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  1. Thanks! I was thinking of potential downsides but they’re not being flagged. Repetitive entertainment, menus, trivia questions for example? Finding a new trivia team?!
  2. Thanks very much for that link, can’t believe I missed that thread, I was looking out for them too!
  3. Hi, we’re looking booking a B2B or B2B2B for next summer as X has just too many short cruises! Having never done a B2B before, is there anything we should be aware of? For example, you don’t have to pack up and leave your room do you? (Assuming manage to book same room for all). thanks in advance.
  4. I didn’t know there was another pizza outlet on bigger ships, will look out for that. Lido pizza on the Maasdam last week was not good. One day I braved a slice of pizza labelled vegetable and it was just a few veg popped on the top of a pepperoni pizza. (food on the whole was very good though in our opinion).
  5. A chilled banana soup was on the menu on Maasdam a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Really? I’m in my 40s and one reason I cruise with HAL is because of the peace and quiet. If I wanted a lively pool scene, I would cruise with RCL or perhaps Princess.
  7. Hi, we’re sailing on Maasdam for 14 nights from Tokyo next week. I’ve seen mention of unlimited laundry on HAL at a reasonable price but can’t find many details or the option to add in our booking. Can anyone advise if it will be available on this ship, what price and how we go about booking it please?
  8. Thanks TKWBear. I like the sound of the guest chef as an alternative so won’t miss ATK too much! We’ve booked ship tours in Vladivostok and Korsakov (unusual for us) to avoid the visa issue. Some sites say you can just walk off but it seems to be ad hoc and not actually in line with the visa requirements so we decide not to risk not being able to visit those ports.
  9. Ah, thanks for that, we always do Anytime so that’ll be why we missed him.
  10. Following as we are joining for 2 weeks at Tokyo on 31 July. Can’t wait. Love all the things you’ve commented on so far. Quick question if I may - is America’s Test Kitchen running? Don’t be too cross with us but we are joining with our 15 year old cruise loving son so would also be great to know if any other teens are spotted. He only needs a couple of nerdy kids to have a great time!
  11. What’s the yum yum man? Something I have missed! We like lots about HAL including the dive in by the pool, the ‘crisp’ desserts, the drinks package, the specialty dining, the calm, relaxing atmosphere, America’s Test Kitchen, the trivia. DS likes the sushi in the Lido.
  12. Thanks all. No, in the UK, we are locked into the price at the time of booking so tracking prices is key! Only option after that time is to totally cancel, lose your deposit and start all over again. OBC is appreciated we will be up for booking on board if the price improves.
  13. I know, I know, we shouldn’t have waited. Got a price for a Jul 2020 cruise on Amsterdam which we were happy with. Took a while to book the time off work, finally agreed today. Price has gone up £2k and perks gone! Please give me hope that they will go down again?! We are sailing on Maasdam next month and also wondered if we might get a better price booking on board but am never quite sure if this is the case or not - does anyone know?
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