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  1. I haven’t cruised in years and we are the Connie sept 22 for med. this is the first in hearing of this move up system. Is it a separate website?
  2. Hi, we are spending two days in Rome after our ship docks in October. We are staying at the pictured hotel. Can anyone who has knowledge of Rome give me some insight on how easy it’ll be to get from port to this hotel and this hotel to the airport? It seems to be located close to everything but it’s so hard to gauge! Tia!! We will want to do varican one day and colisseum next with a night walking tour. Seem doable?
  3. Pouring hot coffee over ice makes watery, luke warm coffee. I’m not a snob, but I do like it strong and cold.
  4. I drink 3 iced coffees a day. Ok, maybe 4...we are on a 9 day Mediterranean on Connie in sept. How easy will it be for me to make my own iced coffee or do I need to do the el Bacio route? Any tricks from fellow iced coffee addicts? Last time I cruised, I wasn’t a coffee drinker at all!
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