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  1. I agree, we now have some imported cases too, they are pushing for a trans tasman bubble but right now the territories of Australia have not yet opened their borders for Australians, we are booked for Feb 6 on Celebrity so had and still hope but will make a call to cancel in August if its still looking unlikely
  2. Just had to recheck your post, can you private message me re your arrangement? Wendycohen.nz at gmail dot com?
  3. I would equally be concerned right now about the situation in Hong Kong, we cruised from there last October arriving on Chinese National Day, there were riots going on all day, fortunately for us we landed at night and queued for 2 hours for a taxi to the hotel and on the advice of our concierge had a safe day before we cruised out.
  4. The Governments of Australia and New Zealand are considering a travel bubble, meaning an encased area (with clean air within I guess) that is virtually COVID free, therefore allowing travel between countries. The term bubble was created initially to describe the people you live with during Lockdown, so my hubby and I were one bubble!! I am still not sure about Australia and New Zealand welcoming cruise ships as they want us to spend our holiday dollars staying in our travel bubble, the income from cruises are great, but the passengers don’t fill hotels in struggling resorts they visit.....
  5. I too have heard that, it would be great if they could but where would the crew come from? There would have to be some serious cleaning and testing a period of quarantine before they could allow passengers on board and then only Australians or Kiwis would have to fill the ship, not sure if that would work, maybe, would love it myself if they could do it soon!!
  6. https://cruisepassenger.com.au/australia-extends-cruise-ban-as-lines-find-ways-to-relaunch-their-ships/
  7. I have just read Australia have now extended their ban on cruise ships up to 17th September. Australia and New Zealand are aiming for zero and elimination of COV-ID having done so well up to now, I am fearful they will not want cruise ships coming into ports until either a vaccine or the UK/USA have eliminated the virus. The problem is where the cruise ship comes from, who is on board, not just passengers but crew too, our next cruise is from Melbourne to the South Pacific in February 2021, I am not sure the ship will be allowed into Melbourne even though I could probably be able to fly there from New Zealand in our bubble. I have until the end of August to cancel and get a full refund of our deposit, so its in the diary to decide then. Our Governments have taken a very hard line on Track, trace and test and isolation very early on and its been a great success. Sadly we have no cruise ships of our own, I would love to cruise around New Zealand!!! Take care and fingers crossed this horrible disease disappears!
  8. I think we should all be grateful that we have our health and obviously some wealth to weather this storm, from a financial perspective we are actually saving heaps of money by not cruising in 2020 and we have the opportunity to go cruising in 2021 at no additional cost as you have your FCC to pay for it. I think one needs to be pragmatic about the situation. Keep safe and well and hopefully we will all be sailing again soon!
  9. I moved my Galapagos cruise to next May, was due to go this May, we added on a private land tour on return to Guayaquil and my Agent who does land tours through South America was pretty happy to re-book us for next year as they are expecting some normality back by then so that’s hopeful!!
  10. Do Japan by land, we did it a few years back, it is amazing and by land you can really immerse yourself in the culture, use the bullet trains to move from place to place, we were on Azamara last October 2019 Hong Kong/Taiwan/Phillipines. Our next cruise is Celebrity Eclipse, leaves Melbourne for the Pacific Islands in February 2020 so fingers crossed that goes ahead, we only have to jump over the Tasman sea for that one! Take care!!
  11. That’s great news, I think they have to be awesome to keep us coming back, I noticed last time I looked there was only one cabin type that was not waitlisted so our trip is almost fully booked it seems, lets keep fingers cross life gets back to normal soon, we seem to have squashed the virus here in New Zealand but everyone else in the world needs to do it before we can leave and come back here!! Take care and see you on board!
  12. I agree, we keep accumulating credits for all the 2020 trips we had planned and these companies will be very happy to retain us as customers, it is so much easier to retain customers than acquire new ones, as anyone in sales will tell you. We will continue to ask for credits rather than refunds (although a trip we had booked for 1st May with New Zealand rail automatically refunded us) and as we are no longer travelling in 2020 and hopefully use our credits in 2021, so in a bizarre way we are actually saving money by not buying new trips in 2021-makes sense?? Take care everyone, lets make sue we stay healthy so we can see each other on the other side!!
  13. No update, my TA is pretty hopeless so I have no idea!! She is in lockdown too, at least she has not lost her job, she has always been slow and I only went with them in the first place as they were offering a good deal. I have asked her for the Intinary and confirmation of my cabin number, I have told her NOT to ask if there are additional costs and wait to see if they ask for more money. The only things I know is that you are not normally able to see your cruise on Mysilversea website until you have paid the balance, also I do not think they can put you on a cruise without getting your signature to agree to pay additional costs, so my thinking is they have just switched me. The pricing for next year is on the website so you should look and see what they are asking. The current pricing for the cruise I am on next year is $3,000 NZ Dollars more than we paid for the Silver Galapagos, there are also early booking discounts available, I have taken a screen shot of their pricing at this time in case they start asking for a lot more later on, so I have a copy of their published pricing now. I will be interested to see what happens, I will keep this thread updated as soon as i know!
  14. I think I requested the transfer as soon as they published their ‘new’ cancellation policy giving you up to 2 days before the cruise to cancel, as I said, I was mostly worried at the time that the May 2021 sailings would get booked out early if lots of people decided to do what I did and switch and I really did not want to miss the boat. Did not even occur to me to see if they cancelled as at the time I was more worried about flights being cancelled rather than the sailing!
  15. We are on the 22nd May 2021 cruise - I decided very early on to get ourselves switched as I was fearful the ship would be booked out, so asked our TA to request a move, then things got worse and have not been told by my TA that we have been switched, prompted by the surveys others were receiving I logged on to Mysliversea and was taken aback to see I now have 413 days before sailing pop up, I am hoping my TA will confirm that there are no additional charges for this switch, I don’t think you get your cruise posted until you have paid your final balance so fingers crossed, hope to see you on board, only 412 days to go!!!
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