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  1. Watched the SS Antionette video, and after cruises on six rivers with Uniworld (twice on the Danube), I suddenly felt homesick for Uniworld!
  2. The new protocols are reassuring to us, but..... We have deposited on a Hudson River Cruise in mid-October and have until mid-July to pay the balance. We’ve opted for the Cruise with Comfort offer to give us more time to assess the situation, if we do pay the balance. If the “second wave” occurs, that will decide it for sure for us. Hoping it’s a go, but almost resigned to waiting a year.
  3. I’m really not hip with fashion, I guess. Liked all the collections, but the winner’s was my least favorite. A bit too bizarre.
  4. I had been hoping for more. 😄. I do appreciate your taking the time to write. It will help us decide which excursions we might enjoy most.
  5. Good to know. Thanks. We’re doing the Hudson River Cruise in October and will investigate DYI activities just in case we don’t decide to do some of the excursions.
  6. Well, that’s more entertainment than we’ve had on our river cruises abroad. Sounds good.
  7. We thoroughly enjoyed this itinerary with Uniworld in 2012, so this may be old news. It would have been better if we had stayed in hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg, allowing for easier access to the cities when we had free time. We also docked near a St. Petersburg Metro station and did use it during a free afternoon. We actually rather liked the long sailing times, finding it relaxing to sit outside or on our balcony and watch the world go by. There were also lectures and other activities during sailing.Of course, because of the long sailing route, time in port was much shorter than on European river cruises., but we usually had at least an hour to explore on our own. All in all, it was one of the best cruises we have done. So PR lady, I hope you find a Cruise company that will work for you and that you make this trip.
  8. So sorry to hear that. Didn’t mean to push you — just excited about our trip even though it’s months away.
  9. We took the plunge and just booked the Oct 17 sailing on the American Constitution as it is filling up already. If you took any of the Signature Excursions, I’m interested in your opinion of them. Were there any ports where doing your own thing was particularly easy and interesting? Looking forward to your review.
  10. Uniworld is pricey, for sure, but the value is there: first rate service, excursions, ships and food.
  11. Uniworld, and other companies, start and end with a few days in Cairo, followed by a flight to Luxor to start the cruise to Aswan and back to Luxor,, with different stops along the way. There is at least one other company that has a longer cruise from Cairo to Aswan. Perhaps someone will chime in with the name of the company.
  12. Uniworld SS Sphinx. New for 2020. We had a fabulous time on their former ship, the Tosca.
  13. Thanks very much, tabber. We’ve been to Budapest twice with Uniworld and visited the same horse farm in 2010. We were just given a strong alcoholic drink and appetizers, not a delicious lunch! We’d definitely want to do the Bucharest/Transylvania visit.
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