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  1. According to princess.com Royal Princess arrives at 6:15 AM in Los Angeles and departs at 4 PM on October 3, the same day. I’m sorry but that’s business as usual and in no way enough time to thoroughly clean, sanitize and disinfect the entire ship. Will these cruises take place? I think they will, but Princess is setting themselves up for failure if new procedures are not implemented between cruises.
  2. Huzzah! According to USPS Informed Delivery a check from Bottomline Technologies will arrive today! This is for reimbursement of expenses for the March 1 Regal Princess cruise that had a delayed return to Port Everglades, not a cancelled cruise. That would be 91 days from my submission date.
  3. I believe we will see no anytime dining, and three traditional dining times. 4PM, 6PM and 8PM. In addition, the main dining room, nor the buffet, will be available to everyone every night. For example, a seven night cruise would require dining in the MDR four nights and three at the buffet or a specialty restaurant. This would probably require specialty restaurants to be included in the cruise fare. Availability for the specialty restaurants would be based on Captain's Club level and cabin level. Reservations for your three buffet or specialty restaurant nights would be made online prior to sailing.
  4. Not too surprised! We'll cruise again, but will not be booking until just before the cruise. No need to tie up my money, and have plans changed by the cruise lines.
  5. There are no protections on a debit card in the US, other than those provided by the bank (which are usually quite slim). NEVER use a debit card for a major purchase!
  6. MarkieMark is probably using a "Discovery" card, of course that can only be used at a Tumi store!
  7. It would be very beneficial for Princess to have a webinar for their passengers explaining the refund process and the status of those refunds. I have appreciated receiving emails from Delta outlining their refund progress. The emails are interesting and informative even though Delta refunded me two days after my request, several weeks ago.
  8. Wow! Over 800 comments and over 2300 likes in just two hours on their FB refunds update post.
  9. In the future, when and how will you book your next cruise? As of now, any cruises I take will be booked much, much closer to the actual sail date. For instance, I am researching a thirteen-day Viking Ocean cruise out of London that departs in March 2021. If the ports are expected to be open and I believe it is safe to go I plan to book January 2021, two months before departure. I will book directly with Viking, the airline, and hotels. If the sailing is sold out, I will most likely choose a land-based vacation, not necessarily visiting the same destination.
  10. So if I do a credit card dispute for a cancelled cruise, a TA would NOT have received a commission yet anyway!
  11. Nothing planned, but I'm considering switching from Princess/HAL/Celebrity over to Viking. We love small ships for the feel of actually being at sea. I think Viking might be better at social distancing and such.
  12. HUNKY

    No Frills

    No included perks, such as internet, gratuities, drink packages.
  13. Similar situation. Delayed arrival into Port Everglades on the Regal Princess on March 9 2020. A letter was delivered to all cabins stating that Princess would pay for one night hotel, air change fees, etc. For us a total of $511.72 USD. I submitted via email my reimbursement request on Monday, March 16, 2020 at 11:23PM. I received an automated reply from Princess at 11:40PM. Per the Princess Refund Request Guide, "Standard processing time is approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the date we receive your claim". On April 24, 2020 I sent a fax to the Princess Cruises Customer Relations Department asking about my reimbursement. I have not heard from them as of today. I plan on calling Princess in mid May.
  14. They have not outright stated that they are NOT refunding money. However, they have not refunded very many according to posts here on CC.
  15. Reminds me of the small businesses wanting us to buy their gift cards. Uh no...
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