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  1. Also, I am reading right that a South Beach full day bed rental is per bed and not per person. I assume I would only purchase by selecting one guest from my reservation?
  2. At Cococay in a week and wanting to know the best beach with free chairs/loungers to just lay by ocean all day?
  3. Ok we are good then leaving $150 for the week. We have two adjoinjng cabins. I always feel so bad never knowong how much of the standard gratuities they get especially cleaning up all our mess all week long and doing it with smile.
  4. In addition to the standard daily gratuities, what does everyone usually leave their cabin attendant at the end of a seven night cruise?
  5. Do they have ice skating on Symphony or has it been replaced with laser tag completely?
  6. Have they had any NHL games on the TVs in playmakers or anywhere this week?
  7. We are on Symphony next week with boardwalk balcony, can you tell me if the free soda package cups you get with Boardwalk balcony were in your room waiting?
  8. Completed online check in for cruise on Symphony in two weeks. Question is what if I don’t add in my own photos online before getting to terminal?
  9. I’m reading conflicting things, is cinnamon beach open or closed currently?
  10. Docking at Crown Bay on Symphony in couple weeks. Where does ferry to St. John and trunk bay (either on a ship or excursion or on our own?) leave from and return to?
  11. On the symphony in a couple weeks to St kitts. Just wondering how long a trip is it from the pier where the ship docks to the Marriott?
  12. We will make Diamond status during our next cruise, will we get benefits during cruise or on next cruise?
  13. When we booked our boardwalk balcony for Symphony in March 2019, don’t see anything in my reservation or cruise planner about Johnny rockets or soda packages?
  14. Do all boardwalk balcony staterooms get free soda packages and Johnny rockets?
  15. Does anyone know what the age restrictions, etc are for the Segway tour of Basseterre sold by Royal Caribbean?
  16. Each of us would only be on one device at a time, but if I wanted to switch from my iPad to my iPhone I assume I could do so even if the other three people were on a device.? Just trying to make sure Royal Caribbean isn’t snookering me into buying the four device package but somehow my three other family members would be out of luck.
  17. But if it is my wife, myself, and my two kids each with an iPad we should be good yes?
  18. Thank you for the reply but which one is correct?
  19. Trying to clarify if I purchased the Voom surf and stream 4 device package does that mean that four different people in my party can be on four different devices at once? Otherwise do I have to buy individual Voom surf and stream packages per person?
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