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  1. My feelings exactly....first cruise with the entire family (10 of us) in May and spent over 10,000, which is a lot of money for us. It was everyone’s Xmas present. We are hoping Carnival makes the decision to offer a cruise credit, which we are fine with, and we don’t lose that money. We having been cruising with Carnival over 15 yrs, twice a year and if this ends bad we will be done. I’m so sad for my kids and grandkids about this 🥺
  2. Perfect! Thanks! I don’t know why I couldn’t find that.
  3. Taking the whole family on Pride in May. My 2 young grandsons drink a lot of milk. Can my daughter and SIL take 2 12 packs of Horizon boxed milk instead of soda? I know they have milk on the ship but more than once I’ve poured spoiled milk on my morning oatmeal 🤮
  4. I too would like an update on Taino Beach? We are going in May. How far from cruise port? Kid friendly? Food?
  5. Anyone know if Ken will be back from vaca by May 3rd on Pride. He’s amazing in the MDR! Awesome voice 😊
  6. How do we know if our cruise will have an 80’s party or white night? Some cruises we are on do, some do not? Taking the adult kids and grandkids on Pride in May and they would love to bring outfits along for these parties but it’s a waste of precious packing space if they don’t have.
  7. I had no idea. I always make homemade cookies to snack on in the plane then I throw them in my carryon and take on ship. 26 cruises and never questioned 🤷‍♀️
  8. Grand Lucayan Radissan or Taino Beach with grandchildren (ages 1, 4, 6 and 10) + the grandkids parents so 10 of us. We are looking for beach fun to tire the kids out 🙂 only in port (on Carnival Pride) from 8:00 to 1:00 but we will be ready to get off and let the kids enjoy the water. It sounds like both are about a 20 minute shuttle ride. Any thoughts?
  9. I have used a TA for 15 years and never received any perks....no onboard credit, nothing ever waiting in the room, no urgency when I make special requests. I'm jealous of all you ppl that have great TA's. I have switched to just booking directly on Carnivals website. It's so easy and I can pick my room and my dining time.
  10. Did they refurb the rooms or are they still the Carnival peach? We go in May. I love the ships with the updated rooms. Even paradise was updated when I went to Cuba in April 😃
  11. I have read MANY posts on the "best" beach in Barbados and have come to the conclusion everyone likes something different. And one person's best beach may not be the next person's 🙂 So I have decided on Brandon's Beach for me and hubby. Anyone know if you need to make reservations ahead of time or you can just show up? Our ship gets in at 8:00 so we will be fairly early.
  12. Wow...thanks! As many cruises as I have been on and I never knew that. Worked great and I found out what I needed:)
  13. Anyway I can tell how many can be in a room without having to call my TA. We have 3 oceanview rooms booked with kids/grandkids and I would like to move 1 grandkid to a room that has 2 in it. I need to know if that room has a trundle or bunkbed to make that possible. Thought maybe a site somewhere would show that??
  14. Just a side note: This is a completely paid cruise for all the kids and grandkids. The only cost they will have is the balance of the sail and sign card. And yes, all of my kids, and maybe even more so the grandkids, have been begging us to take a family cruise. I didn't want the BF to feel left out cause I really do like him......I just wish he would have felt comfortable telling ME and not my daughter since she feels like she's in the middle now. My 10 YO grandaughter will be over the moon though since she will get to room with her fav Aunt!
  15. Thanks everyone for your responses....I'm starting to feel better. I also CANNOT for the life of me figure out why anyone would not want to go on a free cruise. Who would be on the fence over this???? The "surprise" is at Christmas(and no, I will not do this way again) and the cruise is not till next May 2020. We are on Pride out of Baltimore so we can all drive to the port. AND we are going to 1/2 moon AND I rented 2 cabanas. Sigh...these kids don't deserve this.....me, hubby and Alchemy from now on
  16. So my husband and I have been on 20+ cruises and it's our getaway. We LOVE Carnival and have only cruised Carnival. On the last cruise my DH talked me into booking a family cruise, kids and grandkids. It will be the Xmas present for all and they will be very excited. So here's the issue.....I asked daughter #2's BF if he would like to go along. They have been together a long time and he will probably be a SIL eventually. He said yes and was very excited. I told him not to tell anyone, it's a surprise. Daughter #2 calls me today and says he told her and he can't go. He has anxiety issues and decided this is not something he can do. REALLY! Why couldn't he tell me that when I asked?? So, now she knows about the Xmas surprise and I already added him and paid. Final payment is due in 2 weeks. Here's the question.....I have daughter #1 and her husband and 2 kids in a room. If I move one of the grankids to daughter#2's room and cancel boyfriend will I pay a huge cancellation fee before final payment. And yes, this was early saver:( I'll ask my TA when she gets back from vaca in 10 days but I'm SO annoyed right now and thought maybe someone had insight. If I eat 1,000 over this I will be beyond annoyed! AND I told hubby this is last family cruise. Too much drama and no one even knows about it yet....it will get worse. Too many personalities with 12 ppl…..sigh!
