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  1. I was told that they would hold the points for a year until I booked a new cruise and they will apply the points to that cruise, so long as it's within the year. I was told they would not put the points back. If someone is told different please let us know. I would love to get my points back - I don't know if a cruise is in my stars in the next year.
  2. I used my points for OBC and when RCI cancelled my cruise last night what will happen to my OBC that I got from my points? I will not be booking any other cruise for a while. Will they apply the OBC dollars back to my credit card or do I just lose my points/OBC? Because my cruise was May 7th nothing was ever applied yet to my cruise. Thanks
  3. You need to put some name on the 3rd and 4th person but you can change the name down the road. I have done this several times.
  4. It is suggested as formal but you will see everything from gowns to shorts. Go and have FUN!!
  5. We too have a grandchild that we are raising - we too are in our middle to late 60's. We started cruising with our grandson when he was 14 months old - it was a 17 day cruise. We got a 2 bedroom suite and there was plenty of room for him to run around the cabin. It was great - we could go back to the cabin and lay him down for a nap in the bedroom and my husband and I would take turns roaming around the ship while he was down. Having a suite also allowed us to have all of our meals in our cabin. He didn't sit very well in the dining room - we tried a few times, just didn't work at that age. He loved being around all the people and sights on the ship and in each of the ports. When we did the second cruise with him he was 26 months old and it was much easier. He was able to go in the toddler pool (if the ship has one) and he sat in Coastal Kitchen much better and we had all our meals there. This cruise was a 10 day and we had a Grand Suite and it gave us plenty of room. I know that people say that he won't remember it but I sure will and aren't my memories important too!!
  6. I have done it a few times and have ALWAYS had a great time.
  7. I have never done a cruise where the first two days of the cruise is the first port. We don't leave the port until the following afternoon. I will be on the Ovation of the Seas next May. My question is - do we check in at normal time, lets say around noon, and then we can get off the ship immediately? If we stay out until the wee hours of the night, can get back on at anytime during the night? I hope someone can clarify this for me. Thanks in advance everyone!!
  8. I picked my seats when I made the reservation. I would go out to the airline you are flying and pick the seats you want. I could change mine on the Delta sight if I wanted to.
  9. I made my very first reservation with air2sea yesterday for my cruise in May. I did my research prior to calling them. Told the agent what flights I ended up with my flights and they are refundable and $125 less than the non-refundable AND payment not due until final cruise payment. This was awesome.
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