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  1. I think I can weigh in here considering we have taken our son on 2 Celebrity cruises in the past. The first cruise: Norwegian Fjords on Eclipse -> our son was 1.5 years old The second cruise: Mediterranean on Reflection -> our son was 3 years old On both cruises, we had second seating and did a few nights of specialty dining. The only dining place we did not take him to was Murano. Not once did we receive any complaint about him. He was always very quiet during dinner (and we had everything with us to keep him that way: iPad, coloring books, noiseless toys, ...). If he had tried to make a scene, one of us would have immediately removed him from the dining room. We did receive a lot of positive comments during both cruises, both from staff and from other passengers. I do agree with some of the statements above. We actually love Celebrity because there are fewer kids on board. The ones we did see on board were generally well behaved. Too bad that he wants different ships now with lots of things to do for him...So that is what we will do... Further, I think the goal of this promo is to spend as little money as possible. Celebrity knows that many families will not sail with them. Having a promo like 'Kids sail free' will not cost them that much money. However they are perceived as giving a nice promo.
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