle which I assume is the one listed above. Then there's also a 2019 Club Royale Mediterranean Group, my offer was for a free inside. Havnt seen the list of eligible sailings yet but I'm assuming its all Mediterranean cruises.
  7. This is actually good information to know if it's true that's how they decide who gets what offers. Currently I have 3 comp'ed cruises booked between September of 2019 through March of 2020 without any additional free vacation times to book anymore cruises. So based on this theory, I should play very little on my next two cruises since I don't need to earn any free cruises in the next 9 months and then go all out playing big on my final comp'ed cruise next March so I will start earning more comp'ed cruises after next March when my vacation days reset. At least I hope I have the strategy figured out 👌
  8. Yea seems like your average wager per cruise gets calculated into it as well. There's also two people on here whom both stated that they're signature but also not getting free cruise offers outside of the annual free cruise (which sounds pretty unbelievable). Both also reported that they book 8-10 cruises with Royal on their own each year. I'm really starting to wonder if Royal sees you as a customer who'se likely to pay to go on their ships anyways. They would just stop sending you free cruise offers. On the other hand I cruise 2 to 3 times a year and been cruising exclusively with Royal the last 2 years only because they kept sending us comped cruises. Otherwise we'd probably try different cruiselines. In fact we canceled a Disney cruise and a Carnival Vista cruise which we wanted to try because we got unexpected comp'ed offers from Royal. Maybe they do this to also keep gamblers who aren't necessarily loyal to Royal from going to other cruiselines.
  9. Are you Prime? If so how much did you play after reaching Prime? And over how many sailings did it take you to reach Prime? I'm trying to figure out how Club Royale decides who gets what.
  10. Got another offer today show up in my snail mail, various sailings from 4 to 12 days (inside stateroom for 2) plus NFL game tickets for 2 after the cruise at the city where the sailing leaves from. The three that caught my eye were Sept 6th Ovation Alaska, Nov 24th Liberty (Thanksgiving sailing), and Anthem 12 day sailing on Dec 8th. Too bad I'm already fully booked for next year and out of vacation days. Looks like another one wasted 😕
  11. Don't matter, cruiselines are already changing their itineraries beginning with today's sailings.
  12. Not sure why Royal is delaying informing passengers beyond June 5th and 6th sailings, its stated pretty clearly by the Trump Administration. Unless Royal has some lobbying power up its sleaves 🤔
  13. I believe this is for Asian Cruises, I saw this last year when researching Asian cruises and how casino royale programs works there. What I don't know is if they're still getting only 1 point per $5 wagered on slots or are their formulas calculating points completely different.
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