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  1. Our Hawaiian Cruise on April 20th just got canceled today. We are disappointed because it was an unusual itinerary and we had lots of perks. However, we were going to cancel anyway, but are glad that Celebrity canceled first because we get the choice between a refund or future cruise credit. Unfortunately, if we book another Hawaiian Cruise my service dog will need a new titer test. My husband said he would serve me unlimited drinks to make up for the drink package.
  2. Mila is adorable! Italy only officially recognizes guide dogs as service dogs so be sure to contact any hotels, transportation providers or airlines in advance to let them know you are bringing your service dog. We were in Italy in November with my service dog and had no issues. Italy is very dog friendly and so you should be fine.
  3. We have our priorities straight - we can't get any chicken or toilet paper, but we do have plenty of dog food!
  4. Good thing I planned ahead and had extra dog food delivered last week for my service dog Henri. All six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area are on a mandatory lock down starting at midnight tonight until April 7th. You cannot leave your home except to get groceries, food and other essential services. All businesses must close except those deemed essential. Restaurants will be closed except for delivery or takeout. In the order, they do specifically mention that taking care of your pet or getting pet supplies is a valid reason to leave your home.
  5. They have now. All six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area are now on a mandatory lock down. Starting at midnight you cannot leave your home except to get food and other essential services. All businesses must close except those deemed essential. Restaurants will be closed except for delivery or takeout.
  6. We decided to skip the shuttle and take a taxi - we were first in line and by the time we finished our paperwork there was a line out the door (all of the people who had arrived on the shuttle).
  7. In 2018, they had at least one bus that had a wheelchair lift.
  8. Chris I'm so sorry that you are going to have to cancel your cruise. So disappointing after all your planning for this special anniversary cruise. It makes total sense though especially with all the news coming out today. I hope you find a nice alternative location to celebrate your anniversary.
  9. That is a real dilemma Chris. We are wondering what to do about our Hawaii cruise too, but we have until April 17th to decide. It would be a shame to have to cancel now after all the planning you have done. At least now that the cruise lines are offering a future cruise credit it makes the financial hit less. The two Princess ships that have been impacted do give cause for concern, but as far as I know there have been many ships cruising the Caribbean for the last month with few issues. At least its not a European cruise where you would be potentially quarantined in a foreign country a long way from home.
  10. It is very easy to be certified in British Columbia if you have a service dog trained by CCI or a similar ADI member organization (I realize it is much more difficult for owner trained service dogs). I live in California and have the certification because we are in Vancouver about once a year. I have never been asked to show our ID card. Having the certification makes your case easier to prove if you are denied access. Registration is voluntary. Here is the language directly from the fact guide on the Guide & Service Dog Certification website: "The Human Rights Code prevails over other laws where there is a conflict. Certification of guide dogs and service dogs is voluntary under BC’s Guide Dog and Service Dog Act. Human rights law protects people with disabilities who rely on guide and service dogs even if the dog is not certified under the Guide Dog and Service Dog Act. Service providers should not refuse service to someone who identifies that they have a disability merely because the person’s guide or service dog is not certified under the Guide Dog and Service Dog Act or is not wearing a vest or other visible identifier."
  11. Yes, you should definitely contact Carnival and tell them about your service dog especially since your excursions are not in the US. I always send an e-mail confirming that I am bringing my service dog - that way I have a written record in case there are any issues. When I have booked excursions outside the US, I usually get an e-mail back that they will check with the tour operator. So far, my service dog has always been approved to come with me.
  12. I have taken my service dog on all types of excursions: whale watching, White Pass & Yukon Railway, Tarcolas River cruise, etc. None of our excursions have been high adventure as they need to be wheelchair accessible. Make sure to tell the tour provider in advance that you are bringing a service dog.
  13. You can just call around to Vets in your area and ask if they are USDA accredited and can provide international health certificates. Otherwise, you can contact the USDA office in Sacramento and they can help you find a vet in your area.
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