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  1. GradUT and Hezu thank you for your very helpful posts.
  2. BestGuides offer a 3-day package with a full day train-to-Moscow tour on day2. The price is much better than the ship's tour but I'm still hesitant. Is it worth doing? Would love your opinions.
  3. You may find some good advice at https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1498285-children-friendly-tours-with-best-guides/
  4. Thank you for sharing the spreadsheet, Lovetotrravel. It's very helpful!
  5. We did a Baltic cruise back in 2011 and had two days in St.Petersburg. We didn't want to go with a busload of people and opted to use Best Guides which was less expensive and it was just the four of us, so we were able to see more in less time. Best Guides tailored a tour to meet our specific wants and needs. It included dinner at a classic Russian restaurant, a tour of the Special Treasures Room at the Hermitage, the Russian museum, early entry at some of the sites, as well as all the "do-not-miss" places. we saved a lot of money going with a local company instead of the ship's tours. Today there seem to be many more companies than when we toured seven years ago, and I'm sure that top-rated independent tour companies give excellent service.
  6. Thank you so much for your post NNN. Very helpful. How old were the kids?
  7. Thank you for your post NNN. Did you do a regular itinerary or was it specifically targeted at the children?
  8. I know that SPb Tours is well regarded and has thousands of great reviews on TA but why do you say that Best Guides are under them? They are a separate business.
  9. Thanks for this review BFamMarietta. Did you do a standard itinerary or a youngster oriented tour?
  10. Thank you for this post Deemamom. Did you ride the metro as part of the tour?
  11. Check out Best Guides. They have a reputation for child-friendly tours. I’d recommend a private tour if you have small children with you. Scenarios they offered to me were all very good, and their rates are reasonable. Making choice wasn’t easy. Email them for details.
  12. I'd say Russian ballet and folk dance are as different as mountain skiing and cross country skiing:D
  13. That's exactly what my experience was.
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