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  1. Have used agents for 20 years. This is the first issue I've had. I'll continue to use agents.
  2. Ah an update. When I booked, part of my "deposit" was charged to my card direct by CCL. A portion was charged by the agency. The total of both showed as being paid in my CCL booking confirmation. Now, CCL says I owe a balance that equal the amount charged by the agency. So it appears the now defunct agency has somehow taken the portion paid through them back. Next step - file a dispute of the amount with my credit card company.
  3. CCL took the reservation. All good for the moment. Yet to be seen if the sailing actually happens.
  4. I Did the same with our Breeze booking for Sept. 5. It still shows as booked on the CCL site. But searching for the cruise as if looking to book and it doesn't show up. Wondering if maybe CCL has closed booking in order to reduce capacity ?
  5. Update - I called CCL. Explained my situation to the rep. She put me on hold for a while and then returned to tell me that one of the numbers they had on file for the agency answered and said to leave a message. It was a number I didn't have. Since they had a "live" number they couldn't take the reservation from the agent. I pointed out final payment date was today. She then said she would get a manager to approve extending my final payment date for 30 days to give me time to try to reach the agent. She put me back hold again - for a long time. Finally came back and said she did some checking and found they did have record of the closing of the agency. So she took my final payment and all is well. Now, we'll see if there is actually a cruise on Sept. 5 😃
  6. I think the firm closed up shop. No answer of calls. Website is now defunct. Emails result in a "delivery incomplete" message. I think they folded. Calling CCL today to get it swapped to direct with them.
  7. The booking does show up in my CCL profile, so yes, I believe the agent is legit.
  8. Booked a cruise on the Breeze with a cruise agent back in the fall. Final payment date is Sunday and the agent isn't answering email or calls. Will Carnival let me drop the agent from the booking?
  9. Took less than 30 days for mine. Considering what all of the cruise lines are enduring right now, I don't think that was too bad.
  10. Our My 9 cruise out of Venice was cancelled. I applied for a refund on 3/31. The credit hit our card on Friday (4/24).
  11. Booked for Labor Day week on the Breeze. I'll wait to see how things go this summer before making a decision.
  12. I filled out the online form for a refund once our May 9 cruise fell under the new extension of no sailing. I didn't receive any type of confirmation email of applying for the refund.
  13. Businesses do not pay taxes - period. Any tax they pay is passed on to their customers via the price of their product.
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