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  1. https://www.cruisetradenews.com/norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-cancels-october-sailings/ I am guessing Celebrity won't be far behind. We had a Panama canal Celebrity cruise booked for Oct 29 2020...did a lift and shift to Oct 2021 a few weeks back. Next up for us is a HAL South American cruise Feb 2021....not counting on that one either.
  2. Thank you so much for posting....I sure miss cruising and reading your review gives me hope 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more about your cruise. Happy sailing!!
  3. We just did a lift and shift for Panama Canal from Oct 2020 to Oct 2021. Price has gone up considerably since we booked. I asked about upgrading and the cost was the difference between what we paid and today's price, so essentially we would be booking at today's prices. We declined to upgrade. Will keep an eye on prices and hopefully upgrade at some point, or try to do a move up bid.
  4. As a fellow Canadian, we are hoping that when things start to open up we could look at doing some road trips and explore more of our beautiful country. We have been to Vancouver once (not for a cruise) and to the Martimes several times. We would happily return as well as visit some places we haven't yet seen. Not sure whether we would be up for flying anytime soon so may come down to how far we are willing to drive once things open up and we feel safe. We are retired so have lots of time on our hands. Today we drove from our house in Aylmer, Quebec across the bridge to Ottawa to do a birthday parade for my 6 year old granddaughter. A half hour drive and the furthest we have been since early March!! I feel lucky to live in a country as beautiful as Canada and will happily spend more of my tourism dollars in my own country . Stay safe all!
  5. We have received a full refund for our cancelled April 12 cruise to Hawaii. I originally thought we only received a partial refund, but my bad I needed to look a little closer at my invoice. Our invoice looks as follows: I was expecting a refund of 5138 however our fare was discounted by 1556. So we have received a total refund of 3842 (cruise fare less discount plus taxes). All that is missing is the airfare of $2009 which Choice Air has advised will be refunded (we do not want a credit). I know others have reported only receiving a partial refund....maybe double check your invoice just in case....
  6. Thanks but we aren't allowed to cross the bridge...unless this could be considered an essential service lol!
  7. DH and I collect the little pillow chocolates and bring them home for our grandkids. We have a little tin we keep them in and its become a tradition that when they come for a visit they have a chocolate from the tin. They even know that the X stands for Celebrity. Trust me there is no shortage of treats for them at Grandma's house but somehow the little chocolate from the tin has become a special treat for them. We cruise often enough that the tin hasn't been empty....until now. Its a small thing I know but somehow it seems symbolic. I hope that everyone is staying healthy and we get through this sooner than later and return to a new and improved "normal".
  8. We purchased those patches about 5 years ago for our very first cruise and never ended up using them. I also bought sea bands and other meds since it was our first cruise and I was very nervous about getting seasick. Turned out all I needed was some ginger gravol. Have had several cruises since with only ginger gravol and never been sick. I've started to clean out cupboards while we are safely staying home. I came across the patches and they have expired. I've added them to a bag of expired meds to take to the drugstore when we can go out.
  9. I just received an email from Choice Air Supervisor as follows: Thank you for your email. We have received your request. We are working closely with the airlines to find a solution on nonrefundable fares. We understand the pandemic has interrupted many travel plans and understand the concern our guests have for not being able to use the credit at all and or before expiration. We will contact you once we have a response from the airlines on how this will be addressed. Please allow 7-10 business days. We appreciate your patience.
  10. From what I can tell all the flights we were booked on have been cancelled. In thinking more about this, the airlines don't even have our contact info as we booked thru X, the charge on our credit card was for Celebrity Cruises, and the flights were never ticketed. I did not use a TA everything was booked directly with X. So wouldn't it be X responsibility to let us know that the flights were cancelled given the carriers don't have a way to contact us? I understand these are unprecedented times but that is no excuse for X to shirk their responsibility. I worked for years in an environment were there were often unforeseen spikes in workload, and you have to find a way to get the work done. That is what you are paid to do. The airlines are very busy too and this is causing extra work and confusion for all involved. At the very least there should be some coordination between the cruise lines and airlines on how this will be handled. I have no problem with sitting on hold for a few hours, but not to be told you need to contact X we can't help you.
  11. Thanks for posting this letter...looks like this is a common problem. I will probably get the same response. I find it interesting that they state this is the standard protocol. We had a cruise to Japan booked that was cancelled 2 months ago due to the virus. Our nonrefundable Air Canada airfare was refunded directly by X. The letter we received from X for our Japan cancellation made it clear that they would take care of airfare refunds. Now for our most recent cruise cancellation X has changed the rules re nonrefundable air and shifted the work to us.
  12. Thanks I hadn't thought to check both carriers. Part of our flight was with United. Just checked and I can see our reservation was cancelled and credit was issued. What I can't tell from their website is whether it is a credit voucher or actual refund. Will see if X addresses this in their reply to my email.
  13. Thanks good to hear from someone who also booked AC thru Choice Air. I just got off the phone with Choice and they gave me the email for the Choice Air supervisor. The address is choiceairsupervisors@rccl.com in case anyone is looking for it. I have just sent them an email and also sent it to our cruise planner as we booked the cruise directly with X. I will report back when I get a response. Thanks to all who replied....much appreciated! Hopefully I will be able to provide a helpful update soon.
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