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  1. Overall I find your critique fair. I’m on the Odyssey now. I’m enjoying the food and the service. Of course there’s always a few issues, which for me so far are minor. We’re all different...I happen to like my food well seasoned, so salt has never been an issue.
  2. All observations and criticisms were fair. There’s staff changeover at the beginning of many longer cruises, especially prior to the fall/ spring crossings. I’ve noticed over the years that service can get a little rocky until the kitchen gets into a rhythm. Ive been following another Seabourn veteran passenger on this cruise ( on another social website ) that seems mostly satisfied, at least in terms of food. We’re boarding the Odyssey tomorrow for six weeks, so hopefully the kinks have been worked out !
  3. I read the review and thread and overall I think the observations were fair. Seabourn is good but not perfect. A decade ago I sailed on Regent exclusively and I liked it...until I tried Seabourn which I now prefer. I like the informality and style of Seabourn versus Regent or even Oceania. Hopefully your next Seabourn cruise will be an improvement, especially if there’s better weather !
  4. @Roxbugh. Yes! I always check the pricing before final payment. Seabourn will adjust to the prevailing price at that time.
  5. I never noticed any difference. If any thing they seem somewhat larger because of the larger TV?
  6. We had that section as part of our Sojourn itinerary earlier this year . It’s ok. Manila is a little hectic, the other stops were island stops where the main activity was snorkeling. Borkay was closed buy the government so we stopped somewhere else, something like 100 islands... Honestly the highlight stops were Georgetown and Saigon . Our cruise stopped extensively in Indonesia, at least nine ports. Indonesia was interesting but mostly undeveloped humid without too much to see that didn’t become repetitive.
  7. The prices go up as the cabins sell out... sometimes there’s a price drop after final payment as some people cancel. Re: Celebrity. I’m finished with them. Even if you have a nice suite you are still hounded day and night with photography packages, drink packages, dining packages, art sales, jewelry sales, on and on. Then there’s lunch at the Oceanview cafe buffet..survival of the fittest meets high school cafeteria. The food in Luminae is mediocre at best. Then there’s the crowds and full elevators, nowhere to sit at the pool or coffee shop. Sure , it’s nice if you stay locked in your room.......
  8. Seabourn hasn’t released their summer 2020 schedule, never mind the Fall.
  9. Many of the wines keep changing, but some remain the same. I’ve been on many cruises in which my preferred wine gets used up and doesn’t get replaced. Many of us have been on longer cruises where the availability of many wines is exhausted and we await the next shipment with anticipation. I’m always frustrated with this answer “. Yes, we received a new shipment of wine but it’s still awaiting to be unpacked and inventoried “. Even wines on the premium list have only a few bottles in inventory at any given time...
  10. I didn’t like Oceania food. It’s the main reason that I wouldn’t sail on their ships again. In comparison, I’ve always liked Seabourn food...yes, there’s occasional less than wonderful meals, but on the whole the food is good. I especially like eating outside the Collonade at night in the covered patio area.
  11. The Seabourn staff doesn’t “ angle “ for tips. I personally have never seen any tipping during a cruise. The few people that I have extended a gratuity to were pleasantly surprised and didn’t expect it, and it was given on the last day. They weren’t working for a gratuity that they never expected. As with all things, this should be put into perspective....
  12. One quick thought : I think we need to differentiate between giving a staff member a gratuity upon disembarkation as a thank you for exceptional service/ friendship etc, versus the example Jenni gave where a guest tips in advance or during a cruise in the hopes of getting preferential treatment. On my last cruise my stewardess went out of her way to be extra helpful. I gave her a gratuity with a nice note upon disembarkation. It’s not expected nor required yes, but in my case I thought it was the right thing to do. This is a job, and these people work long hours. As I’ve said, IMO be guided by your conscience, propriety and whatever you personally feel comfortable with!
  13. One of the only issues is the anchor noise deck five forward on the Odyssey class ships. If you don’t like being awakened by loud metal cranking while the anchor is lowered at 7 am , ok. but I found it annoying.
  14. Yes! We often go to the Observation bar before dinner, I like to sit at the bar...I’m a 60yo guy with my somewhat younger Latina looking wife. Say hi!
  15. Omg, I can’t believe this old thread I started three years ago has been resurrected! .....that being said, I’ve now sailed on Seabourn perhaps 7-8 more times as I approach 300 days. My perspective has changed somewhat. I still give my stewardess a gratuity, based on how many days I’ve been on the ship. Sometimes I give the baristas or wait staff something if there’s someone that’s helped me a lot. I never give anyone a gratuity until I disembark. There’s no formula, and as I think about it, I haven’t given a gratuity ( tip ) to a host or hostess in years.... Obviously I fill out the comment card and notate everyone that I appreciated, and the list is generally a long one. I think everyone should do as they like, and be guided by their own sense of propriety and conscience.
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