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  1. I’ve stayed there twice. Resort area is spread out, covers a large area. You may be pretty far away from main lodge, check in area. We were happy with it although the rooms were rather small. Area is along the river and absolutely gorgeous. Hubby and I walked across the street, browsed in the souvenir stores, took shuttle to Denali and hiked, went to the Visitors center. We opted out of the Natural History tour and took the Tundra Wilderness tour instead as it went much farther into the park. We did see the dinner theater show there at the lodge. Food was mediocre and acting seemed to be about high school play quality. Woman across from me was raving about the food and the show. Maybe it was just me.....
  2. You guys have all been very encouraging. Yes, unless there’s complications or something, I’ll go. I’ve been so looking forward to sailing on the Bliss. Thanks for the encouragement. Now if Friday would get here so I could have the surgery and start the healing........
  3. Thank you all so much! I guess I just needed to hear this. Yes, I’ll have lots of help, hubby is sweet and helpful but best of all my daughter is a nurse practitioner who works for the orthopedic surgeon who’ll be doing my surgery. She’ll be a big help. I guess I was focused on what I couldn’t do or what would be hard to do, not thinking about having the same issues here at home. Yep, plan is to go unless there’s complications or something. Thanks for all the positive words.
  4. You’re probably right! As hubby said, no cleaning, no cooking, and we do have the drink package. I’m just feeling like having a pity party I guess. I’m sure I’ll be fine.
  5. Yeah they’re making me pretty nauseous. Even with taking Zofran. But, hoping the pain will be less after surgery. Thanks all. I’m just feeling pretty lousy. Hopefully much better by the 16th.
  6. So myself, hubby, daughter and grandson are booked in adjoining mini-suites on the 16 June sailing on Bliss, RT Alaska from Seattle. We’re traveling with my brother in law and his family. We are all very excited. Until..... Yesterday I broke my left arm badly and will have surgery this Friday, one week from when we fly. My surgeon says it’s not too complicated of a fix, but I’ll have some hardware. Hopefully all will go well, and I’ll be in much less (or no) pain, but will be in a short arm cast. Today I cancelled my Thermal Spa Pass. Figured I wouldn’t want to take additional chances of the cast getting wet in the pool or sauna so no use spending the money. I can lounge in the Observation lounge I guess. But I’m seriously considering canceling the trip. We have insurance and cruise fare would be reimbursed. Flying AA and will be charged $125pp and have 1 year to rebook flights. I’m just afraid I’ll be miserable. This will be my 3rd time to Alaska. We don’t have any excursions planned I’d need to cancel, like zip-lining. Hubby says he’ll do whatever I think best. I’m just kind of afraid. One week after surgery seems a bit too soon. My plan today is wait until a couple days after surgery to see how it goes. What do you guys and gals think? How would you feel if this was you?
  7. We went in late May 2017. The biting flies and /or mosquitos ruined it for us. Take bug spray!!
  8. Wow, I will be on my 3rd next month. I’d love to go 17 times!
  9. Our most favorite thing in Ketchikan was flying with Island Wings to Misty Fiords. I understand with the recent crash(es), you may be hesitant to do this, but it was amazing and we felt safe with Michelle. Of course, you can’t always be assured everyone else in the sky is as safe. I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with her again though.
  10. When I was on the Breakaway in Feb, I spoke with someone who works for NCL while waiting for the band to begin in Syds and he said Getaway was getting the 2nd Syd Norman’s Pour House. Can’t wait, I’ll be on her in November!
  11. I completely forgot to mention the absolute BEST EVER thing in Fairbanks. We did it the day before our flight and therefore wasn’t thinking of it. Try and book a visit to Running Reindeer Ranch. Best few hours ever!
  12. We had the same situation in 2017! We originally planned to drive to Chena Hot Springs (60 miles) and spend the day there but my friends son, who lives in Fairbanks, wasn’t really interested. So instead, we went to see Beauty and the Beast at the movies (yes, really...was kind of nice to just chill), the local ice museum, out to lunch and to North Pole. Even with that we arrived at the airport many hours early. It was a long flight home!
  13. Alaska Air changed our noonish departure to something like 0900. No notification or anything. We decided to just stay an extra day since it was a non stop flight direct back to New Orleans. Otherwise we’d have had a long layover and then an additional 11/2 hr drive home once in NO. Luckily the additional day off from work wasn’t an issue for us.
  14. I know.. we are scouring the news too. The plane with the five dead are from the same type plane she flies (DeHavailland Beaver) but I imagine there are many of those flying around Ketchikan. I felt very safe with her. Hate to think of it at all but can’t help but hope it wasn’t her........How tragic.
  15. We loved it and didn’t notice any areas of concern regarding cleanliness in February.
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