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  1. I'm sorry, I can't imagine this would be a concern. I got a full refund from a cancelled cruise, darn happy Carnival dedicated staff to that. I have a sense my PVP is gone, as he hasn't returned an email and that isn't like him, but it would never have occurred to me that Carnival should contact me in this regard. I think they have bigger fish to fry right now.
  2. I would be interested in booking either a Radiance TA or PC, if the dates work, and if either voyage actually exists to book. Has anyone heard anything as to the possibilities?
  3. I think you have to physically go to the muster station to prove you know where it is located.
  4. Cool Cruiser, Mexico is open, AIs are very happy to take your business, see my earlier post on this thread. Also, most of them have no money down reservation options, and late full payment dates with flexible cancellation policies. My vacation started on July 11th, and I could have cancelled for a full refund up through 7/7.
  5. We have a Thanksgiving cruise booked on Panorama. I'm hoping the ship sails, but I refuse to go if there will be masks, small grouping etc... I was just at an AI last week and the safety precautions took away from the experience. We didn't have to wear masks at the resort, but the bare tables, menus on blackboards, no buffet, no coffee maker in the room... They did the best they could and we had a good time but I don't need to experience that kind of vacation again. Really wondering what to do as we're booked through a big box TA and final payment is due August 9th.
  6. I received full refunds today on two cabins, deposits included, on the 7/13 Sun sailing cancelled by NCL. Submitted my refund requests on the first day the refund form was available for this sailing, 4/20. Thank-you NCL. I will probably sail with them again, but never book anything until the last minute, given the poor communications on the refund...had I not read CC I wouldn't have realized that the refund was possible. Every communication was strictly FCC. But all's well that ends well...now just waiting to see if are Latitudes account is credited the 22 nights.
  7. Had an April 6th cruise booked with my mom, cancelled by Carnival, we requested a refund. A couple of weeks later saw a deal on Panorama for July, asked my PVP if we could change the refund request to FCC and book. He said yes, we booked, paid in full, and as you all know July was cancelled. I requested a refund of the July cruise fare over the amount paid for April, plus the original April fare, and received it on my credit card this morning. Carnival treated us well, and fingers crossed that my Thanksgiving Panorama cruise happens. In my opinion Carnival is doing a great job given a horrific set of circumstances. I will make a point of sailing with them at least once per year going forward.
  8. Holding fast for Thanksgiving cruise on the Panorama. Death rates are going down, I think we'll all be looking at a much different picture w/in a month.
  9. Same across most cruise lines. I finally got a chef's dinner refunded from Carnival but still waiting on cabin refunds from NCL and Carnival. Finally booked an AI for July as I have to have some type of vacation this summer. Think how happy we'll all be when we get our refunds.
  10. Have never even considered wiping down the room. I can live my life and assume things will probably be okay, or I can be afraid of every T.V. remote or buffet utensil. I'm 58, I'm never sick...going to go with optimism.
  11. I think the important word is "may", no one knows what will actually happen.
  12. I remember your review, loved it and your positive attitude. I was on the Joy last year as well, my first solo cruise and I enjoyed every minute of it.
  13. Arrows directing traffic are not in all CA stores, thank goodness. I told DH it would be like the commissary at Scott AFB in the 80s. Been there and done it, don't want to experience again.
  14. I am not wearing a mask to cruise. Like several others I think this would be short-lived and difficult to enforce.
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