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  1. I'm an experienced cruiser but this is my first NCL. I leave on Dawn in 8 days and am taking a crash course on new cruise line. My questions are: 1. Does Dawn have a library? Not fussy over quantity just hoping to pick up a few random fictions books. 2. Are there any apps I need to down load beforehand to see the daily activity sheet on my phone. Thank you!
  2. On Princess the galley tour usually takes place after the cooking demonstration in the theater. They funnel you though the galley and you exit into the $10 sale area set up in the dining room. I wouldn't really call it a tour - just a quick walk through. However, the backstage theater tour on Princess occurs after the Q&A and is truly a free informative tour with no sales pitch. I haven't been on Royals tours yet but just hit diamond so will go for free next time 🙂 I assume it will be similar or better to Princess but I was content to wait for it since I had done similar in the past.
  3. Received the email in picture at 11:03 today from the address News@email.celebritycruises.com Got so excited to see Equinox sailing from Bayonne only to click the link to find the ship is really Summit (which I've sailed several times and love). Pretty sure it was just a typo on the email. (Million dollar company can't employee enough competent help to proof read. Pet peeve not that I'm a great typist myself.) Or do you think there is a possibility of some dancing of the ships since both Summit and Equinox are scheduled for dry dock in the Spring?
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