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  1. We took the plunge and just booked the Oct 17 sailing on the American Constitution as it is filling up already. If you took any of the Signature Excursions, I’m interested in your opinion of them. Were there any ports where doing your own thing was particularly easy and interesting? Looking forward to your review.
  2. Uniworld is pricey, for sure, but the value is there: first rate service, excursions, ships and food.
  3. Uniworld, and other companies, start and end with a few days in Cairo, followed by a flight to Luxor to start the cruise to Aswan and back to Luxor,, with different stops along the way. There is at least one other company that has a longer cruise from Cairo to Aswan. Perhaps someone will chime in with the name of the company.
  4. Uniworld SS Sphinx. New for 2020. We had a fabulous time on their former ship, the Tosca.
  5. Thanks very much, tabber. We’ve been to Budapest twice with Uniworld and visited the same horse farm in 2010. We were just given a strong alcoholic drink and appetizers, not a delicious lunch! We’d definitely want to do the Bucharest/Transylvania visit.
  6. That would be great! Hoping for good weather for you.
  7. Whoops! Thanks. I obviously missed that.
  8. Does anyone else think the Jefferson Airplane music is a bit weird in Celebrity’s tv ad? Conjures up a different kind of trip than one on a luxury cruise ship, seems to me. 😜
  9. We are also interested in the Hudson River cruise, but these comments naturally give us pause. Will look into Blount.
  10. We were in Vienna last year Dec. 28 — market between Fine Arts and Natural History Museum was open. Arrived in Budapest Dec. 31 —market near cathedral was open. Lights still up most places.
  11. Very well could be, although it seemed that noisy night was the only negative.
  12. Juliana, did you write a review of this cruise? We are interested in that itinerary and are looking at AMA. I’m particularly interested in your impression of the ports and excursions.
  13. Yes, wow! Shoeman1 and Farang, I am so disappointed in what you experienced. Not at all what one would expect. We’ve been in Budapest twice with Uniworld and had excellent tours, one trip less than a year ago. Have always been able to get tours we wanted, although now on some itineraries there do seem to be more choices, so I see how some tours could fill up, and we always had groups of fewer than 25, except on the Christmas cruise when all the passengers descended on Princess Anita von Hohenberg at her castle! Thanks to both of you for sharing your concerns. On many evaluation forms I had mentioned the lack of alternative dining sites, but what was done to the Beatrice doesn’t sound like the right way to go on that issue.
  14. Farang, regarding the excursions, what were some of the problems, if you don’t mind giving some specific examples.
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