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  1. Yay, another Maureen review! Have a wonderful time and thank-you for your fabulous reviews past and present.
  2. I checked this morning for our Panorama sailing on 12/28/19...all the Coke products were gone from statroom beverages. I kicked my diet Coke habit of 40 years 2-3 years ago. Good thing as I hate Pepsi.
  3. If you want any place to sit other than a desk chair you should go with the deluxe balcony.
  4. Virtopia, I hope you do a review, I've enjoyed reading yours in the past.
  5. We loved our one MSC cruise. Unobtrusive, excellent service, a beautiful ship, wonderful food and great value. Yes, it is a different experience. If you don't enjoy interacting with those of different cultures it probably isn't for you. DH is retired AF so we lived abroad twice. Because of this we realize our American way of waiting in lines, taking turns, etc... is not the norm in the rest of the world. I also found that the passengers on MSC were much better dressed, and we often saw families playing cards, or doing an activity as a family group, even when the children were teenagers. Not like on American lines where each age group hangs together. We are sailing MSC again next spring, and I am so looking forward to it. A trip to Italy and a cruise at the same time, can't beat that value!
  6. We are on the 12/28/19 cruise. Requested La Cucina which we received a "yes" on w/in a week...the Steakhouse took longer, I booked the first day available and got the confirmation email a few days ago. One nice thing, they don't charge you for the reservation. Used to RC where you reserve and pay at the same time. That said I prefer the RC system.
  7. Regarding the Chorizo remarks...there is Mexican Chorizo which those of us in California use in eggs, chili beans, tacos, etc... Spanish Chorizo is more Kielbasa like in that you can slice it and it has different spice components. They're both yummy, but not the same thing at all.
  8. I think there is a drydock coming up next year, perhaps that is when the change will take place. I've been looking too, trying to decide if we want to try those for an Alaska cruise.
  9. We haven't been on Carnival in over 15 years, but very excited for our Panorama cruise in December. We were on the Bliss in April, and I did a solo on Joy in June. Loved both the NCL ships. The Concierge Lounge on deck 15 is wonderful, very easy to spend the whole day there, with comfortable chairs and couches, small buffets, a bar, and the Joy Concierge Lounge even has a Starbucks. Service was wonderful. If you have a Balcony or above there is a coffee maker in the room which was a huge plus for me. With all the perks I ended up walking off of my solo cruise w/ more cash than I started with, (I had the $50/port excursion credit, as well as $100 Latitudes and $100 from my TA).
  10. I reserved for the Steakhouse and La Cucina as soon as the system opened up for our 12/28 cruise, haven't heard back yet. I checked my spam filter too.
  11. We are booked for the 12/28 cruise and very excited about a new ship on the west coast. The flight to Florida, along with the extra days and extra money gets old. Happy with the new ship, but I agree w/ some of the PPs, a Hawaii cruise would be fabulous.
  12. Love this, sailing on the Joy 6/22 so happy to read a review from someone who sounds like me. Made a note about souvenir stop, I'm seeing new pjs in my future 🙂
  13. It's a gift. If it isn't to your taste give to someone who will appreciate it, or leave in the cabin. Good manners mean you accept it in the spirit given. No one is ever impressed with rude behavior, no matter how discerning the palate.
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