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  1. We have a TA on the Odyssey late Oct. Maybe I'm just kidding, but I hope we aren't the initial launch. Does anyone know when she will be officially launched? Cheers Len
  2. We have a 14 day TA, Rome to FT Lauderdale, end of Oct 2021 and who know?? Hard enough to think about USA cruises, we have to worry about European ports also. I still haven't made any airline reservations. All we can do is plan a bit and hope for better times. Cheers Len
  3. I have a good question on this and, I'm pretty sure I already know the answer, but what the heck: We had a TA booked on the Explorer last year for a VERY reasonable price. The cruise was cancelled and we were able to do a Lift and shift to the Odyssey for this year at the same exact rate (A HUGE bargain). Now our TA is very late October, but if that gets cancelled, do we receive the rate that the cabin is worth on the Odyssey if we can do another lift and shift, or do we just get what we put in for the Explorer? Cheers Len
  4. We had one of the very last cruises to sail. We were on the Allure, Mar1-13, Ft Lauderdale to Barcelona. We were sailing along with out any problems until Trump announced new rules coming back to the USA. With that, pandemonium broke out, with flights being cancelled, and people not knowing anything. We were supposed to fly out of Barcelona to Frankfurt and then to NYC. The second leg was still on but the Barcelona to Frankfurt was cancelled. We really scrambled to rebook and I can't compliment RCCL and the crew enough for doing everything possible to help people in need. Also, we disem
  5. We used to get military discounts all the time, from several different cruise lines. Now we get a hearty ' Thank you for your service' and maybe a piece of cake if they do something to honor veterans. Cheers Len
  6. We are also booked on the Odyssey for Oct. A lift and shift from last year. Really hope this cruise goes as we have also booked a separate cruise before this one. It isn't listed anymore so we'll just have to wait it out. Cheers Len
  7. Sorry if I didn't make myself more clear. We had FCC in the amount of $900 and we applied this amount to our Empress cruise, when we booked. So, now that this cruise has officially been cancelled we will get back $900 in FCC and NOT the 125% that other may get who paid cash and will opt for FCC instead of a credit back to their credit card. I hope that clarifies it. Cheers Len
  8. I posted on the other Empress thread. We have an 11 day cruise on the Empress, end of August, Cape Liberty to Montreal, booked thru an online TA. Yesterday I did get an email from Royal telling me the cruise was no more and I would be receiving whichever/whatever money I applied to the cruise, either in FCC or back to my CC whichever we wanted. Since we paid for this cruise with FCC that is what we will get back, dollar for dollar. On the RCCL site, on my account, the cruise is still listed, but now we officially know it isn't. Cheers Len
  9. Is this effective immediately? We have an Aug 2021 cruise booked on the Empress thru an online TA. As I asked, is the Empress going to fulfill it's booked schedule or is she out as of now? On the RCCL web site, it still lists my sailing. I haven't been notified of anything as of yet either by RCCL or our TA. Funny but this cruise was a cancelled cruise from last year on the Empress. How it was paid for, I really don't remember, so what would I get as a refund? Cheers Len
  10. You can't even go uptown to see the tree now. You need an appointment, a set time, which gives you 5 minutes to view the tree and take whatever pix you can. The entire area is roped off anywhere near the tree. Sad, but true. Cheers Len
  11. MSC threw an entire family off their ship for breaking the 'bubble' rule. They booked an excursion but decided to go off on their own. MSC left them and their stuff on the pier as the ship sailed away. Family thrown off MSC Grandiosa for flouting the line's new COVID rules - Cruise Passenger \ Cheers Len
  12. .Thanks for the replies. So the cruise isn't officially cancelled, they just cannot book it at the moment? Cheers Len
  13. Without having to read 44 pages of this thread, we have a cruise booked on the Empress, Aug 23 2021, 11 day sailing Cape Liberty to Montreal. I booked it thru an online TA but today I went to see how the price was doing and I don't see the cruise. I also went to RCCL site and again, so not see the cruise. I haven't received anything from my TA or RCCL that the cruise has been cancelled. They are listing cruises from Montreal in September. Anyone have any idea what is going on? I do apologize if something was mentioned pages back. Cheers Len
  14. We are looking to book a cruise in 2022 that offers an inside cabin with a virtual balcony. We have heard of them, but never actually experienced them. I understand the process, but is it really a waste of time and money, or just stick with a 'real' inside cabin? Cheers Len
  15. It is always easier to start high and see if the public buys it. If not, the price will drop until the ship sails. Why start low, when they know some people will pay whatever they ask. There are a few bargains out there. We just booked Voyager for June 2022, 11 day Baltics for inside $860. For June, that is a good price. You just have to look. Cheers Len
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