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  1. Z, having 2 cats, I can identify with your cartoon.
  2. If you are doing Celebrity, definitely do Aqua class, smaller dining room and you can use the relaxation and other special rooms in the spa area. If you like a drink or two, go for the premium bev. pkg special coffees and martini bar are included there. We also are finally able to afford SS, have had 4 cruises booked, 1 canx by his spine surgery, 1 canx crossing last Mar, still don't have a Venetian Society number. Hopefully Lima-FLL in Dec will go!!
  3. "and it burns, burns, burns the ring of fire"
  4. Gorgeous birds, what are they and where from?
  5. Apologies, yes, it's in Dec. Sorry, a "blond" moment brought on by too much time without sea air!!
  6. I was just wondering, our SS business class air for our Silver Moon from Lima to FLL in Nov is in our reservation now. I'm sure schedules for air will change many times between now and then. BUT, right now we are scheduled to land in Lima at 1:48 AM, we have transfers to the ship in Callao. Has anyone had a similar situation in the past. I doubt if they will let us board before noon, what do they do with us in the meantime--sleep in the shuttle?? No hotel has been mentioned. I know there is the possibility that no one will be cruising yet, but I have to think about something.
  7. Poor Rudy, probably had cabin fever and needed to see something new. We went to Walmart at 8am today for an adventure (and kitty litter, bird seed) it's the first time I've been out of our subdivision since Mar 30. Some of the trees in town are budding out, we are at least a week behind. COS probably has leaves and green grass, we haven't been down there since Mar 11. Glad I can download books from our library. No food delivery this far from town so it's what I can come up with. I did a white zitti dish from the Food Network that I threw some frozen fake crab into, should be enough for 3 meals and enough calories to do a mountain climb--if we could do that.😉 Another week down, wonder how many more to come before freedom?
  8. Speaking of wildlife: We've had a cow moose in the river reeds across from our house the past 2 days and when we drove down to see it better, a pretty red fox ran across the road. First time we've seen a moose here in the almost 30 years we've lived here. Of course we usually see deer, 9 paraded across the hill behind the house the other day.
  9. And there is probably a cat who would do it.
  10. I use Tylenol PM, it really helps for me, especially if I take it about an hour before going to bed.
  11. Dear Mysty, what would we do without you, this is one of the very few things I read anymore. Thank you and keep posting our "sunshine" of a very dreary world!
  12. We're you washing your hands as you sang?😁
  13. It looks like you got more snow "down the pass". City above the clouds, but still too cold.
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