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  1. Since the end of the month is 6 days from today, we will see what happens. People just would like some communication from Regent.
  2. I agree that there must be a limit on how long Regent can carry on with the monthly cycle of final payment deferral, waitlist, cancellation, refund. Our September cruise is our first booked with Regent and it is becoming more and more frustrating for us to play this wait and see game. The lack of communication with Regent has left much to be desired. Final payment is due in a few weeks and we are hearing nothing from Regent. Hopefully, they are reading these posts because each day that passes they are creating more negative customer relations issues.
  3. Do you think the September 22, 2021 Splendor Cruise from Southampton to Barcelona will be offered with a new itinerary or will it sail with the original itinerary?
  4. Pcardad: We appreciate all of your CC postings! We are booked on the Splendor, September 22, 2021. What do you think our chances are of sailing?
  5. My husband and I paid a total of $350.00 in Air Deviation Fees for Regent flights for our September cruise. If Regent cancels this cruise, do the Air Deviation Fees get refunded along with your deposit?
  6. I am looking at Travelex's Travel Select Plan, but the Emergency Medical is $50,000 and the Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation is $500,000. Does Travelex allow customers to upgrade the Emergency Medical to $100,000 and upgrade the Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation to $1,000,000 for a fee? Do any other companies allow you to do that?
  7. We are in the process of planning our 2 port days in St. Petersburg and have read much information online about SPB & Alla private tours there. We would like to tour with 8 people in St. Petersburg. From your experience, is one company better than the other? If so, please explain why. We like to hear all the positive and negative as well. Thanks! :):)
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