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  1. Two years ago on Reflection we paid $50 up charge for Murano on Xmas Day. It was wonderful and I had hoped to do it again. But this year, the special Xmas menu was $119 and was on Xmas Eve, while Xmas day was $70. We did not do it, and actually I thought the main dining room food every night this year was so much better than 2 years ago, so we were quite happy.
  2. I was on the Dec 20th cruise too. In 14 cruises, we have only walked out of one other show, but this Neil Diamond impersonator was terrible. I agree he seemed drunk. His voice was awful and after 20 minutes we had had enough and left. I do hope Celebrity reads these boards and the company never employs him again. The first night comedian was OK as was the last night comedian. Both were entertaining enough for the audience to enjoy their 45 minute spots.
  3. Interesting about anytime dining issues. We normally do anytime, but could not this cruise and were allocated the 8:30pm seating instead. I think I will stick with set dining time from now on, there were no waits or worries about when to eat and fit in entertainment. We had a table for 2 and a very pleasant experience.
  4. We have just returned from a Xmas cruise (20-27 th). It was wonderful, and although the CD Giuseppi ( also wonderful) said the ship was full with lots of triple occupancy, there was always masses of room on the pool deck and the other areas away from the pool. I was so surprised by this. The only crowded time was the evening arrival in San Juan when everyone wanted to get off at exactly the same time. They managed the crowd really well and it only took about 10 mins. By the way, we had a helicopter take off a passenger this cruise. The conditions were really bad, and the US coast guard and the
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