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  1. I'm interested to learn that there are people who feel so strongly that their school-age children need "supervised check out" day care gratis on very safe ships that they threaten not to cruise HAL anymore, would, if denied such safe and secure facilities for their children at the expense of the passengers, allow said kids to run unsupervised, everywhere, and wild. I see something of a contradiction, but never mind.
  2. Holland America can't compete with the waterslide cruise lines, which is where the bulk of the families with small children go. Given the relative dearth of small children on HAL, and the unlikelihood that the Amsterdam will ever compete with the Behemoth of the Seas for the family with small kids dollar, I think HAL is wise to keep assessing where a limited number of dollars and crew members can best be allocated for the benefit of the greatest number of passengers. I take it as a given that the HAL programs, when offered, are great and are very much enjoyed by all.
  3. I could do without the very heavy duvet placed on the beds. They wouldn't put it there unless a lot of people liked it, certainly, but for me it's usually the first thing on the list when I have the embarkation day talk with my cabin attendant. A top sheet is all I want. Also could do without anything placed on the bed during the day. I tend to gather that up and place it under the bed. And I'm with those who find evening turn down more of an annoyance than a service. However, I don't feel that I can say "don't do it". Besides, I like the chocolates!
  4. What I've done is taken the pendant they sell as an accessory and cut away all but enough chain to pass through the holes in the band and secured that with fine wire, then hung that on a lanyard. It looks OK, but we'll find out how it works for real in a week or so. And if you ask why I didn't just keep the chain, because I didn't like the look or feel.
  5. It would be very nice if they could market something very light that you can hook on a lanyard that isn't the clunky holder that comes with it.
  6. Go for it. I've often carried wine in checked baggage, just pad it well and have something impervious around it that won't be cut by the shards if it does break. I've only had one bottle break ever, and I was able to easily dump the remains. So it goes.
  7. The IC used to make "cronuts" in the morning, donuts flaky like croissants. Haven't seen that in two or three years.
  8. The tracking says it was picked up in Singapore at 11:23 am Christmas Eve and I got it at 9 am 12/26. Even allowing for the international date line, that's pretty good.
  9. Medallion received 12/26. Email received 12/'28. Sailing is 1/13.
  10. I received my medallion for a CB January cruise on the 26th. The shipping notification came this morning.
  11. I just want to expand on what I said. From my point of view, someone came in aggressively and did not assume good faith on my part, without any cause, to gain a rhetorical advantage. In other words, going after someone else personally to make a point on a comment board. Such things are regrettable, and today, with the increasing prevalence of cell phone cameras, tend to backfire. I now return you to your previously scheduled thread.
  12. I don't know you but your reply says sufficient about you. Later.
  13. It is held in the pendant magnetically. It looks like the same on the wristbands.
  14. Appreciate the responses, but I'm looking for something that will look good and be lightweight, and putting it in something intended for a card doesn't work.
  15. Thanks, but I'm hoping for the lanyard. Each to their own.
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