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  1. thanks for that very handy bit of advice. I also am a tomato juice person with breakfast and if they brought me a thimble full of it I would be very disappointed. Know now to ask for a large glass or several regulars. Cheers Len
  2. I have already received a 5% discount as a veteran. Can I apply for this discount also? Cheers Len
  3. We are doing a cruise on the Sinfonia in Nov, with many of the same ports. We have never been to several of these ports and would love to see them, but we also would like to get 'out' and see some of the other, smaller towns that have been mentioned. Several people commented on catching a train, is that near the port, or how would we find out where the train station is and how do we get to it? Did you met many of the other passengers and di most of them speak English? Were you seated with Americans for dinner? Cheers Len
  4. Sorry, but many people's opinion. If you are a first time visitor there, great, but after 2,3 4 and more stops there, it IS basically a day to stay on the ship. Cheers Len
  5. We were on the Grandeur for her 20 Anniversary cruise, Dec 8 2016, 12 day cruise. Besides having a huge party for her anniversary, the ship was already decorated for Christmas when we boarded. A huge tree in the Atrium, garland everywhere and Santa did make a couple of appearances. Many passengers also brought Christmas themed stuff to decorate their doors etc. And they did have a Chanukah menorah which they lit a new bulb for each new day. This year we are doing a TA on the Rhapsody arriving in Tampa on Dec 22, so I know the ship will be in full Christmas tribute. So looking forward to it. Cheers Len
  6. I am far from a travel agent, but we used to be loyal Carnival cruisers as we felt they had some really great deals. Now we have moved over to RCCL as they have some really fantastic deals. Ourselves, we are just tired of going to the Caribbean for cruising, we want new and better deals, more exciting ports of call. We have sailed RCCL Grandeur twice in the past couple of years, great deals out of Baltimore. We did a TA on RCCL last year, booked another this year and another next year. Just for example, we booked an inside on the Rhapsody of the Sea, 14 day TA from Barcelona for about $1200 total, taxes and everything. It was so good, we booked it again for next year. We booked a RCCL cruise to Hawaii for next Sept, again inside, 10 days for $1800 total. Carnival just doesn't come close to any of these deals anymore. If you like the Caribbean, Carnival has great deals, but after a while, overall, all the islands start looking like each other. Carnival needs to expand a lot, as the cruise market wants newer, and more exciting ports of call. RCCL, NCL all regularly do South America, the Far east, Australia and New Zealand and there are bargains out there. Cheers Len
  7. We were on Carnival for my 70th Bday. Our room steward wrote Happy Birthday on the mirror in the room. PLUS I also received that $50 spa credit a credit for a couple of pix from the photo department and a bottle of champagne. My DW ended up using the spa credit to get her nails done and whatever. We thought it was very generous of Carnival. Cheers Len
  8. San Juan Airport may be one of the worst airports we have ever flown out of. More like a huge hanger. We were there last year and couldn't even find an outlet to charge a tablet. Couldn't pick up WiFi even though they say it is available. Taxi's from the terminal to the airport are about $25,a nd probably the same the other way. If you are going to the terminal, traffic is a nightmare trying to get to the point where you can drop off your luggage. Cheers Len
  9. We are on the Pride, sailing Oct 28 so we WILL be on board for the Actual Halloween. Love it when the decorate a ship for a particular holiday. Just makes everything seem that much more festive. Cheers Len
  10. If there is a cruise that you should have a balcony, it is Alaska. There is always something to see from your balcony. But and I know all those who have to have their balcony might disagree, but they miss an awful lot if they stay on their balconies when things are happening all around them. Like when you are by a glacier, sure you can see everything from your balcony, but not when the ship does it's 180 so the other side can see. For me, I have to be on a high deck to get a 360 perspective of what I am seeing. If you want to see whales, you have a much BETTER chance by being outside, on a high deck. Sure you can see whales from your balcony, but what if they are on the other side of the ship, Gosh, you missed it. If you do get the balcony, don't just stay on it, get up on a higher deck for some of the more important things to see. Cheers Len
  11. As you can see from, my screen name, I am a huge Giants fan. We are on the Pride, end of October, and I asked this question of the board here, if I will be able to watch games while on the cruise. From the responses I got NO unless it is on a cable outlet (ESPN). Seems Carnival didn't pay their bill and are not showing any NFL games that are on broadcast TV, so any games on FOX, CBS or NBC won't be able to be viewed on the ship. At least that's the last word I heard about it. Cheers Len
