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  1. Update from onboard the Navigator. My son's pin did NOT set off the metal detector. My Samsung smartwatch, however, did set it off. Go figure. Thanks for everyone's input.
  2. Thanks everyone! If the pin sets the detector off, they can wand him and tell that something under his cast near his wrist is what is setting it off. I am just not sure what they do from there - hopefully take me on my word that it is a metal surgical pin that is sticking out of his arm under the cast. For what it is worth, I have a photo of the x-ray showing the pin. Patting him down will not really do any good as they cannot tell what is under the cast. If he had the pin inside his arm and didn't have the cast - the wand would work great, as they could tell it was something inside him and not just something hidden inside his cast. The fact that the pin is under his cast and they cannot see what is there - is what is worrying me. Hopefully it is not the type of metal that will set the thing off to begin with and all of this worry is for nothing! I am going to call the Orthopedic Surgeon's office in the morning to see if they know if it will or will not. I sure could use someone waiting on me after the past few weeks of dealing with this injury & surgery! 🙂
  3. Well thankfully we live in Florida and don't need to fly to get to Miami. So no worries about that! I appreciate the information!
  4. Hmm - well he has to be real careful not to bang his arm since he does have a pin sticking out from his arm underneath his cast and both bones were broken pretty badly. We got one of the clear covers which he has been using for showering. I will look into the blue neoprene ones, maybe that will at least allow some fun as a consolation prize for not getting to do the new water slides on-board or at Coco Cay. Thanks so much for the suggestion!
  5. We are driving to Miami - thankfully! I have read that with the pin being under a cast - so not visible - that airport security could be an issue, since they cannot visually verify what is setting it off. Was hoping that it might be ok at the cruise port. Don't want to take the days off of work and drive all of the way to Miami if there is a chance we cannot go on the cruise.
  6. My son broke his arm recently and they had to place a temporary pin in it during surgery to hold the bones together. The pin is under a plaster arm cast. We are scheduled to sail on the Navigator this Friday. We would still like to go on our cruise - even if we cannot partake in any of the water activities on-board or at Coco Cay. 😞 It is our first cruise as Diamond. He doesn't get the cast off and the pin taken out until after we get back from our cruise. Does anybody know if this pin will set off the metal detectors boarding the ship? I am concerned as it is underneath a thick cast so there is no way for security to actually see the pin if he does set off the detector. I sent an email to the RCCL Special Needs Department asking them about this and am awaiting a response when they reopen tomorrow. I was hoping someone here may have had experience with this sort of thing. Anyone? Thanks so much!
  7. We are booked on Adventure OTS on Nov 18th for a 6 night cruise. How many formal nights are there? We have only ever sailed on 7 night cruises so wasn't sure if there were still 2. Thanks! Janella
  8. Does anyone know if the balcony dividers can be opened on the Adventure of the Seas? We will be on Deck 9 and have 2 adjacent Balcony cabins and were hoping that we can open up the outdoor space. Thanks! Janella
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