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  1. I agree. I originally came to this board occasionally because I was excited by what VV was offering. We booked the first day open to the general public, and I was hoping to find other fellow travelers booked on this new line. But the constant bashing and "I told you soing" and the overall attitude of superiority of those who wouldn't deign to set foot aboard such a crass ship have pretty much driven me away. The whole, "Well, I'd never sail on that piece of crap, but hey, if you think it's appealing, then the rest of us will have fun belittling you by our not-so-subtle insinuations of how classless you are" comments ... whatever makes people feel better, I guess.
  2. OK? Wasn't calling you or anyone else out. Critique away. I'm still excited to sail. Despite the fact I'm a lowly average cruiser. Happy sailing on your ship of choice.
  3. I guess I have no taste. I think the ship looks gorgeous. I'm so excited to sail her. I still don't understand the very pointed negativity to VV. I understand that no cruise line will appeal to all people, but I've seen ships and lines that don't appeal to me as well. I haven't felt compelled to go those lines' threads to tell everyone sailing on them how much I think their ships suck. But whatever. I'm not even the demographic VV is shooting for, but I'm still happily anticipating my time aboard.
  4. I'm waiting for someone with no plans to sail VV to drop in with comments on how much worse the bar tab with bonus is than any other beverage package.
  5. What is it about VV that evokes such rabid negativity from people who don't want to cruise on the line? There are cruise lines that don't interest me, and I have no desire to go to those boards and rag on the lines and the people who sail on them. It's so strange to me.
  6. I'm always puzzled and somewhat amused by those who have a derogatory view of people who have or want tattoos and/or piercings. Where do they live and what are they afraid of? Do they really equate character with body art/adornment? I'm in my 50s and have an ear conch piercing, so I guess I'm a bad element lol. If I condemned everyone I know and interact with who has tattoos, piercings or both, I'd be losing out on knowing so many amazing people. And some of the most self-righteous, narcissistic people I've known are tattoo- and piercing-free. If I meet someone on our cruise who has visited the tattoo/piercing parlor, I'll be interested in seeing the results. I've been wanting a new ear piercing for awhile and might splurge while onboard, and I love seeing cool tattoo art. Guess I'm riff raff. Beware, fellow passengers ...
  7. We actually would keep the booking if Key West was subbed in, as we love that island and would enjoy revisiting some of our favorite non-tourist spots. Nassau -- no way. Not worth it to us.
  8. I tend to agree. I very much want to sail with VV, but what made us sign up the day sales opened to the general public was the Havana overnight. The Bahamas definitely wouldn't hold the same appeal. I would consider one of the other two itineraries, as we haven't been to either. But not if we had to jump to another sailing date. We like the cabin location we have now.
  9. The drama and judgement directed toward a ship that hasn't even sailed yet really amuses me. I'm far from a millennial or an orgy enthusiast (lmao that that particular accusation was even thrown out there) and I can't wait to sail the beautiful Scarlet Lady. Guess I'm a middle-age rebel lol.
  10. I think some people would like to go back to the days when people who book a lowly inside or window-only cabin would be confined to steerage lol.
  11. My husband and I sail Sept. 23, 2020, and we'll be 55 and 59 at the time. We'll be skewing the demographics for sure on our cruise lol.
  12. My husband and I are in our 50s and jumped at the chance to book on the Scarlett Lady. I love the concept of a mid-size, innovative ship, and going to Cuba has been a long-time goal. We might be the oldest people on our sailing, but I'm so looking forward to the trip regardless. If we're outcasts, we'll take our experience and move on. But in the meantime, I'm hoping to snag a reservation for the drag brunch ...
  13. Just saw on another thread that the ship will be "one giant orgy," it has no class and certain posters will never set foot on it. An old Billy Joel lyric is going through my head: "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than die with the saints. The sinners are MUCH more fun." All that pearl clutching is going to ruin those expensive necklaces 😅.
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