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  1. ReggaeTours driver was great. He showed up on time, the car was clean. The only downside, I'd say was that they really aren't used to doing "tours." So they didn't have a lot of great recommendations on what to see (or maybe there just isn't much in Montego Bay)
  2. Awesome, this is what I had hoped to hear. I had seen the earlier post about dining times be back "as scheduled." But wondered if that were more optimistic Carnival speak than reality. Good to hear its going well. Can't wait to get aboard in a few days. Merry Christmas!
  3. I'm on this ship on Dec. 29. Anyone heard any updates on how this is impacting meals (dinner)? Just curious. We are are looking forward to the trip either way.
  4. Thank you, yes I did look on those reviews. Overall, they seemed pretty good to me. Only 6 bad reviews, and honestly most of those seemed like issues for the customer. I've booked them, i'll let everyone know how it goes in January.
  5. I'm in the same situation. I've booked in other places outside of cruises with never a problem. I just don't see any excursions that appeal to me (and a 4 year old) through the cruise line. I'm going to roll the dice I guess.
  6. I'm about to book a dr, iver and custom tour with this company. I've seen a lot of positive on TA, but most is just for airport transfers. Would feel much better if any cruisers had any positive tours with them?
  7. Heading to Montego Bay on Jan. 3 after Turtle/Stingrays in Grand Cayman and a beach day in Cozumel the next day. Traveling with a 4 year old and my wife. We are having a hard time finding a tour that fits what we're looking for. It's our first time visiting Jamaica. It may be trying to squeeze too much into a day, but we'd like to spend a little time on some Jamaica culture, maybe music/food (jerk chicken), a little time in nature (waterfalls/rivers), and maybe a little time at a beach, with some quick souvenir shopping being a last priority. Does anyone have any good recommendat
  8. Heading to Havana next week, and the week after with two overnights on MSC. I saw someone mention that Havana has many shows. I'm travelling with a 3 year old (which unfortunately means the Tropicana is out). Any recommendations for other shows/music/etc. in the evening that is toddler accepting.
  9. Well Dang. I'm not completely opposed to hanging around the port, just haven't read great things. I saw where you said the seaweed problem is immediately noticeable when you get off the ship. Do the AI's typically fill up prior to the morning of? I would just hate to wait, see a clean day and then Maya Chan or others be booked up.
  10. Thanks, I was afraid of that since I couldn't find one. Any PAYG with a large pool that is other than the port? Was hoping there was something similar to Mr. Sanchos in Cozumel that I did several years ago.
  11. Heading out on a cruise in early June that includes Cozumel, Costa Maya and Roatan. Have Roatan planned. Read the dolphin encounter in Costa Maya wasn't that great, and saw high recommendations for one in Cozumel. But I'm having a bit of trouble making a solid plan for Costa Maya. I'm thinking an all inclusive would provide a nice beach break day, but I've also read the sea weed can sometimes be an issue. So I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation on a nice all inclusive (and kid friendly) that includes a decent pool for the toddler (in case the sea weed is jus
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