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  1. I know this is a Carnival board, but AMEX is also offering $200 off any $500 charge for a RCCL cruise. Cheers Len
  2. Sorry if this is a silly question, but what is the difference between a regular balcony and an extended one? Cheers Len
  3. We just received our 3rd shot today ('Booster'). We are both in our 70's age wise. With this 'added' protection, do we still need a negative test to board. Our cruise isn't until Dec but, like everyone else, we need all the info in advance. Cheers Len
  4. It is not a dumb question and one I had also asked years ago. You make a reservation for 7:00, you walk in, ahead of any line that is there and you will be seated in a matter of minutes. On another note, you are in port one day and you do NOT want to rush back to the ship to eat. When you make the reservation, you can adjust each day for whatever time you want to eat, maybe 7 one day, 8 the next--you set the time. AND, you are NOT locked into this reservation. Maybe you feel like eating at 6 and you have a reservation for 7. Either call and cancel the reservation or just show up and take your chances on whatever wait there might be. Again, you can eat whenever you want, the reservation just ensures that you will be seated approximately at that time instead of waiting. Cheers Len
  5. When you made the reservation, you have to ask for MTD, or else they usually put you in an early or late seating. If your reservation doesn't specifically say MTD then you don't have it and that could be the reason why, when you clicked on the link, only the specialty restaurants are showing up. We had this same exact problem on a cruise we have booked for next year. They had us wait listed for MTD and we could not reserve a time. Same thing showed up when we went to dining options, only specialty restaurants. Now we are on the regular MTD and the Main Dining room has shown up and we did make the necessary reservations. Again, check your reservation and see where they have you eating. Once you get specifically MTD that will show up as a dining option for you. They you can pick a day and a time you wish to eat for each day of the cruise. Cheers Len
  6. Thanks for all the great replies. We just had an Enchantment cruise for December cancelled and we were looking for some answers for rebooking somewhere, somehow. But, as has been said, what are the rules now, may not be next week, next month and who knows what Fall will bring. Cheers Len
  7. That is exactly what I was looking for. I have read so many different opinions, different facts, it would be nice to get something that I can believe is so. Cheers Len
  8. With so much info out there, I am thoroughly confused right now. It is hard to decipher what is true, what is just false and what is, well I don't know. So, can I throw a few questions out there and maybe some can supply some answers. As of now, you need to have a negative Covid test and be vaccinated to board a ship--correct? I would assume if you have a positive test before boarding, you will not be allowed to board Are people being tested while on board? Are passengers allowed off the ship, in ports without being on a ship excursion? Do you have to be tested if you get off the ship, once you return to the ship? And, maybe my most concerning question, say your ship docks in Tampa and you are flying home that day, do you need to show a negative test to fly? If so, when do you get tested, on the ship? at who's expense? If you do test positive and not allowed to fly, how long must you stay where you are before being allowed to fly (and test negative)? I know it's a lot of questions, but, I'm sure, others want to know also, just don't want to ask. Thanks for any and all replies. Cheers Len
  9. My ship, the Enchantment, isn't on the schedule for this cruise for next year, so does that mean, I cannot do a Lift and shift and have to take either one of the other two options? Cheers Len
  10. We had a cruise on the Enchantment out of Baltimore on Dec 11, 2021 and today we received the dreaded email saying it has been cancelled. As with past cancelled cruises they give you the regular 3 options, FCC, Lift and shift or cash. We have done a lift and shift several times before and had no problems. Has Royal changed it's Lift and Shift policy? This was the Lift and Shift email: Option 2: Select a New Sail Date Next Year (Lift & Shift) If you prefer to move your existing booking to a sailing next year - we're happy to move you! We will price protect the original pricing and/or promotion on a sailing that has the same ship, embarkation port, sailing length, product, and stateroom category as your original sailing within 2 weeks (before or after) of the original sail date the following year. For example, if you are moving from a Brilliance of the Seas September 4, 2021 sailing, you can move to another sailing that has the same ship, embarkation port, sailing length, product, and stateroom category, and has a sail date between August 21, 2022 - September 18, 2022. Please know, price protection covers your cruise fare/promotion on an applicable sailing only and excludes taxes and fees, gratuities, and other non-cruise fare items, as these may change. You must decide to move to a new sailing by August 11, 2021. If not, we will automatically issue you a Future Cruise Credit. Complimentary Casino offers, Charter sailings, and select rates are not eligible for this offer. If I am reading this right, I can only Lift and Shift to another Enchantment cruise? I cannot Lift and Shift to a different cruise say in Jan, Feb, Mar etc. it has to be 1 year (give or take those 2 weeks) after this cruise was supposed to sail? I have been on hold with my travel agent for 90 minutes while she was trying to contact Royal about this and she came back on telling me this is the NEW Lift and Shift policy. Is this true? As I said, I have lifted and shifted from the Explorer to the Odyssey then to the Voyager all, not a year away. As long as the length was the same and the cabin were the same, we had no problems. So what has changed, or has anything changed and I am reading this incorrectly? Cheers Len
  11. We WERE on the Enchantment out of Baltimore Dec 11 and it was just cancelled today. BOOOOOO Cheers Len
  12. Thanks for the help. We are sort of worriers and I probably would spend most of t he cruise wondering if there will be any problems. We will rethink this. Again, thanks Cheers Len
  13. We are looking at a cruise that arrives Tamp Nov 14, a Sunday. Is there any way to make a 10:20 AM flight out? Cheers Len
  14. We have a 12 days cruise booked out of Baltimore in December and this is excellent news. We usually stay at one of the sleep and park motels around Baltimore where you pay for a night and park your car for the entire cruise. They have shuttles that take you to the terminal and then pick you up after the cruise. I am a veteran and every time we cruise out of Baltimore we always visit Fort McHenry--free for all veterans or with those Senior Golden passes. Cheers Len
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