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  1. I agree - if you think this may be the only time you may be able to make it to Venice then definitely go!
  2. Yes, you can use OBC for table games. Go to the cashier and you will be given promotional chips to bet (you cannot cash these out). If you win a hand, you will be paid with "real' chips that can be turned into cash.
  3. Assuming your ship docks at the main cruise pier Moll Adossat, you can take a taxi directly to the cruise terminal. The port bus will also take you to all the cruise terminals, but it leaves from the Christopher Columbus Monument which is at the opposite end of La Rambla from Placa de Catalunya. You would have to walk about a mile from Placa de Catalunya to the Port Bus stop. A taxi would be easier.
  4. They do have the Vitamin Water Zero, but it can be hard to find. The best place to find it is at the Il Secondo Bacio in the OceanView Cafe.
  5. Try calling TSA Cares at 1-855-787-2277 or e-mail TSA-ContactCenter@tsa.dhs.gov
  6. I have to agree - I am not a fan of hip hop or rap, but I thought Hamilton was fantastic. I highly recommend seeing it.
  7. OBC from your TA does not show up in your account until you board the ship.
  8. I have also found the Hawaiian Department of Agriculture to be very helpful. It's nice to get the pre-approval for your paperwork; it really lowers the pre-cruise stress.
  9. We have also been able to transfer an onboard booking to a group rate with our TA, but we have had to pay the full deposit to do so (for example, the onboard booking came with a $200 deposit and we have had to pay the $700 difference in deposit amounts).
  10. We had it in the Martini Bar on the Edge.
  11. Gangster-tini - Grey Goose, Tuaca, Amaretto, Pineapple Juice
  12. I had wondered what Henri might do if attacked by another dog. She is so gentle and does not have an aggressive bone in her body. I was hoping I would never have to find out what she would do, but she was attacked by a small dog last year. She went down in a heap and covered her head; she did not try to fight back in any way. I am very protective of her and try to recognize any potentially dangerous situations ahead of time.
  13. Today the Department of Transportation released its proposed rule changes to the Air Carrier Access Act which will impact service dog teams. The DOT proposes to align its definition of service animal with the ADA definition which does not recognize emotional support animals and limits service animals to dogs that have been individually trained to do work or perform a task for an individual with a disability. The definition would limit service animals to dogs and airlines would be allowed to treat emotional support animals as pets. Other proposed changes refer to size of the service animal, limiting the number to two per passenger and leash, tethering or harnessing requirements. The DOT would also develop standardized forms that each airline would be required to use (health form, behavior and training attestation and relief attestation for flights over eight hours). These are not the final rules - they can be changed based on comments received for or against. The comment period for the proposed rules is open for the next 60 days. Comments must be identified by the docket number DOT-OST-2018-0068 and can be made: • at the Federal eRulemaking Portal: go to http://www.regulations.gov and follow the online instructions for submitting comments. • by Mail: Docket Management Facility, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE, West Building Ground Floor, Room W12-140, Washington, DC 20590-0001. • by Hand Delivery or Courier: West Building Ground Floor, Room W12-140, 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays. • by Fax: (202) 493-2251 You must include the agency name and docket number DOT-OST-2018-0068 or the Regulatory Identification Number (RIN) for the rulemaking at the beginning of your comment. All comments received will be posted without change to http://www.regulations.gov, including any personal information provided.
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