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  1. For those that are not trivia fans: 1 – What is not allowed on the peaceful island of Hydra, Greece? Cars, motorcycles and bicycles 2 - Who are you most likely to see in Hydra? Celebrities, artists and writers 3 – Thessaloniki is Greece’s third biggest city. True or False? False 4 – Thessaloniki is considered Greece’s ________? Cultural Capital 5 – In what year was the Skinari Lighthouse in Zakynthos, Greece built? 1897 6 – What famous beach is located in Zakynthos? Navagio 7 – The Temple of which Greek God is located in Taranto, Italy? Poseidon 8 – Vicolo dei Bacio in Taranto, Italy is also known as what? Kiss Alley
  2. Feb 2012 - Norwegian Star sailing the western Caribbean. We chose NCL as it had freestyle dining and we were worried about seating with weird strangers.
  3. The only place that I found a bit crowded is the Oceanview Cafe (buffet), it's a tad harder to find seats during peak time when compared to Solstice. The Lawn Club Grill is probably the main draw for me out of all the solstice class ships.
  4. If I had the time, I would take the short hop from YHZ to LHR/LGW, spend some time in UK, then spend some time in HKG, before heading to to AKL. This is obviously before covid and political issues. Surprising prices from the UK to New Zealand is pretty cheap compared to AC.
  5. I agree that YVR is a great airport.... but the Canada Place Cruise Terminal is not (at least pre-COVID). It's always over crowded and pain to get in and out of the terminal.
  6. Not sure why you would file with US-DOT as this flight departs from Canada. The rules usually applies from where you depart from. Maybe look up the CTA instead.
  7. While I'm not a fan of AC, it's the exact same situation with all the airlines in the US and the world in terms of trying to get a refund during the pandemic. The rule is for all the airlines if you bought a non-refundable ticket: - You will get a credit if YOU can cancelled the flight. - you will get a refund if the flight was cancelled. Since AC cancelled your flight, you can indeed request for a refund. Their accounting/billing department have always been slow. Pre-covid, it usually takes about 3-5months for them to process the refund, the tickets just sits there as they are always backlogged. Where as my experience with Delta is like 48hr (pre-covid) as it's all done by one person.
  8. Sorry, "not proud" is not the right word, but yes I do travel in Ontario and the US. I do a lot of site visits located in large cities and tiny ones with populations less than 100, which usually requires an overnight stay.
  9. I live in Toronto, but have worked in Florida, Texas, and Kentucky in the past 3 months and can say the mask participation is much higher in the states than in Toronto. However, the participation goes down the farther you are from the big cities. So while we have lower numbers, I'm never proud to say we're doing a good job.
  10. At this point, it may be a better idea to just build up a travel website and let people use their FCC for other vacations (hotels, flights) and just take a commission to generate revenue.
  11. Edmonton also have a Drive-thru test center now, so you don't have to be a room full of people while waiting.
  12. One of the common symptoms is fever, but it's not required symptom to be classified as Covid-19. Some, especially people with better immune system, can carry and spread the virus without ever showing any symptoms.
  13. Yeah, I tried putting in my online orders at Loblaws and RCSS and the earliest available slot is Tuesday. Since I don't need any essential supplies, I'm just going to do take out for the next week or so until this die now. Probably unhealthy, but I hate being in crowded areas. My friend went to Longos Friday night and it took 90min just to check out. Pizza for breakfast, Pizza for lunch, Pizza for dinner!
  14. They can always rearrange all the schedule and port of calls if they have to make money. i.e. LA/San Diego to Mexico to Alaska and make it a 10-14 day cruise.
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