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  1. Miss the DATE of my friends posts on the threads in Floataway Lounge. Too hard to figure out what DATE somebody posted just from the TIME on them. Please fix.
  2. Takes way too long to get to the thread you want to see. When you do find the thread you can’t get to the last post on thread as easy as you use to. MISS MY SUBSCRIBED LIST OF FAVORITES THAT WE USE TO HAVE ON OLD FORUM. PLEASE FIX IT. Hate the new format. It sucks. And nobody ever answers our questions.
  3. KathieKata

    Alcohol Confiscated - Caught !!

    Any of you long time cruisers with Princess line know when Traditional Dining HOURS start? I can't find anything regarding that anywhere. Excuse the Off Topic question. Sorry to interrupt your discussion.;)
  4. KathieKata

    Live from the CB – Spring Break 30th March 2013

    Great "storm picture"!! I bet it looked great from the aft in full view. You have a great camera and a good eye for pictures!! Do you drive I-75? I hate going through Atlanta, Dayton and Cinn. Horrible traffic when returning home from Florida! :eek:
  5. KathieKata

    Live from the CB – Spring Break 30th March 2013

    Thanks all for the explanations!! Careful....there might be a test next week!! :D
  6. KathieKata

    Live from the CB – Spring Break 30th March 2013

    Sminfiddle posted: Yup, I figured that much out too. It's just one of those "ship naming mysteries) Thanks for your reply!! :D
  7. KathieKata

    Live from the CB – Spring Break 30th March 2013

    Ha Ha.......CP = Caribbean Princess would have made more sense...Ya THINK???:rolleyes: LOL
  8. KathieKata

    Live from the CB – Spring Break 30th March 2013

    What exactly does "CB Cruise" mean? Just couldn't figure it out?? :eek::confused:
  9. KathieKata

    Sanctuary...what is that?

    Thanks Pam for the great pictures and Zahav1. I can now see why people all but kill themselves getting from the street to the Sanctuary level to sign in. Looks comfy!! ;)
  10. KathieKata

    Sanctuary...what is that?

    I keep reading about people rushing to the Sanctuary on Princess ships...what is that?:confused:
  11. KathieKata

    Packing limits

    Thanks for all the tips. I'm still amazed that all those items fit into the 2 suitcases. Good for you! If I traveled abroad I'd want to have my suitcases with me in the cabin. I've been without my luggage in Mexico and it was crazy trying to find something as simple as a hairdryer and curling iron! :eek: Since then we cross pack some items in each others suitcases so if one suitcase is lost or delayed we have some clothes to use in the hubby's or wife's suitcase that made it to the destination. By the way, my suitcase went to Colorado and I ended up with the HIKERS GEAR in Mexico. Why?? Because at the park and lock shuttle the driver pulled down 1 GREEN suitcase and I thought I had mine. Little did I or the other fella know that mine went to another airplane drop off area. :rolleyes: Since that experience I go out of my way to mark up my luggage to avoid any mistakes.
  12. KathieKata

    Current Concierges continued

    How do you find all those names of who's on which ship?? Amazing job.
  13. KathieKata

    B2B Alaska Rhapsody review Aug 24 and Aug 31

    Arizona Cruz Chic.....great informative review. Hope hubby is getting strength back each day. Did RC insurance cover all those visits to the ships medical area?? All those IV's etc,etc?? I've heard horror stories about how much those visits can cost people. Would like to know only because I used a NON RC travel insurance when we cruised. Basically, you had a NON B2B cruise since you spent the second half in the cabin or in the ships hospital area. Bummer. You seemed to take all this very well. I'd have been out of my mind crazy!! ;) Thanks for sharing. I followed you here from your post on Allen and Brenda's thread. When you think about all they have been through it's not hard to move on from your experience.
  14. KathieKata

    Not a family cruise!

    This thread is a joke in itself. :D Who in their right mind cruises during Spring Breck without knowing full well what will be going on? DUH... Get over it and don't do it again is all I can say to La Professora!!
  15. KathieKata

    Changes are a-comin' for real

    Celle: Perhaps you're better off not being able to see where you stand now. Seems like it's not all good news for some. Negc....so do you have any "inside" info on all this?? :rolleyes: