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  1. Expect cancellations for the rest of the year and into 2021. Currently, many of us couldn’t board a ship without being quarantined 14 days. Once the flu season in the Fall adds another dimension, we will be in for a roller coaster ride. Even if there is a vaccine produced In record time (anyone taking bets there will be an announcement by hook or crook in the end of October!) billions of doses are needed worldwide. And the efficacy may not be 100%. How many times have you received the flu shot and still gotten the flu?! For mental health reasons(!), we just booked leg first leg of the World Cruise for December 2021. I am hopeful there will be cruising beginning next Summer. RB
  2. Last Wednesday, Viking opened an 18 day Panama Canal Cruise from Fort Lauderdale to LA—ֿPanama Canal and Coastal Holiday. It leaves December 24, 2021. When we saw it has ten days at sea, we jumped on it. The website says it is sold out but on Friday there were a few “Guarantee” cabins left. RB
  3. Do Viking Ocean cruises offer dance classes? Thanks RB Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. The details of the cruise were not discussed so it was not a factor. The physicians simply said “You can not go.” They could not see a way to travel safely on a ship before availability of a vaccine or widespread testing. It’s a bummer. This is our third cruise cancellation in a row after 36 without a single cancellation. I am looking for December 2021.
  5. This will likely be a monthly occurrence until a vaccine or widespread testing is available. We all love crusing so much that we have a cognitive bias of wanting to believe there is some way it will be safe to cruise prior to a vaccine being available. Sadly, the record for developing a vaccine is four years. With this on the fast track and billions of dollars going into research, we hopefully will have one in a year. And then it has to be manufactured. Oh my... I have an independent panel of 6 medical doctors I consult for work related COVID-19 decisions. They independently and unanimously advised us to cancel our December cruise. We and Viking are in survival mode.
  6. Is the two years for using the voucher to schedule a cruise or to travel on a cruise within two years. Can I hypothetically book a cruise with a voucher today for December 2022? Thanks RB
  7. This is precisely the challenge. The solution seems to administer a rapid result COVID-19 test on staff and every passenger before we board. The logistics seem pretty daunting. A company in Israel and one in China have begun testing a vaccine on humans. Here’s hoping.
  8. I’m not concerned at this time. Look where we were 8 months ago and where we are today. A lot can happen over the next 8 months. There may be widespread testing available. A vaccine albeit unlikely may be available this year. The best and brightest throughout the world are working on this. The entire world economy has shut down. Eventually someone somewhere will get this under control. When—no one knows! The bottom line is we are in uncharted territory. It’s like predicting the direction of the stock market. Given the images of cruise ships at sea unable to dock full of sick cruisers and staff and with morgues full, I trust Viking will be very prudent in deciding when to resume cruises. We have plenty of time to see how this develops. Stay tuned!
  9. Small world. I also grew up in University Heights on Channing Road. I went to Northwood Elementary and then Wiley Jr. High. If you like sea days, this should be great. We are scheduled for the 12/20 sailing. We have done 30+ cruises but the trend toward mega ships and the growing absence of promenade decks isn’t for us. We love sea days. We have done all of these ports multiple times. We can’t wait to do transatlantic cruises with Viking once we retire.
  10. Yes. We have been to all of the ports. They are nice to visit. The attraction of this cruise for us are the days at sea and it's the exact days we have off! It is also a chance for us to experience our first Viking Cruise. Did you go to High School in Cleveland. I'm a Heights High Grad.
  11. We have done this cruise on Princess 2 or three times. If you haven’t been through the Panama Canal, it is a thrill and fascinating. There is some great (and disturbing) history to learn. We are taking this cruise late December. It’s our first with Viking.
  12. The challenge at this time is the false negative tests. The testing has to and hopefully will improve. I believe Viking will do the responsible thing. No one wants a repeat of COVID Cruise ship debacle. I am so glad our Viking cruise is in late December. It keeps my spirits up as does reading these posts every day. Remember, a lot can happen. We need a good break! In the meantime, let’s all be safe and prudent and grateful for those blessed Essential Services people who risk their lives each and every day on our behalf. Take care all, we will cruise again! We will get this figured out!
  13. As a former born and raised Cleveland Kid myself, I would be careful with the comparison between the seasonal flu and CORVID-19. The seasonal flu does not reach the level of being a pandemic. CORVID-19 spreads fast and is around 10 times more lethal according to Fauci. My guess is the percent is higher for seniors. I have never seen the CORVID-19 type drain on hospitals made by the seasonal flu. I for one do not want to risk a treatment not working. By the time the treatment is given, the damage may be done. I also can’t recall the flu season being a national emergency. Sadly, I believe we will all have to wait for a vaccine or widespread testing. But even with testing it only shows who has the virus at that moment. What if the virus does not show on tests fo a few days. This is a tragic mess but we will get through it! RB
  14. Without a vaccine or testing, I can’t imagine most cruisers taking the risk. I am in Parent Lockdown and have not been in a store in three weeks. I am not giving up on our December Viking Cruise, but have to temper my enthusiasm with a dose of reality. Since I bought insurance I have no risk. The larger question is how long can Viking and other privately-owned cruise lines hold out—a year? 18 months? The odds are good that by 18 months thee will be a vaccine. To date Viking has played their hand perfectly and ethically. They have risen to the challenge. As the loses mount, we will have to see. I can imagine their taking on a partner or two to ease the pain. We are in uncharted territory. RB
  15. “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Yogi Berra. ”To expect the unexpected, shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” Oscar Wilde None of us know where this is headed or where it will end up. Based on the aftermath of 9-11, the industry will be challenged and changed. Viking has the advantage of a private owner who is a disrupter in the industry with a very loyal, well-heeled clientele. How long will Hagen be willing to hold out? Will he need to take on new investors? Will he even be able to preserve his concept and maintain its level of quality? Stay tuned! This is a life-threatening illness for the vast majority of Viking’s Boomer passengers. The scary reality is a symptom-free individual can be a carrier and innocently infect an entire ship.The game changer will be a vaccination or inexpensive testing. Until that time, my best guess is the industry is on hold...likely and sadly for all of 2020. RB
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