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  1. We are looking to explore a new cruise line. The more I read about Viking the more I feel this could be our new cruise home. Here are a few questions: 1) Is there any advantage to purchasing the cruise from a travel agent? 2) What sort of entertainment is available at night? Comedians, music? 3) Are there chairs by the promenade deck? 4) On the premium lines the pool area brought out the worst in people. Is it possible to find chairs that aren't reserved or inherited by the pool? 5) Is fish offered every meal? Thanks for your guidance. I really enjoy the substance of this Board. It has a tone that feels good and is quite positive and helpful. Bob
  2. Next July we are flying from O'hare to Venice. We have two flight options to connect from the domestic terminal to th eoverseas terminal. The shorter connection is 1h 43m. The earlier flight has a 3h 55m connection. Which flight would you choose? Thanks RB
  3. Any hotel recommendations for a hotel near the Jewish Ghetto. Thanks so much! I did hear back from the Museum?
  4. We are on the Nieuw Amsterdam next summer. We arrive on a Monday, board ship on Tuesday and have Wednesday to visit Venice. Ship departs Wednesday at 4:00. I am trying to figure out site seeing in Venice. We would like to see the Jewish Ghetto. Any suggestions for a tour? What day do you suggest we visit the Ghetto? Thanks so much RB
  5. Case solved! The ticket price dropped and we switched our flight to one with a 1:40 minute connection. Thanks for your advise. RB
  6. Correct. I am at the mercy of Princess! Apparently HAL has been willing to help but so far Princess is a no go for the reasons you stated. Thanks All. I just may try again with Princess. Can't hurt.
  7. They will make the changes but at a much higher ticket price! They want to rebook and the current fares is $300 higher.
  8. Which airline are you using? Delta told me they can't change the reservation until the ticket is issued.
  9. My problem is the price is substantially higher now.
  10. I do have a reservation and confirmed seats. However, since this is an EZair ticket which isn't issued until 45 days before the cruise, I have to wait until then. The alternative is to cancel and start over and pay $500+ more.
  11. I spoke to Princess and Delta. We will have to wait until the ticket is issues in the Fall to deal with this. Fortunately there are almost hourly flights so the risk isn't great. Since we are arriving a day early we should be fine. Thanks for your advice! RB
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