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  1. I also received one more point than expected - can't figure out why. Perhaps one of the activities was worth one more CC point than they stated in the e-mail.
  2. Yes, you can use OBC to upgrade a drink package.
  3. The trail to the falls was too rough to do in my manual wheelchair.
  4. We stayed at the AC Hotel Venezia (a Marriott hotel across from the Santa Chiara). Easy location to get to by land from the Airport and there are always taxis available at Piazzale Roma.
  5. BART is wheelchair friendly, but it doesn't go to the Pier. You would have to either transfer to a Muni Bus or walk a little over a mile from the Embarcadero BART Station to the Pier. I'm not familiar with how long it takes to get an accessible taxi at the airport. Probably more expensive, but does Princess offer any transfers from the airport to the pier? You can try contacting one of the taxi companies ahead of time to see if they have accessible vehicles: Contact Information Yellow Taxi: (415) 626-2345 Luxor Cab: (415) 282-4141 Town Taxi: (415) 546-1888 De
  6. It really depends on your comfort level. Have you been to Europe before? The first time we went we booked our Rome hotel and transfers through Celebrity for peace of mind (and it did cost more). I don't think they had a transfer from the airport to the hotel. Since then we have booked everything on our own.
  7. We have stayed in cabin #2130 on the Silhouette (same deck plan as the Equinox). There was occasional noise from the Ocean View (more like a rumbling noise), but it didn't bother us and we had no trouble sleeping. The overhang and bars didn't bother us either. You can still take photos and the view off the balcony is fine. Its a great cabin with lots of room and a longer balcony. I am attaching a picture of the overhang.
  8. Thanks for checking - they used to have a chart with room dimensions on the Celebrity website, but they removed it when they revamped the website a couple of years ago.
  9. Do you know if there is a similar link for Celebrity ships?
  10. When they had the sea day brunch in the main dining room at the end of the cruise, people acted like they hadn't seen food for the whole cruise! Pushing, shoving and generally rude behavior.
  11. That sounds harrowing! I'm glad that you made it home safely. Since the incident with the Carnival ship stuck in the gulf, I always take extra medications and other essentials whenever we travel.
  12. On our last Edge TA, only Cosmopolitan was open for lunch (with the usual MDR lunch menu). You can also eat at Eden - they have great sandwich’s and salads for lunch.
  13. The Celebrity "M" Class ships (Infinity, Summit, etc.) have aft accessible cabins in Concierge class. The balconies are huge.
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