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  1. we had an SC and friends had SE you have priority boarding, breakfast in private dinning room, butler and concierge to address any needs like reservation . special seating for the shows, priority getting to the head of the line on tours. you can eat in your room butler will serve you. We were also escorted off at disembarking. Was wonderful
  2. I did not receive an email; at 80s I checked in to my NCL web site and there it was "Lets get you an upgrade" Have a nice trip
  3. 2 bedroom sleeps five and has two baths and have a connection room next door which sleeps 3 or 4 and a that would give you three bathrooms
  4. Jewel Feb 2018, two bedroom suite SC As I recall there is one usable outlet in master bath on vanity, we used it with a power bar for multiple electronics. There is one outlet in second bedroom just outside the bathroom. not real convient but doable if you want to curl your hair or charge electronics or shave. I do not recall any outlet in the bathroom. there are several plugs with non USA outlets but we did not have converters so we did not use them Out let is on vanity on picture one and on the wall in picture two wish I paid more attention. try U tube the have good views of the cabins
  5. WELL IN THE DARK OLD DAY Woman on board a ship were thought to be bad luck YOU WANT TO SEE BAD LUCK TRY TO LEAVE YOUR WOMAN HOME
  6. oh the joy of packing l love it I have been packed for 4 months husband charges me $10 every time I open the suit case to rearrange the contents long time ago took so many bags to the airport that a stranger asked me "Lady did younleave anything at home?" I replied "I hope not"
  7. this is probably not much help but give this a try Go to NCL booking page click on Explore Choose the Jewel as your ship do to deck pan tab, click on state rooms Choose State rooms and they are listed by category and color may have to wait a day or two try this as the NCL site will be down tomorrow We are on the Jewel in Aug for Alaska hope you enjoy your trip
  8. Opps I just noticed you were asking about Pounds not CAD the current rate is 1.3047 dollars to the pound U.S. dollar Pound times 1.30 or 1.31 $1.00 $1.30 $5.00 $6.50 $10.00 $13.00 $25.00 $32.50 $50.00 $65.00 $100.00 $130.00 $150.00 $195.00 $200.00 $260.00
  9. current exchange rate USD to CAD is about 1.28 % so 100 cad cost about $128 USD Canadian Dollar U.S. dollar U.S. dollar Canadian Dollar 1 CAD 0.78 USD 1 USD 1.28 CAD 5 CAD 3.90 USD 5 USD 6.41 CAD 10 CAD 7.80 USD 10 USD 12.82 CAD 25 CAD 19.50 USD 25 USD 32.05 CAD 50 CAD 39.01 USD 50 USD 64.09 CAD 100 CAD 78.01 USD 100 USD 128.19 CAD 150 CAD 117.02 USD 150 USD 192.28 CAD 200 CAD 156.02 USD 200 USD 256.38 CAD 250 CAD 195.03 USD 500 CAD 390.05 USD 1000 CAD 780.10 USD
  10. We were on the Star for a 14 day cruise thru the Panama canal in Feb 2018. It was my first time at bidding and I think I bid to much. Went from a BB balcony to s SC 2 bedroom suite for $750 each. reason I think I bid to much is that the bid was accepted in 3 days after the bid. However the suite was wonderful and I would do it again in a heatbeat
  11. not to exciting but a ton of fun and inexpensive is the Mt Roberts Tram. costs about $35 each the tram is right at the pier and you can stay on the mountain as short a time as you wish the tram comes and goes about every 5 or 10 min. We did it and found it to be an adventure but we are not to into things like Zip lining or level three activities. It is perfect time wise especially if you have a short time in port. The price is about the same if you buy it on the ship or at the tram. The view is terrific.
  12. find the thread "what was your up grade and what did you bid" it is a very popular thread lots of helpful advise Listen to Jamie Logical, she knows her stuff
  13. Have you considered a 2 room suite My daughter and I were able to upgrade from balcony to SC and it was very roomy the second bedroom is small with a pull out couch and Pullman bunk and a second bathroom there is also a single bed which is the couch. The balcony was small with two chase loungers there is a living room dining area and the master bedroom and master bath are huge. The suite would be comfortable for the 4 of you but 4 adults might be a rough fit.
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