  12. Sorry you feel that way. But I'll be darn if I have to stay for a show that is bad, or I don't like, because I might hurt the performers feelings. If you don't like a meal do you eat it anyway because you don't want to hurt the chefs feelings? Even if I paid for the show, and I didn't like it, I still would leave. I really can't believe you would stay and watch something you don't enjoy because you didn't want to hurt their feelings? Cheers Len
  13. Luggage tags are the same, Print them out, fold them over and staple, or clear tape them as we do. Dress code is probably the same as Carnival, sort of do you own thing as long as you are neat about it. We never wear shorts to dinner, but those that want to, can, and do. We never dress up for formal nights, but we always look presentable. MTD is just that. On RCCL they ask you to make a reservation time. There may be two lines, one for people with reservations and those without. If you made your reservation, you know which line to go on. Just inform the Maître D if you want to share a table, they usually ask. And, usually, those that have MTD are assigned to the second floor of the MDR. It will be on your ship card. check in is much different than Carnival. On RCCL, sort of first come, first served, unless you are Diamond or other higher tiers. They usually have separate lines for them, but NO Assigned times. Terrible procedure on Carnival. If you want to carry your own luggage off, same as Carnival. When the ship clears, they will announce those that want to carry their own luggage off can now do so. Hope this helps. Enjoy RCCL Cheers Len
  14. I have posted this many times, Stay away from the Straw market in Nassau. As has been said many time, just an entire block of pushy, not nice people, all selling the same exact junk that they get from the ship that arrives from China. But why just stop at Nassau, the same applies to many of the islands in the Caribbean. All selling the exact same stuff, all made in China. I know they try to make a living, but they could be polite about it. If you want authentic anything in Nassau, you have to find some small shop that sells authentic wares made in Nassau. Cheers Len
  15. I think a production show is a production show regardless of where you are watching it, Carnival or RCCL. Why, are Carnival dancers better than RCCL dancers, are Carnival singers better than other cruise lines singers? I don't think so. Singers are singers and dancers are dancers and they work where they can get it. I feel RCCL try's a bit harder on non production shows, to have better entertainment. Whether or not one likes it, is another story.. We have walked out on RCCL shows as well as Carnival shows. On our last cruise, on the RCCL Grandeur, I felt we had the best entertainment we have ever had in over 20 cruises. Every night was something good, with a remarkable band called Rookie, that got a standing ovation and called back for an encore, something I have never seen happen on any cruise. Carnival uses more ship talent and passenger talent to supplement the other days. That said, Carnival wins for comedy club, hands down. No other cruise line has a Punchliner just for comedy and then late night comedy. Band and piano bars are pretty much the same. I wouldn't be surprised if one band played RCCL one year and Carnival the next. They are all pretty much interchangeable. Cheer Len
  16. When we were in Rome, last year, we were sitting on the Spanish Steps and several people pulled out snacks etc. Immediate a guard came over and told them to either put it away or leave. (at least that's what I thought he said, it was in Italian) but the people got the message. No eating on the Steps. As for selfie sticks, they should be banned everywhere. Good for the pix taker, bad for everyone else. Cheers Len
  17. You have gotten some great advice, even some you didn't ask for. But, you know what, regardless of what you do, tip or not tip, drink or not drink, just sit back and enjoy the ride, oops, I mean cruise. You will love cruising as we all do. Cheers Len
  18. I think he was more trying to tell people to just get off of those big buses and see where you are. Myself, I have posted this many times, where I try and tell people to just STOP what you are doing, where ever you are, and 'Smell the Roses' as they say. Look around and really see where you are. Try and interact with the 'natives' and you will come away with a much better view of the place you are visiting. I used to tell this story, when we visited Tallinn. We did the 'walking tour' that was being used on this site, maybe 5 years ago. Everyone was using it. That's fine, we also followed along, but we also love to deviate and look for things, off the beaten path. We try and stay away from the touristy shops and look for local wares in small hidden shops. We found a small lovely shop selling things that we never saw anywhere else and my DW loved some of the wares. We chatted with the owner for about 25 minutes and just loved our experience there. IN Copenhagen, we also did a walking tour. On going back to the ship, it was a Sunday and we stopped for some ice cream in a park. There were many families enjoying the wonderful day and just by chance we started chatting with one family. well we spent close to an hour there with that family and another who came along. It just added to our experience in Copenhagen. My point being, things like that don't happen when you are schlepped from place to place on a tour bus, only getting off for a pix or a tour. Anyway, I just felt that was what Steves was trying to get across. Cheers Len
