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  1. I enjoyed your pictures and the story that went along with them. Thank you for sharing!
  2. I usually go with peety3's #2 idea, although I sometimes use auto ISO with an upper limit of 800.
  3. I'll put in a second vote for the Olympus micro 4/3 option, although given your budget, I'd go for the EM10 mark iii ($549), a Tamron 14-150mm lens ($399) and then you have enough left for a 75-300mm lens for some good reach for Alaska. This is my setup, although I have the EM10 mark ii. Here's a few shots:
  4. Yikes! Maybe you need one of these! Maybe they have camo colors so you blend in better!
  5. Sounds like good choices! I really liked the M1.2 and after renting it last summer, have been watching for a "deal." I read through the manual before receiving it and had it come several days early so I could practice some the features I wanted to use and to set up pre-sets that I wanted to use. That being said (and practiced) I still forgot most of it in the field! But I was happy overall with the shots I got. (Except the eagles - still didn't get a good shot of them!)
  6. I don't know, compared to the price of a cruise, I don't think $325 is too much. (when it would cost around $80 to rent). https://www.cccamera.com/shop/Used-Olympus-M.Zuilo-75-300mm-F4.8-6.7-ED-II/c28637c0-a231-0136-f712-00163e90e196?variation=1896387
  7. Hi, Nice to see another Olympus shooter on this site! I too have the EM10 mark ii. Not sure what you'd need for the Baltic trip, but I have been to Alaska twice lately. I rented an EM1 mark ii for the last trip. I like the 75-300mm for Alaska. You'll always want more reach for the wildlife in Alaska. I got it used at a local camera store. My everyday lens is a 14-150mm - I like not having to change lenses frequently. If you like macro, the 60mm is very nice. These are with the EM10 & 75-300mm: Here are a couple with the EM1 mark ii and the 75-300mm: One more, this is the EM1 and 12-100mm (also rented, would love this lens but it's expensive!)
  8. Wow, that's a lot of information! Could you just tell me the name of the camera, and I can look up that other stuff if I'm interested . . .
  9. Lots of spare batteries. Cold batteries run down faster. Keep your batteries inside your coat.
  10. I was able to choose the check in time at the port before completing the online check in. Also, I was able to choose the same arrival time for the 3 rooms in our group. I can't remember if I needed their reservation number or just their names. I was also able to reserve My Time Dining reservations for the 6 of us.
  11. We have seen Alfred and Seymour on 2 of our previous cruises. Wonder if they'll still be there for our trip coming up in a couple weeks!
  12. Looking forward to your blog about the Vision. We board the ship the week after you get off. This is our first RC cruise. Thanks for bringing "our" ship around to New Orleans!😊
  13. This is what I use: https://www.amazon.com/HyperDrive-Colorspace-UDMA3-Portable-Storage/dp/B017OB42YM/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1543192650&sr=1-2&keywords=hyperdrive%2Budma&th=1 You can get it with a hard drive already installed or install your own. I installed my own, it does not require any advanced knowledge, just ability to follow simple directions. Much smaller & lighter than a laptop. Not very fast at copying but I don't sit and watch it, just do other things. I keep the device in the safe during the day. An ipad would not have enough memory for me, I have often shot over 10,000 pics in both jpeg and raw. I use one memory card a day, copy it to the hyperdrive and keep the card as is. So I have 2 copies. When we come home, I stash the 2 in different carryon bags.
  14. Thanks for the info. We are new to Royal Caribbean. It just seems funny to me that all ships don't have access to the app.
  15. Thanks, Clarea, I was hoping during the dry dock that Vision was added to the app, as I had heard they were working on the internet onboard.
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