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  1. Sunflowers from Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area, Missouri
  2. This is a problem for me. My EM10 mark ii is almost 5 years. I have a great collection of lenses. Do I purchase one more Olympus camera, which in all likelihood, would be the last camera I will buy? Or do I dump it all now and switch to a new system? Or figure to switch to Panasonic, which will use my m4/3 lenses? Five years ago, I sold all my Sony a-mount camera/lenses/accessories which paid for all my Olympus equipment. I have added only a few lenses since then. I wasn't happy with Sony e-mount, for it's lack of image stabilization. Now that finally is available, but that would be a very expensive switch to get equivalent lenses. Plus the m43 is smaller and lighter. Oh what a dilemma! Plus, due to the virus, I don't go anywhere to shoot that's more than a few miles from home (and bathroom)!
  3. I keep a map of Missouri in my car. On the backroads, gps and phone service is spotty.
  4. Nice shots! I didn't realize the TG4 did so well on macros. I have a TG5, and I love it for food shots, but haven't tried closeups. Your first shot looks like some kind of monster!
  5. Princess customers don't wash their hands as well? Buffet procedures encourages spread of viruses? More elevators/more buttons for more floors that people are touching?
  6. Vitamin C (or Airborne) works well for me! I always seemed to get that travel or holiday illness like your wife does.
  7. I've used smugmug for years. Easy to use, unlimited photos and videos and you can post photos here and other places. It's $48 a year. I have a referral code https://secure.smugmug.com/signup?Coupon=YmZOJcuNj7DMQ that will save you 20% for the first year (and it saves me that also.)
  8. The buffet serves many of the same foods as the dining room at dinner. So if you want to eat quick or stay in shorts and flip-flops, you can. This is one of the things I really like about HAL.
  9. I can log in. I'm using firefox. Maybe try a different browser?
  10. Please don't hit the Nieuw Amsterdam in retaliation!
  11. If you think it's fun, go for it! While the 2 other people who replied to you aren't interested, there is a facebook page for Holland America Cruising Ducks, so there are going to be some people who get into this. I don't plan on bringing any, but I would be tickled to find one.
  12. I wonder if it's a function of what browser you're using. I used Firefox without problem. I agree the website could be more user-friendly, but I didn't get any errors like you listed.
  13. Does that happen frequently or were you on the same cruise as we were? I think it was Canada Day because I remember fireworks as we were anchored.
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