  19. Welcome to CC Bas. You picked a great ship. We loved our cruise on the Glory. How long will you be staying in the US? Are you planning to do any extra traveling while here?. You really shouldn't have any trouble with any sort of medication, especially if it is prescription. Hey, if not, try a few of the drinks of the day and that'll help you sleep fine. LOL Enjoy your first cruise and hope it will be the first of many. Cheers Len
  20. I respectfully disagree, 110% Unless you are doing a TA where no new entertainment can get onboard during the crossing, you get new entertainment all the time. Can't say it will be good or not, but that's the same on any cruise. Yes, there will be more upper tier people on board, but I have NEVER had any of them look down their noses at me for only being Gold. There are some 'snooties' in every category, but why criticize a group for no reason. And How do Golds hold up excursions? That's a new one Once again, why are the 'exciting' ports done at the beginning. You've got to be kidding, right. So longer cruises make people, who would normally be nice and kind, into some sort of wild animal that has lost all manners, spouts profanity and shoves everyone out of the way. Right? Just because they are on a longer cruise. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:And last, sickness is dominant on longer cruises. And you explain this by what reasoning? People on 7 day cruises don't cough and sneeze and then use the utensils on the Lido deck? Or is it that after 7 days people just can't stifle their sneezes anymore and walk around with boxes of Kleenex tied to their waists. I get it, you don't like any cruise longer than 7 days, but don't belittle those that do. Your exaggerations are really ridiculous. Cheers Len
  21. I just posted the article because I found it to be very enlightening and has several of the things we try and do when we tour outside of the USA. We did a Baltic cruise several years ago and we made it a point to have money from whatever countries we would be visiting, to use and spend. We wanted it to be the entire experience and to interact with the locals and show them you are trying to be part of their system, was great for us. When we returned, I posted our travels and how we did it on the Baltic Board and several people replied "Why bother, EVERYONE accepts the US dollar. It makes it so much easier'. If that is the way some want to travel, fine, but it really wasn't the way we wanted to do things and I, personally, felt it just adds to the way many people view Americans. Anyway, that's just us, and to each his own. Cheers Len
  22. Thanks so much. That is very helpful. I'll check out the bus web site. Cheers Len
  23. We did this last Dec. We did pre buy our tickets and we were told that there is a stop right outside the cruise port. Not so. There are 2 lines that you can do and transfer from one to the other in the main part of the city. But, from the cruise port, we had to walk about 1/4 mile to the location on their map. (I believe it was stop #9) but don't quote me on that. What did bother us was we were there bright and early and the buses weren't running yet. Again, we were there early December and that may have had an effect on the time table, but the stop is the stop and that was the closest we could pick up the HoHo. If they make a stop nearer the cruise port JUST at some times of the year, it isn't on their map. It is a straight walk and very easy but it is a walk there and a walk back to the terminal. Cheers Len
  24. We are doing the Rhapsody this year, TA, Barcelona to Tampa. In fact, we have also booked it for next year as well. But we are experienced cruisers. We did our first TA last year and loved it, but as some have said, you have to 'learn' what you will like about cruising and what you won't like about it. Ourselves, we just love the sea days and doing 7 sea days crossing the Atlantic was a dream come true. Maybe you have been at sea before. If not, like most of the others, I would try a shorter cruise at first to see if cruising is really for you. Maybe you will find you love the idea of going to a different port every day and the excitement of seeing so many new places. Maybe you just want o lay back and watch the ocean as the ship cruises across the Atlantic. Really, I would do a 5-7 cruise before settling on a TA. You could book the TA, try another cruise first and if it isn't for you, just cancel the TA. BTW, I think you will love cruising. Cheers Len
  25. Not very much to choose from, if memory holds. Some wrapped sandwiches cookies and other assorted snacks and probably a few other things. cheers Len
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