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  1. Yes, I did choose it for the advent calendar, one dormer window opened each day during Advent. Daisi, thanks for your superior photo. Your answer is most complete (although others knew it, too), so you’re up!
  2. As I am in California and therefore hours behind most of you, I will check back in several hours. I wonder if anyone knows why I choose this rather unremarkable photo at this time of the year. Those with the home advantage probably do.
  3. Booked Pearl Seas Great Lakes for late May, so following the vaccine situation closely. Will there be enough of us vaccinated to make cruising safe by then?? Probably calling it close, if so!
  4. I'll give it a try. Name what is in the photo. First guess the river. After that name the town/city/place/river. The person who first guesses correctly gets to post the next photo.
  5. We love Venice, but it was great to take the water bus and get away to peaceful, colorful Burano, and more so the island of Torcello, which has an interesting ancient history. Here are more photos of Burano. We were there om the fall; from what I've read, both islands are busy with tourists in the summer.
  6. Dogs4fun, you’ve got it! Burano it is. Photo was taken near Halloween a few years ago, actually while DYI-ing before an ocean cruise. You’re up!
  7. Name what is in the photo. First guess the river. After that name the town/city/place.The person one who first guesses correctly gets to post the next photo! How wonderful to enjoy a performance at the Paris Opera! Here's a photo I should have posted when I had the opportunity on October 31:
  8. Ah JP, I knew you’d beat me to it. Gorgeous place.
  9. Right! Have you been there? I hadn’t seen so many different colors of tulips before, not having visited Keukenhof.
  10. Another hint: one way to reach it is by hydrofoil.
  11. It’s not the Netherlands. It is near a port city visited by ocean and river cruisers.
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