  17. Those who use a TA .....do you think it’s still worth it? Are you getting a better deal then just going on carnivals website and booking yourself? I have used a TA for 10+ yrs but feel like I do all the work. I pick the ship, the dates and the room I want, then I call her and she books it. I don’t feel like the price is any better than what I see online? She prints and sends my docs but really I can do that. So why am I still using a TA?? ( oh and I don’t get any “freebies” as far as onboard credit, a bottle of wine etc. I know some ppl said they get those perks with a TA)
  18. Just off Paradise cruise to Key West and Havana, Cuba. This was a girlfriends cruise and my 22nd on Carnival. Most definitely one of my top 5. Love the size of Fantasy class ships. My hubby and I were in a Havana cabana room on Vista a couple mths ago and I honestly loved this porthole room with my bff just as much. The ship looks great after the 2.0 upgrades, minus Alchemy:( The food was good, had the best dining room crew ever and a wonderful room steward. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this ship and crew. I normally don’t even notice cruise directors but Mel was awesome. She is so energetic and fun without being overbearing. But the best part of this cruise, and the reason we went, was Cuba...AMAZING!!! If you get the chance definitely go. It was the best experience I have had on any island I’ve been on!!! Took an all day tour, first 2 hours of a convertible 57 Chevy , lunch and then a 3 hr walking tour. I booked it through Cuban tours and the owner Jimmie was our guide. Best guide of any excursion I’ve ever taken. Just an amazing cruise from beginning to end!!!
  19. Perfect...thanks. Yes, I was going to use one of the plastic cups they have and fill my bottle from that.
  20. REALLY stupid question and I apoligize.....we are leaving for Cuba Saturday and I heard it is really really hot. We have a bunch of cheap water bottles at home and I want to take one to use in Cuba and then throw it away (I need all the space I can get with trinkets I pick up coming home). I have a metal bottle but it has a pretty small opening. Question: I get ice all the time on the ships but I forget if it's cubes or crushed. If it's cubes it will not fit in the mouth of the bottle. Anyone remember?
  21. Well they are stupid and will definately be staying in the room when we leave. I have yet to receive anything worth keeping (with the exception of the Tervis). I really don't need these "gifts". They just take up room in my luggage and we only take carryon when we fly.
  22. Soooo....If I leave next Saturday on Paradise to Cuba it's now not happening?? When does this take effect ... and how safe is this now? Ugh!!!
  23. So, I'm kinda freaking out.....I was really looking forward to my Cuba cruise next week but my TA just called and totally confused me. First EVERYTHING you purchase in Cuba she said you need a receipt. I asked her about the street vendors and she was very vague about that??? Second, and most annoying, she said we can not exchange US money, period. I need to get Euro's or Canadian money before we go and then can exchange that. She said Cuba will definately not accept US money on the street, that it's illegal. And when you go to exhange your money at the CADECA office they will not exchange US money. Anyone recently in Cuba that can verify this?
  24. I will check him out on our April 27th cruise. I need a good bartender since no Alchemy!
  25. So hubby and I are taking kids/grandkids on a cruise May 2020. We have been platinum for a few years now. We told kids we would hang with them in line and all check in together. My hubby and I want to link our S&S cards with the kids rooms so we can check the grandkids out of kids club, get off ship with them etc. But now we realized since we are getting a cabana at 1/2 moon we need to get to the excursion desk quickly to pick a prime cabana as far down the beach as possible. BTW, I find that annoying why can’t you pick your cabana when you sign up online? Anyway, if we get on and leave kids in the long line 😂 that takes longer can we link our S&S cards at guest services?
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