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  1. The reports from the ship yard is, stripping them both before they go to scrap yard to get cut up.
  2. The way it’s going they will bankrupt before they ever sail again. So sad. 😞
  3. Not only NO! Hell NO they can stick that mask up there A**.🤨
  4. I did notice after his day 2 or 3 ask me anything he had said there was 51 people with covid 19 on oasis. This was not info in the public. After he said that one day later all the videos were removed. I bet Rccl said something to him.
  5. I was on Grandeur on 1/29/20 and the deluxe package was $74. A day.
  6. Interesting 🤔 if they post the points for your canceled cruise that would push me past another free cruise in points. Will the certificate be sent out?
  7. They could sanitize a lot of the stuff with medical grade uv light box. It’s only takes 30 sec of light to kill 99.98%
  8. but just for us, we don't get into the hot tubs, pools, steamrooms, etc. anymore, since my spouseconsiders them cesspools for germs & othernastyness. I had to stop reading after this. “your spouse says”? 🙄
  9. Seen someone in Kroger in one of these but in yellow. all I could do was laugh 😂
  10. If you have Directv on ch 387 at 11 pm is a show called “dream cruises”. a few weekends ago was a Royal Caribbean marathon.
  11. I see on the news carnival is offering there ships to be used as floating hospitals. 🤔
  12. Been following a crew member on YouTube. He was doing a 30 day blog of life on the empty ship. When today he was told they are starting to sent the crew home . Starting in 6 days from now. This dose not look good for a April start up. 😔 https://youtu.be/YTHY4IN4-g8
  13. Was on Grandeur Jan 31 and the ultimate package was $74. A day. That was onboard price.
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