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  1. Interesting article. We are just playing the wait & see how things unfold. Our May cruise was canceled & we have another booked for Nov. I will say this: CCL refunded all our $ for our May cruise. It took several weeks, but it did get done with no hitches other than time. I will sail again when the CDC says it is safe. Like someone else said- there are risks to every thing we do.
  2. Someone called us today as well. I think they are calling the people asking for full refunds & trying to get them to switch to FCCs. We opted for the full refund & I expect it to take 30-90 days to get that refund. What bothers me is that some people seem to be blaming Carnival- this virus is not Carnival's fault, therefore the cancelled cruises are due to the virus, not CCL. They have so many refunds to process, it will take a very long time to get through them & who knows how long this pandemic will last.
  3. Yes the PVPs are very busy trying to get all these cancelled cruises sorted out. We opted for a full refund, but it appears the refunds will be slow in coming in.
  4. Even though Carnival has not officially canceled our cruise. We canceled it, I just do not see it happening. I just wish Carnival would pull the trigger. I do not see how any AK cruises can sail until after July.
  5. There is talk of foregoing the PSVA (?) act for a few AK sailings. But I seriously doubt that we will go to Alaska. Our PVP says that our cruise has no itinerary changes as of yesterday, but she went on to say that we would be notified of any changes by email. With another ship having COVID19, I do not hold out hope for May, 2020
  6. That article is about the Carnival Spirit. It doesn't talk about Miracle which is also going to do Alaska sailings. We are scheduled for a B2B on Miracle beginning May 7th, then on May 11th to AK for a 10 day. We are waiting, but I think we will cancel next week. I doubt they are up & running by May 7th.
  7. We are scheduled to cruise May 11th to Alaska, stopping in Victoria. How will they accomplish this without stopping in Canada. This is a big IF we are back to normal cruising by that time.
  8. We are in the same dilemma. Not sure if those restrictions will be extended past the original dates. No diabetes here, but over 70 & mild health issues.
  9. We are playing the waiting game. Scheduled to cruise May 7th, 2020. Husband is over 70 & has minor COPD . He does not use oxygen, nor an inhaler regularly. So we are hoping this virus is contained by May. But I wish we had info of whether those guidelines would continue after the original 3/16- 3/19 dates.
  10. The post from John Heald says he will answer further questions on Saturday. All of us with cruises after the 16th & before Sept are in a holding pattern. What a mess.
  11. There was another one we stopped at after the Canal, I just can't remember the name. Distance- I do not recall, but enjoyed the stops.
  12. These are unusual circumstances. I know when we were on the Splendor & she lost propulsion power, they allowed us to go from Puerto Rico to Miami. All I am saying is that we hope all goes well on our cruise, but are prepared for unusual circumstances like being denied at a port or being quarantined.
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