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  1. I walk with a cane, but I always bring a 3 piece walking stick that screws together and I have never been stopped to have it inspected. It is great to be able to just pack it in your luggage and then viola, you have a 5 foot walking stick when needed. I always use it when we go off the ship, rather than my cane. Cheer's Len
  2. We started cruising in 1999 and our first cruise was an NCL ship out of my hometown, NYC. When we boarded the ship, we were greeted by violins, a glass of champagne and a crew member showed us to our room. We thought, WOW, if this is cruising, we're in. We did out next cruise in 2000 again on NCL and that all was gone and has never come back. On that same first cruise, we boarded, went to eat in the MDR. After lunch we went to explore the ship. Right after she left, around 4PM, they brought out these huge grills and started grilling salmon, chicken and ribs, which, of course we indulged a
  3. Was the last time I was on a cruise-- or it sure feels that way 😀😄 Cheers Len
  4. Just a suggestion that we have done on basically every cruise. At breakfast, in the Windjammer they ALWAYS have a few large bowls of chopped nuts and chocolate chips, sometimes even pumpkin seed. We never eat at the buffet, but every morning, while my DW is getting dressed, I go to the Windjammer and fill up a couple of cereal bowls with this said chocolate chips and whatever nuts they have out. Take them back to the room, put them in baggies and we have snacks for sitting out on the deck, just chilling out. These items ARE there every single day, Sometimes they might be by the waffle mak
  5. It does sound confusing, saying you can eat at anytime you wish, but people make reservations for a specific time. We have always done MTD, or whatever they call it on other cruise lines. You eat when you feel like eating and no need to rush back from days in ports or excursions just to be able to eat dinner at your time. That said, if you prefer a dining time of say 6:30 you can make a reservation on line for it. It doesn't cost anything and if you decide that night , you prefer to eat at a different time, just go when you wish. You are NOT locked into any specific time, but by ma
  6. Most people who decide to carry their own luggage off by themselves, are usually looking to get off as early as possible, most times, to catch an early flight home. If you are in no rush, just enjoy your last few hours onboard. You can go to breakfast at either the buffet or the Main Dining room. The night before you are to disembark, you have to leave your luggage out in the hallway. Just keep what you will need for that night and the next day with you, everything else you can let them take off. You will get tags to put on your luggage, usually by colors. You attach them to whatever you want
  7. The only way to learn is to ask questions. As has been said, there are no what we can call a supermarket on board, but maybe it might not be a bad idea one day. But there are so many options for food, that you will never go hungry. The Windjammer is the buffet, where you can help yourself to whatever is there 3 times a day and take whatever you wish back to your room. It is a huge buffet with everything you could possible want for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You want to make a peanut butter sandwich for later, go ahead, you want fruit, desserts, hamburgers, it's your choice. There
  8. We were neighbors. What time frame are we talking about? Cheers Len
  9. My DW grew up as a sort of Modern Orthodox Jew. She attends the Young Israel in the Yeshiva across from Wing Wong. In fact we live about 3 blocks from said restaurant. Myself, I attend any synagogue that I feel comfortable in. When my children were here with us, we were members of the JCC on Dogwood Ave, but I really hated the people who were sort of the overlords of that place and we left. The name you mentioned, if it is a different spelling, I known that name from somewhere. Very Familiar. Where on LI do you currently live? If you want, you can email me at Giantfanl
  10. I graduated HS in 1963, spent a few years bumming around, went into the service (Air Force) in 1966-1969, returned to Brooklyn, met my Darling wife in 1973, go married in 1974 and we lived in Canarsie from then to 1980, East 92 St and Ave L, around the corner from the Canarsie movie theater. From there to Queens and then to Long Island where we are now. Currently hate it here and we are looking to relocate, depending on where my son and grandchildren move to. Cheers Len
  11. Ha. I was born and bred in Eat New York Brooklyn (when it was safe to be there), graduated Thomas Jefferson HS, and my DW is a Bensonhurst product, by way of Lafayette HS. She was there about the same time Sandy Koufax was playing for Lafayette. Cheers Len
  12. It is for this year, and I surely hope you are wrong. We both have been vaccinated and just the idea that we could be cruising again gives us a happy feeling. Come on, we've got the start thinking positive. As more and more people get vaccinated, life will slowly return to a sort of normal. Cruise lines are gearing up and we prefer to be very positive about this cruise. Cheers Len
  13. Been a fan for about 70 years now and YA is still my favorite Giant of all time. Cheers Len
  14. Well the wait is almost over (hopefully). We booked a Caribbean cruise out of Baltimore, 12 days on the Enchantment for mid Nov, and really at a reasonable rate. I really didn't think we'd be cruising this year and being from NY, no flying. We are stoked that we really feel this is going to happen. Cheers Len
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