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  1. Thanks. I was hoping to hear from people who have arrived late or missed departure. I find that cruise air departments are long on promises but sometimes short on delivering. Normally we leave a day or two before departure but simply can’t on our first Viking Cruise. Peregrina, I, do however, appreciate how helpful and wise your advice is.
  2. We have Viking Plus and trip cancellation insurance from an independent company. There is only one non-stop option from Louisville to Miami. What happens if our flight is cancelled or delayed? Does Viking Air handle rerouting us or does the original airline handle the situation? And what if we have to meet the ship at the next port? Thanks. We are so excited to join the Viking Cruising family!
  3. I would ask leaders of any religious or social groups you are affiliated with. Clergy are periodically asked for help matching roommates for travel.
  4. We came to Viking in a rather serendipitous way. It was one of three options the exact two weeks we had off in the Winter. Despite having gone on over 35 cruises, I did not know that Viking has an Ocean division. I’ve been getting the River cruise brochures for some time. When I read the description online and Cruise Critic comments, I felt like this is too good to be true. On paper it seems perfect for us. We will find out in December! RB
  5. Ok. I am officially jealous. We are newbies to Viking. Our first cruise, Viking Sky, is in December and I can’t wait. I stumbled across Viking by accident. After 35+ cruises on mainstream lines and three on a luxury line, we needed a change. The mainstream lines are making larger and larger ships, often without a promenade deck—a must for my wife. We will know better after our December holiday cruise, but on paper, Viking seems perfect for us. And generally, this Board is much less contentious than many I have read—a good sign. Have a great cruise and report back!!! RB
  6. W have a group of ten who will need a transfer from VCE to the port. Are we better off using the HAL transfer ($35.00) per person or is there a company you would suggest? Thanks so much! RB
  7. Try one of each and get back to us!!
  8. I found your analysis interesting and clear. It is fascinating to learn the impact marketing plays in shaping our views. I did have a nice chuckle about Viking targeting the Rhodes Scholar type. It may be the only time in my life I have that connection! We are taking Our first Viking Ocean Cruise in December. I Look forward to seeing how it matches up with our impressions from the marketing department! RB
  9. This Summer we are on our first HAL cruise. Can we arrange for a set time (such as 6:30) each night for As You Wish Dining? Thanks RB
  10. Are vegetarian items marked as such in the World Cafe? Thanks!
  11. I am an excited Viking Newbie looking to plan additional cruises and trying to understand the lay of the land! From your experience, when are the best prices offered? Is it when the cruise calendar is first announced, during sales, or during a cruise? Thanks! RB
  12. We are flying into Miami the day our cruise departs. Typically, by what time does Viking Air try to have passengers arrive? The ship departs at 5:00PM. Thanks, RB
  13. We are booked for December 2020. The fare includes free air. When do we learn of our flights. If we are not happy with them do we then pay the supplement to chose our flights? There are non-stop flights to Miami. Do they give us options? I’m not sure how this works. Thanks! RB
  14. We just went through the same process this Fall and chose a Viking Ocean cruise. It felt more like us. We have outgrown the mass market cruises which have changed since the mid-90s when wee started cruising. The need for a promenade walking deck is a must for us. From what we have read and learned, Viking looks perfect for us. The Viking Sky will be our 2020 winter vacation. I am excited. It’s even already paid for...of course!
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